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  1. Venun

    Baba Yaga's monitor footed base

    Found a fix to sturdy the ladder. 2 matchsticks affixed to the back of the ladder provides a nice sturdiness. Quite happy atm with it
  2. Venun

    Baba Yaga's monitor footed base

    Updates! Sanded the base and slapped on paints! Hag's got Windows now ..!
  3. Venun

    Photo box

    Update to this: the LED underplate is horribly unqualified for miniature photography. we now use it to take photo's of dice instead xD The rest of the box is great.
  4. Venun

    Baba Yaga's monitor footed base

    Alot of spackle layers later, it looks like the hills are becoming what I'm looking for. Adding a ladder to the front part as an extra support for tipping over, just in case. Just thinking how I can strengthen it, but I'll think of something :)
  5. Looks great! =) Quick question, was there still room for me in this round or was it to late? ;) never got a reply on that.
  6. Venun

    Female Efreeti - left standing for too long

    Ty! She's cheeky allright :p ty!
  7. Venun

    Female Efreeti - left standing for too long

    Thanks! :D apologies for the poor photo's, still experimenting with the camera ;)
  8. This one stood half painted for many months, due to the severe gaps on the pre-assembled mini I lost hope it could be as awesome as the ones I kept seeing on here. I'm glad i finished her, proud of the result. Behold!
  9. Don''t forget the yearly contests here on this very forum..! Check the stickies above this post :)
  10. I used these tools (wife replies ;) ). The point makes it possible to make perfect dots in different size.
  11. Allright :) Well if there's still room, sign me up =)
  12. with 10-20 kg, sending as close as our neighbouring country Germany, that'll be €34,- :o oof =)
  13. Glitterwolf, if a new round starts could you tag me? =) I'm wondering what the costs will be for shipping and such, but all in all this sounds like something fun to participate in. I'm from the Netherlands btw for those who didn't know =)
  14. The tools that come with this paintset. it's a sort of metal hooks where the droplet keeps hanging on the end and lands (almost) perfectly round on the surface you're painting =) There's different sizes aswell, quite a nice find imho.
  15. My wife loved this project. It started out as an albino fish, but quickly after turned into a koi carp. With some fun basing, it resulted in this. She figured out a great way to make round dots as you can see..!