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  1. That looks amazing Glitter! Good colour choices, and I agree, this is one of your best works so far :)
  2. If you wish to ask Reaper support, send your mail to [email protected] Make sure not to include images in your first draft, as the spamfilter will put that mail in the bin :)
  3. My groups went digital, still get sessions weekly but without mini's :)
  4. Still following this closely, but it's a protection for myself to not get over excited, I'm expecting at least a few months delay. if it doesn't happen, then great! But June is what I'm aiming for to hopefully unpack the bigass box that's coming over to my house. Also the fact that real life D&D is not "on the table" at this point (pun intended, obviously), kills some drive to paint. Still painting, but less and slower!
  5. Thank you! :D Who ordered this awesome weather to come along with it? it's great!
  6. I love the way you captured the reflection part on the shield! Well done!
  7. amazing pictures, keep them coming :D @Thoramel: those seem to be cursed dice! Be very careful about those!
  8. Awesome! This is a change to regular mini's, sculpting someone's pet. I was going to suggest to ask for a picture when the cat has been given a bath, so you can see the underlying structure better :p but you've passed that phase already.
  9. For colors I aim to stick to the proper ones, but i think my Shadow dragon will be the black one (not sure yet if it'll be inks and drybrush, or some parts of it and others painted thicker). The "black dragon" from the picture is so incredibly fey in my views, i was thinking to aim it towards a Faerie Dragon. Something like this paintwise
  10. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/882850102 From about 0:50 there's talks about the EU and shipping part. For me personally, as long as I don't have to pay VAT twice, I'm good. Most about my questions and such was the big lack of information. This satisfies some part of it at least. I hadn't thought to look in Reaper Live about this, I'd expected it in the Bones Live updates :)
  11. It was a free STL, with googling it led me here: https://www.reddit.com/r/PrintedMinis/comments/g3fpox/free_dnd_nalfeshnee_stl_for_3d_printing_stl/
  12. Did you ever get around to this demon? :D Revisiting this topic seeing the BoGW #10 for USA is started. Should we do a EU version soonish aswell..? if it's the exact same box it might need a refreshment if we don't get many new people though :) edit: after the lockdown stuff has silenced abit though!
  13. I don't believe they do that with smaller miniatures, however you should send your question to [email protected] I have faith they can help you out :) ps: don't add photo's to your mail unless they ask for it, the spamfilter eats any attachments on new mails, and your mail won't be received.
  14. So, the update mentioned it's shipped to the UK for EU. I sure hope that's not the answer to my question from before :( I'm still hoping for that German EU hub
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