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  1. Venun

    Bones 4 Not-so-huge Mammoth

    It'll do for a small mammoth indeed, quite pleased on how the base turned out aswell, thanks for your kind words :)
  2. Venun

    Bones 4 Not-so-huge Mammoth

    Thanks! :)
  3. Venun

    Bones 4 Not-so-huge Mammoth

    Thanks! :)
  4. Venun

    Bones 4 Not-so-huge Mammoth

    I tried a new (cheap) primer on this guy, and it seems to work well. Wasn't that enthused when I saw his size, but happy now that he's painted up with a nice result (if I say so myself)
  5. Venun

    King in Yellow (not so Crimson Herald)

    I love the slimy-ness coming from those tentacles!
  6. Venun

    Bones 4 First Living Statue (Amazon) NSFW

    With the amount of warnings to the NSFW-ness I was almost dissapointed to see such a statue-like statue, haha xD Looks amazing, great marble effects!
  7. Venun

    Rigel sculpts a Plug-Ugly Pulp Crook

    Looks great, hah. Awesome character and personality, high str low int mugger! Are you gonna make a mold and try & sell it to reaper or making for yourself and heading off to paint next?
  8. Ye Greenstuff world has amazing stuff. My leap into Green stuff will come. For now i'm just filling potholes with Liquid Green Stuff xD GSW is quite an investment, but someday I'll order a nice roller pin from it I think :)
  9. Venun

    03884 Komodo Dragon by Glitterwolf

    Looks amazing Glitter, really nice work ! (y)
  10. Thanks for the many, many advices everyone! I'll be sure to read this thread over multiple times. I've got cork coming, will look into those tiny shells as I've recently done a Kraken (re-used Squid kid's toy) and looking to put something on his body and on a base to complete it :) Will experiment sometimes on Epoxy's, but for right now that's still a step to far :) I've read that birdseed is also a very good basing material, haha :) Will let you know how the attempts go once I get around to basing something soonish, waiting for the chinese cork to arrive first xD
  11. Venun

    Bones 4: Painted We will Roc you (857)

    Cool! That explains, hah :) Can't wait for the real finished pictures in that case :D
  12. Venun

    Bones 4: Painted We will Roc you (857)

    Nice! Good work man :) Could possibly improve it with a black wash (for the wing details) and a Matte finish instead of glossy. You could leave a few parts glossy, like eyes, to emphasize the difference in material there.
  13. on some very big packages they did split it in 2, but would have to be alot.
  14. Venun

    Weird package?

    Was about to say, Chinese packages usually send it out this way. If it's wrapped in a whole roll of tape that smells like paint, it's definitely china xD Aliexpress or the likes.
  15. Venun

    The Year of The Goblin...maybe

    Damn, I've just read this topic and the wonders you're achieving with Green Stuff are amazing. Looks great man, I love the style and the colourful bunch you're making out of them. These goblins could live amongst alice and the white rabbit the way I see it :)