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  1. 29832 HD Concrete Grey is my favorite grey for painting rocks and stone work. What is the closest cold blue grey? Maybe Misty Grey or Weathered Stone? Other ideas? Thank you.
  2. Do people glue everything together even if they don't plan to paint it right away? I glued the little stuff to make sure I had all the pieces, but Blacksting, skeletal dragon, everything with a wing span or large in general I left unassembled. I mean it packs easier rather then taking up all that space on a shelf for a year until I get around to painting it. I dry fit everything it course to make sure I wasn't missing anything.
  3. Got my bones today. First walk through showed my two headed troll had two right hand for the rock and I am missing the lower jaw of one of the spicky frogs in dreadmere. They also missed my Dance of Death. Was the toothy mouth monster (415 Dreadmere) suppose to have a base?
  4. What do you do with all the duplicates? Resell? Collecting? Building huge wargaming armies?
  5. Mine is only 16 pounds. But I didn't get the hut, boat or Argent which is probably 10 pounds right there.
  6. It was mentioned earlier that they likely don't have the space to pull half filled orders and leave the boxes sitting around. So I'm guessing they are fully pulling them.. (so 700 to 1k a day).
  7. That is the correct email address, and yes there have been reports of paint mix ups. Make sure to highlight in your email all the paints you are missing by name/number otherwise they may send you the wrong set back.
  8. Just received my order shipping. Wave 13 with the giants. I'm guessing with the skipped orders for the tree and hut, it allowed them to get to the end with the giants.
  9. I usually prime weeks worth of minis at once, it does adhere better after a few days, but still not well enough as I'd like. I just grabbed some of the badger primer I'm going to try next, but I'll try the reaper stuff next.
  10. Did you ever find that the grey Vallejo primer sometimes doesn't adhere well? I've never had a problem with black Vallejo primer through an air brush, but the grey seems to scrape off smooth sections of plastic and the sides of reaper bases... I do full prep with washing and even roughing up the surface but it still scrapes off which is disappointing.
  11. What do you use plastic cement for versus super glue?
  12. If you don't have it yet, get yourself a bottle of super glue accelerator (I use Bob Smith industries). One Spritz and the glue bonds instantly. I don't know why super glue is so finicky sometime, but this little bottle helps keep the frustration down.
  13. The thing I like about regular liquid is that when you have one of the bones' deep sockets you can put a little pool on the bottom and when you push the joint in hard (keeping the socket level) the liquid will seap up and pretty uniformity coat everything. Sometimes it takes some clean up if you put to much in... But that joint is not coming apart once it hardens.
  14. Like anything it depends. If your pieces fit very well together, the liquid is better because it flows into cracks and crevasses. If there is space or you are gluing to a wood base then gel is better because it stays where placed and adds some bulk.
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