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  1. boldfont

    Djinn bones 4

    Speed paint! I’m happy with it though. There’s a lot to paint from the Kickstarter.
  2. boldfont

    I`m back

    Well broccoli. You’re amazing.
  3. boldfont

    Crawlock from warhammer AoS

    Aw. Everyone here is super nice.
  4. boldfont

    Crawlock from warhammer AoS

    There are some magnificent versions of these figures on here. I went box art and I have some regrets about that after seeing all the wonderful things people have done with Crawlock.
  5. boldfont

    Release the Kraken! CMON Immanid Kraken

    Much better pictures. Great colour transitions.
  6. boldfont

    A “remorhaz” by WizKids, Nolzur’s line

    It was good to go. Just some flashing.
  7. boldfont

    A “remorhaz” by WizKids, Nolzur’s line

    I do like it guys! But it’s definitely a “reimagined” Remorhaz.
  8. I went canon with this. No airbrush. It’s a great sculpt. Really it’s too bad Reaper would have to make a knock off version because of the IP. I bet they’d make a great remorhaz.
  9. boldfont

    60200 Yoon Iconic Kineticist

    Tips? What do I paint next from bones 4?
  10. boldfont

    77389 highland heroine

    This was a ton of fun to paint. Citadel skulls on the base.
  11. boldfont

    Dire Crab BONES 4

    I don’t have the lot number yet. Also, this is my first post so guidance on posting conventions is welcome. The Bones 4 haul was extraordinary! Edit: sized down. I’ll figure out how to get down to 150 kB later.