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  1. it’s okay with me. I’m usually a bit of a lurker here, but it’s a great community wherever you post.
  2. I think they lay on the primer too thick. I also prefer the Semi-heroic scale Reaper usually uses. For the price, deepcuts (and Nolzur’s) is a decent Product but my go to in plastic has got to be bones of course!
  3. I totally haven’t looked up this character’s name. He’s great. He’s an orc. Bones 4. Blah blah blah. Anyways, I stopped painting orc-face mc-Orc doodle the orc prematurely out of painting fatigue. I had lots of other shiny new bones to paint. It’s a great sculpt and he deserves respect though. So let’s try this! If you’ve got improvements to suggest I’ll implement them and post a new picture. It could be fun and you’ll motivate a fellow nerd to “brush up” and turn a decent job into a great job - which is one place I could use encouragement. You can of course call it done anytime you like, but sometimes you know the figure needs more. This will be a fun exercise.
  4. I’m still struggling with nmm but as the community knows, it’s pretty difficult. Anyway I’m generally happy with this figure. If you have tips on nmm that worked for you, please share.
  5. I’ve struggled with a good marble in the past. There is room for improvement but it’s finally looking like marble. For anyone trying to learn this technique, start with green marble. It seems to be more forgiving.
  6. Um... I was promised nudity? Lol serious fun stuff.
  7. Okay that is amazing work! I’ve seen this sculpt and wasn’t really interested, but this.... it’s inspirational.
  8. Dammit! I should have picked this guy up. Awesome.
  9. Omg. You are absolutely right! It’s a perfect king in yellow.
  10. It’s polystyrene painted over with black craft paint and mod podge and then highlighted. I super glued some metal washers on the bottom to keep it from tipping. The shape of my faux stone is a downward triangle to give a false sense of a heightened perspective. Crazy bases are fun. Let loose!
  11. Warhammer tv, Dr. Faust, Aella 13, Black Magic Craft, kujo, miniac these are all good YouTube painting channels and there are many more. Awesome work. Don’t be afraid to cut off the bases and excess plastic with a hobby knife.
  12. I’m so pleased. The grey beards have been a joy to paint so far.
  13. That sucks. Reaper is so good about customer service though. Airbrush for the win! Its the prep work I was really lazy on. You can see that nasty flashing on the cloud I didn’t bother to scrape off. I also didn’t fill a big gap at her arm. By the time I realized she was going to turn out nice it was too late to clean her up and give her the attention she deserves.
  14. Broccoli was autocorrect. I meant to say “well broccoli! You’re amazing.” Which you are. Amazing. Broccoli amazing.
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