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  1. Keep in mind for this whole ordeal, the box is currently at my house in The Netherlands. It's out of the UK already 🙂 What i can gather on the PostNL sending information is not much difficulty, possibly a tax form, but the bill went higher then I initially thought: €42,- to send a package of 2-10kg to Switzerland. €62,- even if it's up to 20kg. Ouch. That's a big one 😕
  2. So there's interest from @Arkady, @tosattearp and @Samedi? I'm not sure how tough or expensive it is to send stuff to Switzerland. I'm not seeing this to be difficult according to my local mail site, so I'm willing to put you in the sequence if you want? 🙂 Still have the box here, it changed though! Will post a proper update of it soon with what was taken, but my friends were waiting for this one for a long time and were eager to start the change process 🙂 @Kuroneko Would you want a remote pick when the box arrives back at my house? I'd even offer to paint something of your choice and send it your way if you would prefer this 🙂
  3. I don't think the box chain will start very soon to be fair. Not alot of people signing up. I think I can get alot of people interested out of these forums, but this is a reaper forum box, I'm not sure how that would be received.
  4. It is the box! We can start this up again. Let me know who'd like to be a part of this. @Arkady? @MediocrePainter? @Lihmeth? Anyone else? My friend group will definitely want to be involved on this one, so that's a few skips of the stone already.
  5. I just accepted a package from UK, where I'm not expecting anything... Should arrive in the following days. Only thing I can imagine is it's the box from Kuroneko. Will keep you updated, if it arrives here we can start a EU chain again! Let me know if you'd be up to join it.
  6. Oh noo 😞 They're robbing me! They left the pledge manager open still. I'm not sure how this happened, but the following now found their path to my basket.
  7. I went small compared to last times! I have most of Bones 5 still waiting in boxes this time, hardly touched. Guess it was a feeling of guilt. The sets also didn't contain stuff I was lacking, or thinking to use soon. THat said, there were definitely some pearls here, so I tried to pick as many of those as I could: Ordered with friends, the "Wij" one is the one I picked out with my wife 🙂
  8. I'm so excited for this. They released the Big Box final design a week ago and it's looking amazing. Shipping expected early next year. I'm trying to get a Kallax cabinet now seeing as it's such a great fit inside! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NdjtopKLnY&feature=emb_imp_woyt Video of the big box showing all the supplements. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/goonboard/the-witcher/posts/3557068 update on miniatures final print version. Pretty impressed to be honest!
  9. @Kuroneko I'll send you a PM with address, when you have time please let me know. Life comes first, so don't rush to take care of this, good luck.
  10. Sorry to hear about the lemons being dealt to you, good luck on overcoming them. We'd be open to try! Get the box moving again would be great. Try to declare the low end of the values of you can though xD "Old used plastic toys"
  11. @Kuroneko Can you let me know if you made any progress? I've gathered friends who are willing to help me cover the costs if this were to be the case. Plus, the box is so stuffed, if the cost is heavy we can compensate out of the box if needed.
  12. Well done! I especially like the gemstones you painted! A slight feedback though: the silver coins are very evenly spread, I feel that could be more randomized in the piles. But that's just a tiny feedback on a very nice paintjob 👍
  13. Did anyone think of a solution for this? I'd really like to get this box back in roulation, back to the mainland to continue it's course and get people in this exchange.
  14. Ty! No lights on the inside, he was standing in bright sunlight during the pictures, could be colors on the back shining through since he's transparent.
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