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  1. I've done quite a few kickstarters and that's always signalled a good transaction. If all else fails, you could contact KS directly. You can always check with your bank also. If something odd happens, Reaper will most likely work with you to get it corrected - just save all of the information. Even if it turns out goofed up after the funding deadline, I'd wager they'll help you get it all fixed up right. They do want to sell their products and after all, a happy customer is a powerful marketing tool. It'll be fine.
  2. Once per add. It's like purchasing at a store (literally I suppose, since it is a store).
  3. So here's the current damage. We got caught up in the (literal) last minute funding push and went from $250 in to $1000 in. Since we knew we'd be way over that long term, seemed reasonable (I think we may need a refresher on what constitutes "reasonable" but that's for another thread perhaps.) Core 3 360 Elves 2 24 Dragons 3 45 Living Dead 2 30 Armory 1 5 Pizza Dungeon Mascot 2 4 Zombies 2 10 Gem Dragons 10 40 Halloween Free-bees 1 3 Wraith Dread Knights 1 8 Loot Golem 1 3 Overgourd 1 4 Dungeon Dwellers 1 50 Greek Odyssey 1 50 Brinewind 1 50 Chronoscope 1 50 Fan Favorites 1 50 Valfuryx 2 28 Dragon Folk 2 20 Catapult 3 18 Townsfolk 2 40 Dragon Bust 2 12 Fire Giant Hellbringer 1 8 Aganzarax 3 52 Troll Bridge Encounter 1 18 Mammoth 4 56 Ballista 3 18 Goroloth 1 6 Trebuchet 3 24 Shavynra the Slayer 3 42 Storm Giant 1 12 Krateryx, Shadow Dragon 2 24 Rune Wights 2 20 Arakoth the Ancient 2 10 Elemental Scions 1 12 The Dwarf King's Crypt 1 20 Mandupar Pass 1 22 Kalanzar the Wicked 2 28 Pirate Ship 2 200 Ildraedis the Devourer 2 28 Sirens 1 12 Yog-Sothoth 1 14 Foerster's Favorites paints 1 18 Brinewind Extras 2 50 Kaiju Chaos 2 20 Paints 1 18 Hopefully you can decipher it considering there is very little formatting. So current plan is 1798.77. We have $1000 in the pipeline, which gives a bit of time to come up with the other ~$1000. Whew, that looks even worse all typed out!
  4. There were some fantastic sculpts in this, including a lot of things that are either new or reworked in a stellar fashion (the Goroloth for example). I too have a huge amount of painted minis that are being duplicated, but I'm particularly excited to have them in bones black - for the detail if nothing else. LOL, I feel you buddy. Well you're not wrong! I love that there were so many pledging, that number looks great. Agreed, this kickstarter was great and I was transfixed entirely too often. Looks like your list has some great stuff on it! I agree with what most of the other guys have already responded with. You're saving so much getting these through the kickstarter, it's almost like the paint and supplies for them is free (ok, I know that's justification but it's largely true). Collecting at a super cheap price really does help free up monies for other things. Since the next kickstarter won't be around for 3+ years and much of the bulk of this offering won't even be at retail until at minimum that far out, you're best served by investing while it's cheap.
  5. I disbelieve. ;) But seriously, I think it'll all be fine. Once the really huge buy-ins start in an hour or two, things should start flying.
  6. I keep looking for it also. Felt like it was supposed to be imminent but I haven't noticed it pop up yet.
  7. Agreed. Hoping it picks up a huge head of steam but I'm not going to worry over it at this point. Even if it only finished this page and the existing expansions, we would have a great amount of things to choose from.
  8. Ding! Charnel pit passed. On to Chronoscope II & III!
  9. I think he meant "normal" people aren't wasting their time stalking the kickstarter. Then again, how would I know, I'm obviously not normal anyway. Crud, now we have to find something to do starting Saturday night! Back to painting? Can't wait to get those B5 boxes...
  10. Anyone know where a good image of the Halloween knight and witch is located?
  11. Thanks. :) Someone snagged it already but at least I know now. Appreciated.
  12. Ship name idea: The Bone Reaper It's getting closer folks! Abandon hope all you who have budget left! How do we switch
  13. It's almost ridiculous, I keep switching back over to the KS page and refreshing just in case it reached the goal.
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