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  1. i have to turn this model in tomorrow... so i am calling it done ... will try to push myself more on the next three out the box this came from.
  2. i did that a couple of times near the crevices and sections of the armor but it didn't seem to stand out much, so went with the black wash. i guess the right word would be a pin wash? i lined it just into the creases and such and not over the whole armor, will look at it once it dries tomorrow and take more photos.
  3. because you like talking about the hobby as much as i do? :) i have another layer of a black wash drying right now in the sections between the plates, i got a little carried away with the blue at first and have had to work backwards to get some of it darker again ... and still scared to mess with the fur to much.
  4. Good day, i have been painting for a little while, but recently i have tried to push myself further... this is my second mini to do for LGS painting contest (i won the first one they did) .... have about a week left to finish him. so i am planning a little more highlights and more work on the weapons.... if it wasn't for a local friend i would still be painting in blocked colors and calling it done, but he keeps pushing me to try more hah! i am open for input and criticism on him... :)
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