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  1. IDK, but looking at the gradient of colors and the ones that have the least deltas (1, 4, 5) might actually blend well? Just would need to highlight with a slightly less bright 6 to keep it cohesive and it might be alright. Any thoughts?
  2. Well, I spent some time and created a color palette of mixed colors. This definitely isn't exact but it's pretty close, though to pull off will take some effort. What I did was create a palette of mixed colors, scanned it and used select by color in GIMP on the source image to mask colors out using low tolerances. I compared the colors of the palette to that of the source image via the dropper and this calculator (http://colormine.org/delta-e-calculator) to calculate the delta between the colors. A value <2 indicates near equivalent. A few are very close and a couple are a littl
  3. Yeah, that is the same one I came across as well. Appreciate you taking the time to comment nevertheless.
  4. Thank you for contributing and I appreciate your feedback and encouragement. I will do some small tests and see where my trial and error gets me. =D
  5. I agree that experience is worth more than some paint. I am just frugal and have been hesitant for years about jumping into the hobby of miniatures, though I know painting. So I just didn't want the paint to go unused on the model, so perhaps 'waste' is the wrong word. I definitely agree with what you are saying, however. Thank you for digging around the triads to find this. I think I will try to gain some 'xp' and go for the mixing route and see what I learn. I will try to take notes so I can get some consistency and will report back when I am able to perform the tests. Just waiti
  6. Thank you Xiwo Xerase for your comments. I appreciate the gray-scale breakdown. I do want that kind of green / blue-green feel as pictured. I think I will do some experiments as mentioned earlier and just create some mixes with Dragon Green and Spectral Glow/Frost Blue/Glacier Blue and see how that looks. I just wanted to avoid wasting paint if at all possible and do some conversion research beforehand but seems my attempt was in vain. Without mixing any of the colors just yet, I am thinking the following: Base: Glacier Blue (or Frost Blue) + Dragon Green 3:1 Top: Dragon
  7. Awh nuts. I guess I should have done more research. My gathering initially was that the HD paints were being discontinued and Bones HD was taking its place - a re-branding of sorts. So assumed the colors were 'the same' and altered for the new line. However, this doesn't appear to be the case. Here, they say the HD line is discontinued: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82088-msp-hd-line-to-be-discontinued/ Here, they introduce MSP Bones: https://www.facebook.com/ReaperMini/posts/introducing-msp-bones-hd-paintsreaper-miniatures-inc-is-pleased-to-announce-the-/101536
  8. Is there a conversion chart somewhere or a list of colors for the HD lines and how they map to the 'new' Bones HD line replacement? I am trying to compare colors and all charts online utilize the HD line and not sure how I can tie in the HD line with the Bones HD lines which I have. This is the conversion chart I am using and as you can see there is only the HD line. So trying to figure out which of the Bones HD to substitute in. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xl-x9eW3bLw5eqDeNUG2JUwn2EZwn34TDKfNIg5uul4/edit#gid=8 Thanks all for your input. Rea
  9. Appreciate the feedback and the method of approach. I will do some more refinement and see where it leads. I have a bad habit of just going in without taking pictures or anything but I will try to document it a little bit and report back, in case someone else might be interested.
  10. I recently purchased the MSP Bones Colors Full Set (the 54 colors) and am having a hard time figuring out the conversions across other company's paints. I found a conversion sheet but it does not have the 'MSP Bones' lines. I know the HD line was discontinued so I am unsure how the Bones line meets with the HD in terms of names-to-pigments. Basically, I am trying to figure out which colors to use to accomplish a look similar to these. (Pictured below). In a blog post, it was indicated "Basically a pale green base on the lower part and a dark green on the upper half rou
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