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  1. I am looing forward to it. I am a huge Romero zombie fan. My seven year old wants to see it although I'm thinking thats not going to happen.
  2. Bribba and I have been playing and both of us have flyers. I have a Bone Horror and he has a Guardian Angel. Neither one of us has had a hard time using this change in the rules. It just doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me. We keep our flyers in the air.
  3. That was cool. I loved the burning dog. Sick but fun.
  4. Why be scared of a little spider? This one looked friendly enough.... untill he was stabbed. Oh well I quess friendly or not I just squish 'em and am done with it.
  5. To me it seems like you can as long as you declare who is getting what bonus before you roll for the bless spell.
  6. My vote goest to Elsabeth, with Finari a close second.
  7. They look great. I was trying to figure out how I wanted to look. I may steal...um borrow your idea.
  8. This is the question Bribba and I had. One page 54 of the rule book, under retreat it states "When a model is not in Cohesion, is already Shaken,and suffers an effect or fails a die roll that would result in a second Shaken Token, the Model Retreats." It would seem to me that a second shaken token for any reasonl, it would retreat in or out of cohesion (non fearless models). Am I reading this right? We wanted to make sure we were playing right.
  9. It's a nice model, but not $800 nice.
  10. It's hard to choose only one, all the Warlords minis are great. I have a tie for my favorite. In no particular order... 1) Gauntfield, 2)The Dark Maiden, 3) The Bone Horror.
  11. Very nice, I like the shading.
  12. I think it looks kinda cool.
  13. I think this is a great idea. We're going to try it it some of aour games. Thanks Mace.
  14. Hey it looks great. I've used mine twice in games and he is very cool on the battlefield.
  15. I understand the frustration, but Reaper always seems to do the right thing, and pretty fast too. There are a lot of companys that could learn from Reaper's high level of customer service.
  16. The new pieces look fantastic I can't wait to get them.
  17. Thanks for the fast responses. I play necropolis and am a little dissapointed my calvary count as 2 . Hopefully the benefit versus range attacks balances it out.
  18. Mine sticks out like that too. I like the effect..... I got yer magic sword right here.
  19. Goldeneagle thanks for the tips, I will be trying them on my spectral calvary.
  20. I play Necropolis, and I haven't had any problems with the sculpts on them.
  21. Gotta get the female pirate captain, and the skeleton warrior.
  22. Great job, I really like the metal dragon heads on the back.
  23. Although it would be quite a motivator to get the chopper.
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