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  1. Congrats on all the shipping notices guys! It's good to see they finally got the long waiters in the front of the line
  2. You might want to edit out your E-mail address @TaleSpinner
  3. This is the first time I don't think of an ELder Brain when I see this but a true monster. Fantastic!
  4. Let's see what happens first 🙂 and unpainted would be preferred for most, but partially painted or primed is welcome aswell.
  5. Let's first get the Bones 5 in house and see if more people show up! but if not, who would be a good box starter? I don't think I could make a big enough box yet for that. And definitely would be consisting of bones, bones and bones. quite boring I think 😛
  6. Slightly more delays for Aetherworks / Australian distribution due to lockdowns: From Aetherworks Facebook Page: Hi everyone, As some of you may already be aware, Sydney (Where we are located) has had increasing levels of COVID-19 Restrictions over the past few weeks, including this past weekend. Restrictions put in place over the last few days means that several of our staff are unable to travel to work. While this does mean that all departments have reduced numbers at this time, we are still able to operate. Please be aware that at this point in time we are still operating, howev
  7. lookie lookie what I found 😉 not my pics but I had just sent these from the FB groups to my gaming group as I was pretty impressed
  8. EU shipping expected to start tomorrow! 😃
  9. I have many miniature collectors in my friends, last time I had 4 friends going through the box, making the amount of change happening bigger 🙂 Ofc this was with asking beforehand and getting good replies from the group. Usually a round is good with like 6-7 people. Can be done with less though.
  10. I got some of those plastic bins with many compartments (see spoiler). I use 3 atm, with 2 still empty. Started filling in Bones 4. Labeled them: Terrain, Monsters, NPC's. Odds are they will be redefined and upgraded to 5 boxes instead of 3 😛
  11. Let's find a way to get that box out of UK 😛 or find anyone on the main land who can be a box starter.
  12. I still have my bones4 zippies ready for this shipment, bring it on!
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRHpSTLHtdg/ The insta post has a video! 😃
  14. UK container arrived yesterday! https://www.instagram.com/p/CRHpSTLHtdg/
  15. Same! I got my airbrush some weeks ago after 5 days after ordering from the UK warehouse. I hope it's about the same for this delivery. I'm gonna be on holidays from the 27th or so, I hope it'll arrive either before or after. I can't stand the thought of it waiting in a depot while I'm away.
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