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  1. Good to see I'm not alone. I have the luxury my wife wanted a big display / closet wall in our living room (which has 4 blocks of display cabinets), and supports the hobby meaning 2 are dedicated to miniatures (3 shelves per cabinet). Still though! I can fit a few more big beasts in there, then it'll be full already :o Still...... can't wait for Bones 5! :3 <3
  2. Every time I look at my display cabinets, with mostly Bones 4 stuff sitting proud on there (Mostly painted, even!), I get this anxiety of where in hell I'm gonna let the Bones 5 stuff sit. A feeling best described as a "What have I done?" state. When I read this thread and see all the love for the products, it reassures me that bones 5 is gonna be amazing. But still, my display area keeps yelping out to me! Anyone recognize this mixed feeling aswell? :p
  3. I"m loving this! Very original, well done. You should enter it in the Diorama contest or something :D
  4. I'm loving it! I had that model, but the hunched over look didn't really make him interesting to paint, or seem to have the presence on the table I'd want of a Frost Giant Jarl. You fixed that part! If this was for sale by Reaper as you made it, I'd surely go get one!
  5. Whoa, you went all out on that base! Is Kaladrax detachable from it, or is it not intended to be used in gameplay but purely for diorama? Either way, it looks incredible! Great job!
  6. I like it. Although, not being of that oldschool 1e generation, I do miss those spikes on his back. But both versions look great, well done!
  7. I don't really fear a double VAT. We know they were busy with another EU hub. If double VAT would be a risk at that time, I imagine they would let it be shipped to, and from, that other EU hub they mentioned. I would just like to be reassured, and a bit updated, on that process. Did the other EU hub become a fact? Is there a risk involved? If someone would tell me it's there, it's in Germany and they are still looking into the shipping costs and VAT, and wait to see what UK has done by the time of shipping, then I'm happy. Sure there are uncertainties, but some updates would be cool.
  8. I love it! Ever since Talespinner mentioned this was designed as a Forest Drake, my plans formed to Green / Yellow as colours. This is what I hope to achieve or come close to, I love this paintjob. Great job :D
  9. Earlier they made the right plans to secure a second hub in Europe. I believe Germany was mentioned, but that may as well be an estimate from someone. As time has passed for the plans to be thought out, a hint of these plans would be great to hear. Nothing set in stone, but just the knowledge it's being worked on would be something. @Reaper_Jon I don't suppose you could find something out? I'm very much still expecting VAT to be put on later, or more shipping once things finalize. I'd rather have it like you have it, to be known upfront what you can calculate.
  10. We're getting closer en closer to finalization. This leaves me wondering with the shipping part with the EU site. My pledge manager is calculating $15,- in shipping, take or leave. I would be amazed if that was to be the whole shipping with my $850 order. But I would love to be amazed! :p Have they mentioned somewhere what is to be expected in shipping and VAT for the EU site?
  11. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89888-how-large-is-the-zombie-dragon/&tab=comments#comment-1911649 This question has been asked before =) Here's the thread!
  12. Haha, gender doesn't matter for nerdiness, but who knows, it might a football jock later on? If he'll be anything like his parents that's very unlikely though xD It's a boy by the way, already got a daughter age 4 atm, so will be a new experience for the household, a nice balance in here. (At least now I can leave the toilet seat up more often?)
  13. Oh wow. That's a great figure! Loads of options to go all out on those scales with prestigious paint ideas. This will be a tough one to figure out which one of us gets to paint this :D
  14. Allright, cool! I've got some reading / testing to do. Reason I'm asking is I've still let Argent stand unpainted due to not having a proper planning for him. Slapping some silver on him does not seem right. I want him to be proper platinum or special, and these colorshift paints seem to be able to help on that
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