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  1. Sounds like you mught me interested in a casting warlord Qwyklsilver. A little
  2. I'd prefer the standards and musical insturments already sculpted with the mini.
  3. Frown on me?! They cursed my very existance.
  4. I just couldn't make the dice work.
  5. Bribba you pump your troops up so they have a DV of 102 or so. Yep 10's always hit.
  6. Bribba in fairness you Angel has been on the receving end of my army abot as much as he is on the giving end.
  7. Lord Bassen and SaintRigger, Thank you for the kind offer. I have all the Archers I need. I've beed playing Bribba and his Crusaders one or twice a week. Granted we usually play at 1500 pts. I have done quite a bit of damage against him with archers and Naomi. Turned his angel into a flaming pin cusion more than once. Thank god 10's always hit.
  8. I play Necro. I haven't had much luck with wraiths, but my archers have done very well. Lord Kentaur, and tge Bone Horror (new models) have been very effective as well. For my grunts I usually use breakers, they have a higher MAV, but sacrafice toughness. Hope this helps some.
  9. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Gus. I hadn't been to the errata page for a while and missed it.
  10. I couldn't find where defensive shot doesn't require LOS. Defensive shot is a response to a ranged attack against you. I says on pg. 69 (defending model)"uses normal Ranged Attack Resolution Steps with the model performing the Defensive Shot acting as the ranged attacker." Normal ranged attack to me means you would need LOS.
  11. My flyers work really well. My Bone Horror kicks butt, and I can't wait try my Crypt Bats. IMO Warlord is the best skirmish level game going. Sales at our local game stor are going quite well. I know my group appreciates the Reaper guys getting the stuff out as fast as they can. Keep up the good work.
  12. We have tis problem alot. We usually say ok we know its base to base regardless of gap and remor or let stand depending on what happens next activation.
  13. We like playing at the 1500 pt level. I think it allows more flexability and options. Also lets you boost leaders and not be a third of you points in on model. Usually its one on one though.
  14. I use Naoimi and load her up with fireballs and fire storm. She is expensive but she can take a lot of spells. Also if I can afford it I get her Greater magical empowerment.
  15. Welcome Johnny I also play Necro. I would replace Azaraphan with Lord Kentaur. you shoul have enough points to cover spread (he's only 106). You pick up 1 higher Mav and a tactician. He has been very effective for me.
  16. I play Necropolis and usually it's against Crusaders. We usually play 1500 pts. I have uesd them quite well. When he tries to gang up on of them, I have found it frees up my other troops. Espically archers my main opponet hates 'em.
  17. Congrats to all, I wish I could have been ther to see it.
  18. I saw it last night. I thought it was pretty good.
  19. Way cool, I love the paint job. But they are kinda ugly lookin' elves
  20. Combat is simultaneous, so all the crusaders in the troop attack. If the enemy (non- undead) model is slain, one of the crusaders can offer mercy, not all of them. Of course each Crusader troop could do the same.
  21. Congrats to you and you family Kit.
  22. This is just....sad. To paraphrase who's the bigger fool the one performs this or the fool who shells out cash to see it.
  23. A modern day post-apocalyptic zombie miniature game would be so cool. Father sorry about your soon to be cramped sleeping arangements. I was thinking you could have her watch a Disney movie afterwards, before bed. Kind of like a balance. On second thought she might then have dreams of zombies chasing Bambi, then you might be out of a bed for two months. I guess your stuck.
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