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  1. I'm just happy my delivery date is Friday, so if it's on time, I can open my paltry 19.4lb box on Saturday with my friends and get some core set assembling done!
  2. finally at under 200 left, i get tracking! a paltry 19.4 lbs, but next time I swear, i'll make the mail carrier curse my name with something around 60 lbs!
  3. while this thread will be ending soon, don't forget about Bones 5, we can start this madness all over again! We can make it better, we can make it more expensive!
  4. here is where it seems to have stopped for a bit
  5. I was so on the hype train for the StarFinder Minis, i went all in, AND the dragon, and then..well, you know know the rest. That was a huge waste of almost 500 dollars. i wanted so bad to believe it would work, SF was a new entity, i had a group interested in playing, it was all set. the only sort of consolation is..wizkids is now going to be making the SF minis, i don't care painted or unpainted, i'm getting them, and my game will rise again! I at least learned..more or less, to actually research the companies before pledging, I'm not going to make that mistake again for th
  6. That is awesome ! I'm just waiting on mine, come on wave 14.. I really just want to see how big mine is, can't be more than 20 lbs..
  7. Reminds me of the Blue Goblins from years of DnD past, which I think had psionic powers? these looks quite cool, I might have to look into the snow flocking, I don't usually decorate my mini bases anymore, but it looks inspiring.
  8. I wonder if I will have the honor of being the last order sent out, that would be something sort of special. had two of the trouble models, and in wave 14..so that's gotta put me like at the literal tail end.
  9. Wow, now i regret not getting that cobra now! That is massive, how awesome is that.
  10. I agree, no matter the brand or model, washing the mini first is always the right move. it only takes seconds, and in my experience can only benefit.
  11. that is awesome! I'm even more excited now! That will be one of my highest priorities to assemble.
  12. I keep forgetting it's already friday when I read "monday" it seems for far off! I'm just waiting on my huts and raiders, hopefully by next Friday is all I care about so I can start looking at that Barge..I'm sure in the thousand of pages someone must have posted a photo of one, but it's what has me the most excited.
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