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  1. +1 for carnival performers. I have a faction of them that needs more minis. Also, there's a big lack of monk miniatures. I would seriously use more monk characters in my games if I had miniatures for them.
  2. I really liked the Dragonfolk and Catfolk minis out of Bones 5. I have plenty of options from Reaper for Humans, Elves, and Dwarves, not so much for other races, and those lines really helped out. I feel like Hellborn are pretty limited right now, so a new grouping of them would be nice. Would also like to see more Wildfolk. More Feywild races would be nice too, since that book is coming out and I have had my players express interest with those races. I have mentioned this before, but I would like to see some more townsfolk other than humans. There also seems to be a lack of nobility looking non-combat miniatures
  3. I would be up for some small houses and such. Anything larger would really depend on what it is exactly - I might buy like a tavern or something if it was hollowed out but it would depend on the price. As far as villagers go, I think we have plenty of options for already for poor and common humans. I would like to see some more non-human villager options - elves/drow, hellborn, dragonkin, dwarves, whatever. Also some more richer type people would be nice to have, as in nobles. I know there's a few already but I kinda wish they had more "modern" style fantasy wear than the poofy old-school noble-wear a bunch of them have.
  4. I wasn't expecting to see an unlock today but I will be a happy to be wrong.
  5. Yeah, exactly. I've been painting drow for bregan d'aerthe in Dragon Heist that are more colorful, and I plan on doing another with a different style for the drow faction in Skullport. On a sidenote, a drow gunslinger would be awesome. I've been using Elthen Bluesteel for now.
  6. Some people could be like me, though, and be on the edge of buying an extra core set. There's minis I want doubles of. I know they usually split the core set later down the line but I'm thinking 2 cores might be worth it.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if they do one of those updates that shows an upcoming mini but doesn't show the goal amount so they can generate some more interest. But I mean... it should drive some sales anyways, it's adding to the core value.
  8. They look like the ones from the dark reach xpack, which I love. The only think I dislike about them is that they all have the same hair style. I kinda hope there's a part 2 for this kickstarter, I can always use more dark elves.
  9. I haven't been painting that long so I haven't tried anything big yet. I suppose that makes sense though.
  10. With DD and Daiymo there was three reveals between part 1 and 2. I'm hoping they stick with that and show part 2 of the greek expansion next.
  11. Well, they had that huge jump in the beginning and did not expect to blow past all these goals already. I'm pretty sure they said they are considering adding more.
  12. I feel like I'm saying this too much, but I'm so for this. I need more non-humans in general. Some NPC non-human kids would be awesome as well.
  13. Not digging the Daimyo xpack so far. I don't think there's a thing I want in it.
  14. I'm still hoping that Reaper will make their own version of Heroforge someday. But in regards to the kickstarter... I'm excited to see what the Asian xpack will have. There's a serious lack of Bones figures for Monks and such, and although I don't usually have asian themes in my games I've always thought the Monk class should get more representation than it does. Also, more Kenku minis would be awesome. I'm getting the Townsfolk option for sure, but I still wish they would make some townsolk with more race variety in it. I want a Dragonborn Innkeep, a Catfolk merchant, etc.
  15. Not sure if anyone has made one of these yet, or even wants one, but there's a guy who usually makes one for the Dwarven Forge kickstarters and I've always found them very useful. Here's a link to a very simple spreadsheet for what's on the kickstarter so far. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MHaSCkzHmZC6kyXW7Na6afA5_uLtZPJnk5w1gRkwpiY/edit?usp=sharing
  16. I've seen this a few times through the thread, but I want to repeat it. I would love to see various races other than humans for townfolks. I know there's a few already of Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings, but I'd love to see more along with gnomes, tieflings (Hellborn), and dragonborn (dragonman), catfolk, and other uncommon races. Children of the uncommon races too. I'd also like to see more hero characters in the uncommon races with different class options. I have no problem finding a miniature for any class for the Dwarves, Elves, and Humans, but what about a Dragonborn Bard, for example. I'd like to see more Bones miniatures with crossbows. I'd like to see less female miniatures with flowing hair and more with short hair/braids. I'd also like to have some minis that work for gunslingers that look like they are of a fantasy setting rather than a western or renaissance setting. Like Percy from Critical Role. Speaking of Critical Role, anyway you guys can get a license for them? I feel like you guys would do a much better job with a mini line for CR than Steamforge does. Half the minis in the kickstarter they did have a pose of them pretty much just standing there, and I hate that Steamforge has so many exclusive minis for cons that scalpers scoop up for Ebay. Plus with the resin models they put out I hear a lot about the minis breaking in packages. I would love a line of CR minis in Bones. Edit: More Townfolk nobles would be nice too. Less of the goofy looking noble outfits, more Game of Thrones style would be awesome.
  17. On Reaper live it was mentioned the May mini of the month had been revealed but I've seemed to have missed it. Can anybody tell me what it is or show a picture?
  18. I was planning on making a paint order soon using the "Build your own kit" option of 54 paints and I can't seem to find this on the site now. Is that removed or am I just missing it?
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