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  1. Hello! Just wanted to let you all know about a webcomic I'm doing in my spare time called Spazznik. :) Premise: Spazznik is an energetic new recruit foot soldier for the noble family of Strongheart. The only problem is he's been assigned to guard duty on the outer wall of the city! Here are the introductory strips... If you enjoyed these... feel free to read new episodes of Spazznik at any of the following places... http://www.drunkduck.com/Spazznik/ http://www.needcomics.com/Spazznik/ http://www.elftown.com/wiki.html?name=Spazznik http://www.comicspace.com/hendercrazy/comi...;comic_id=18593 Thanks! :) - Hendercrazy
  2. It appears that Magnificent Egos (the miniature company) has changed over to Magnificent Egos (the apperal company). Their new logo still sports much likeness of their old logo... just no more fantasy miniatures.
  3. Well, here's the final cartoon! We had many captions to sort through and there was some really good ones out there! In fact... there was so many good ones that we just couldn't use just one. Congrats to those who had their caption selected and thanks again for everyone's participation! Hope you all enjoyed it. :)
  4. Okay. Time's up! We're done taking captions for this cartoon. :) You may continue to have fun adding captions to keep this thread going if you like... but they will not be considered for possible use. The entries that did get in before this post do qualify and will be decided upon shortly. The finished cartoon will be next! :D - Hendercrazy
  5. Alrighty then! :) First off, Hyptosis and I both want to thank everyone who's contributed a caption (or more) to our cartoon. There's some really good ones! We hope it's been fun and entertaining for all of you folks! It's definately been for us. ;) Anyway, this is LAST CALL for any additional captions before we wrap this cartoon up! You'll have until the end of today (Friday) or whenever I get back to the board to toss them in (early Saturday). Then we'll be sorting through all of them (from the various forums we've posted and get to decision time. If we want to use your caption... you'll be hearing from us soon. We will be posting the finished cartoon right here in this thread. Thanks again for your time and humor! :D - Hendercrazy
  6. Hyptosis and I recently collaborated on a single panel cartoon... but we don't have a caption for it yet! Just for fun, we wanted to see what captions fellow board members could come up with!!! Who knows, if there ends up being a caption that we really really like... we might contact you for further inquiry and possible use! Thanks, Hendercrazy
  7. Hey there Tim! Unfortunately, I won't be attending this year. I do hope to make it next year if you're doing something similar to this at ReaperCon. However, I think one thing that would be nice eventually is some general guidelines of do's and don'ts in character concepts. Especially when it comes to trying to help set up the art for sculptor's deciphering, possible casting woes, ect. ect. ect.
  8. Thanks! I've mostly relaxed today... though I've plenty of artwork to be doing. And no worries... I took care of the drinking aspect on my bowling league night.
  9. Not after it grapples you with a combined 9 tentacle makeshift arm and the remaining 9 flesh-eating tentacles does 9d8 damage total and a chance of limb loss... including decapitation. It's a nearly brainless, goofy looking, thick skinned, wandering sloth... it wants you to stop and laugh.
  10. Hmmm. Interesting vision Darkstar. Perhaps a spaghetti fork +3 or higher will be one of it's weaknesses. Maybe I should design it's lasagna cousin next?
  11. Been busy with other artwork but I'm still forging ahead with beasties for my gaming campaign. ;) Beware of the Oguleye! :D Oguleye © 2005 Derek Henderson. All rights reserved.
  12. Wow. I'm actually sort of relieved I'm not the only one who still has mine. Before I actually began to beef-up my real mini collection... I used my Muscle collection quite frequently for several gaming campaigns. They made for a decent half-giant race that I had in one world. My favorite Muscle is the bumpy alien hand with three fingers and a thumb. The middle finger has a set of eyes and a viscious mouth filled with sharp teeth.
  13. Very nice! You can never have enough dinosaurs in my book.
  14. Sure. I'd be more than happy to do it for minis. ;)
  15. I went ahead and fixed the first post... it should be showing now.
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