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  1. Progress is being made. Slowly, but being made.
  2. Obviously I failed miserably at the 10 Day Challenge. Glad I didn't rush it, though. Here are recent pics:
  3. Zenithal done. Now to take it apart and paint each piece.
  4. I'll be painting it as Tiamat. Five different heads representing each type of Chromatic Dragon.
  5. I started a post in one of my Hobby Facebook groups stating that I had 10 days off from work and wondered if I could get Mal'Drakar done in that time. Another member also had one unpainted and challenged me to finish mine, if he'll finish his. This is the result: The 10-Day Mal'Drakar Challenge. I decided to blog here while pieces are drying, giving progress reports. This is MD after her washing in warm, soapy water. On to a Zenithal Priming with Stinylrez.
  6. Thought he was done, but I see he needs those studs on his bracer ironed in
  7. Thanks! Hopefully I'll be posting more in the coming days. Looks like I need to clean some of the basing materials off the sword. Went wild with the glue I guess. Lol.
  8. Still working on my Bones 2, while my Bones 3 and 4 wait patiently.
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