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  1. Danku! Well the barge is about an arms length, and i doubt if ill use it more then once or twice. But thats the case for most miniatures besides the more generic ones like the goblins. Also charon and the ghosts can be used more often probably. good luck with recieving your box!
  2. Touchdown in the netherlands! Everything seems to be good, though won't have much time to spend time on the hobby unfortunatly. And loving the barge
  3. So I have 2orders in my pledge manager. But only one has a dispatched notice. Just to be sure, reaper doesn't ship all orders as one right? So the 2nd dispatch notice should come any time now?
  4. Does anyone has already recieved Nyarlathotep? if so, id like to see some pics and maybe some measurements of the base, height, and full length ( it sticks over its base right?)
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