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  1. Dire otter please! There are not crocodiles or alligators in Western European style RPGs, and druids need a big fresh-water critter to transform into!!
  2. Been inventorying...Question for those of you with the Darkreach expansion:. How many of each crystal formation did you receive? Thanks! Had a few things broken/messed up (all but two easily fixable with CA glue), and a few small things missing (barrels, backpacks for 2 of the little tool robots).
  3. It's here!! My 8year old promptly helped me unload it and then started using it to watch YouTube on our tablet.
  4. If we change the shipping to pick up at a distribution center, can we get things sooner than the estimated delivery date?
  5. I has a tracking notice!! 36.8 lbs of Bones! My office doesn't have cell coverage so I have to go outside to receive and respond to texts and calls. I went outside to respond to a text and happened to check the tracker in the minute that I could get a signal...and happened to catch my orders!
  6. New unscheduled update on the Kickstarter page: North American Zone Fulfillment: as of tonight, April 26, we have finished all orders that *did not* contain a Baba Yaga's Hut, a Tree of Despair, and the Frost Giant Raiders. In addition, the last container arrived yesterday and we processed and translated it. Today, we went back and started pulling all orders with these missing items. At the end of the work day today, we finished Wave One and had started pulling into Wave Two. We estimate that there are less than 3000 orders left to pull for North American Zone fulfillment.
  7. Watch for a wave 6 Hesperia! Us desert folk need our Bones!!
  8. Long time lurker, first time poster. Wave 6 with all three of the LoD - I have 5 orders. With the pledge manager staying open for a year, we initially pledged for what stood out the most as far as what we liked/wanted(Chicken hut pulled us in). After the KS ended, but before the PM opened, there were several other items that caught our eye. Our biggest order was placed on the day the PM opened, then we successively added orders over that year as we had more gaming money to do so -and ended up getting one of almost everything. I wish now I had gotten more than one of some things. It sounds like there was more of this happening than not, especially for those that tossed our hats in during the KS. Maybe most of the 1 order folks are wave 14? Thanks to all for the photos and info on all the bones - positive as well as things to watch for! I am living vicariously through you until container arrival and shipment. :). And Reaper - keep up the good work!!
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