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  1. Veeery nice! This is coming along great! vibrant colours, nice work of art. I'm very interested how you'll apply the water effect. I had a similar attempt to put water on the edges of a base that didn't have a border. I failed miserably in my attempts and gave up on that one.
  2. I love this forum for just this reason. You see something you never expected to see, and never knew you needed. A vampire halfling! that's just amazing! Great paintjob!
  3. I love the OSL on this piece. Well done! I might use it as a reference to try OSL again someday.
  4. The main reason you hear that is because in the Bones 4 KS for size they said he would be HUGE. with capital letters. Seeing this turned HUGE into "he's allright", which wasn't quite the same as the expectation set out. He's a fun figure to paint though!
  5. I agree! I liked the markings at the eyes and the blue dots on the orange body. Nice bright colours aswell :) Will pass him your feedback =)
  6. @Glitterwolf one of my friends (#4) just finished painting his first figure from the box. As it's not my paintjob I don't want to put it in Showoff, hence I'll just post it here to see :)
  7. Haha paint them as you want, I loved them resembling those 2, but they're your figures ;)
  8. Cool!! I lost inspiration on that wizard 3 times and decided to pass him on, hope you make something cool out of it! I recognize pieces definitely! Have fun with them :) Oh, and do tell me you'll paint those 2 ladies as Anna and Elsa?? :D
  9. He's surely bigger then I had expected! If I were an adventurer put up to that, it really puts it more in perspective seeing that thing hulking over my tiny miniature, then the DM describing a big snake attacking me D: Good job!
  10. I was about to post this. All my friends who I hooked up with the hobby have bought the "wrong" nuln oil from the shop. You don't want the one with GLOSS written on it. Unless you want gloss of course, but usually you wouldn't.
  11. It's moving onward to the other side of the country! Enjoy @Lihmeth!! I hope you'll have fun going through!
  12. Allright!! 2 things happened. First, my box from Reaper arrived with random cool mini's, which for me contained many duplicates, so I made another small swap. Photo will follow! Next to that, friend #4 came over. His tradeins were very different and interesting imo, this should be fun to see the box move onward :) here are his pickings! Here's the pictures for the extra swap! This means... I'll be packing everything and attempt to send it out tomorrow to @Lihmeth!
  13. Haha yeah, that was one I actually put in, taken out before the journey!
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