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  1. I always saw Razig's army as a sub-faction of the Merc army.
  2. If anything good can come out of grounding the shuttle program, is that maybe it will force a quicker development of the next generation of space veheciles.
  3. I am a sales manager at a Lincoln-Mercury Dealership. And even for all the stress and B.S. I love what I do and the people I work for, so I can't imagine doing anything else. I too am a father (two boys 7 & 3) and husband yes the more enjoyable of my full time jobs.
  4. RIP Mr. Doohan, you will be missed.
  5. Congrats on the new house Bryan.
  6. Bribba uses a familiar (the gingerbread man) and so far we have found two uses for him. 1st his magic user uses him to reclaim lost spells. 2nd and most important.....my Grave Horror likes to eat him.
  7. How come there is no points for casual games? It would nice to see some score for casual games. Bribba and I usually play each other, we buy and support Warlord, but work schedules usually prevent store play. We gat at lleast one game a week in, but get no points for playing.
  8. It's the last two inches of movement, the need to be in a straight line. Although on pg. 58 it says no facing change is allowed.
  9. Bribba and I routinely play 2000 pt games. We pprefer them to smaller games. They take us about two-two and a half hours to play.
  10. Great news, God bless him I gald he's ok
  11. I just saw the case, and cant wait to get one.
  12. It's hard to add to this list, these are all the reasons I love to play this game. It's easy to get started, easy to play and wont break the bank. Absolutly!
  13. Those are hiliarious. This just happened last week. I am a salesmanager at a car dealership, and I get a call from an older lady who wants to trade her 1997 Crown Victoria for a new Grand Marquis. So my salesman says he needs to bring it to her because she broker her foot and can't drive. No problem. I talk to her on the phone, "I only want a light color, it has to be a 2005 or only one year old with low miles and no more than 20K difference. Again no problem. So I send my salesman out to her house with a 2004 beautiful ice blue Grand Marquis with about 10K miles. He comes back about 45 minutes later and said that was the meanest old lady he ever met. She yellled at him it was not a new car nor sliver and had leather. Then she slammed down the garage door with him standing in the way. So I get her on the phone. She again told me it had to be new or only a year old. I reminded her that a 2004 was a year old. She agreed that she had said a one year old car, but not a 2004.
  14. I think you got ripped of plain and simple. You can try legal action, although for 38 bucks doesn't seem worth the effort. Try talking to one of the supervisors see if you can get your money back. If they stilll wont help let 'em know you'll tell this story far and wide to everyone.
  15. I have never had cohesion come up in any game I've played. Like others we've only used disipline rolls to break btb contact.
  16. Marsksman will allow you apply the exta attack to a volley for determining area of effect. Pg 70
  17. Sounds like a good time. Maybe you will have more people next time. Did anyone say "Huzzah" in the 3RD senerio?
  18. How do I get a license like that? I can't spel either.
  19. I say give it a try and let us know.
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