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  1. Well done! I especially like the gemstones you painted! A slight feedback though: the silver coins are very evenly spread, I feel that could be more randomized in the piles. But that's just a tiny feedback on a very nice paintjob 👍
  2. Did anyone think of a solution for this? I'd really like to get this box back in roulation, back to the mainland to continue it's course and get people in this exchange.
  3. Ty! No lights on the inside, he was standing in bright sunlight during the pictures, could be colors on the back shining through since he's transparent.
  4. Finished the Treasure Golem a while ago, hadn't taken good pictures yet. Today was the day!
  5. We could even split up in multiple boxes, although that will add to the shipping cost... Are there EU people (or others) willing to chip in and combine this part of shipping costs to get the box back to the mainland? @Reaper_Jon is there anything Reaper can assist with perhaps from UK? just trying all options here. All tips are welcome at this point, we'd love to continue this circulation of (mostly) reaper miniatures 🙂
  6. Sent it in my D&D groupchats, we combined an order of 6 of them 😃 got one for a client aswell, who'd like to get it painted too.
  7. I know the box is filled, but if everything looks old and used we might get away with marking it as a gift with a value of less then €45,-. Open up blisters and such if needed?
  8. So far I have had 0 issues with shipments from UK. Had the bones 5 kickstarter come VAT-free, no invoice, just for handling (12 euro's). Had a big reaper delivery come clear of charges (big value). And smaller deliveries afterwards from reaper, which were pre-paid with VAT from that point.
  9. Oh, and for Kuroneko, we can do like a remote box picking and send a small box with your selection to UK to be safe?
  10. I think with the Brexit being long ago by now we should have ways to get that box to mainland Europe right? I'm open to it being sent here and starting a chain from the mainland. Has anyone shipped something non-commercial from UK to mainland so far?
  11. Can you show pictures of what was in the package?? It's good to know you could use the box, but I'm missing words on the package xD Plus the teaser of 'wings' and 'sophie' makes me very intrigued to see what you got! 😄
  12. Ty! Thanks! I did not remember the paints, so no pic of those, else I could have posted on the Reaper fb group as well 🙂
  13. I loved the Ni No Kuni games, and was able to snag the boardgame with 4 awesome miniatures for a great price. Here they are painted 🙂
  14. Ty both, I'll edit an edited picture in, prefer that over looking to imgur 🙂 Pictures have now been edited 🙂 Edit2: it seems covering up is not enough, uploaded the 2 frontal ones and imgurred it
  15. I required a medusa for a D&D oneshot, so tossed a speedpaint her direction. The marks on her snake skin were quite a surprise how easy they turned out. I had watered down some paint to the level it's nearly a wash. The structure of the tail on the skin of the mini ensured it absorbed my paints and spread out. All I had to do was place a drop in one place and gravity (and some other forces of nature surely) would do the rest. Hardest part was there were no retakes, it was not something to be fixed or I'd have to do the base colour again aswell. But quite pleased on the results, and the session went terrific! Some statues were introduced to the world afterwards >:) Edit: imgur link here, caution: nudity: https://imgur.com/a/q5hIm1z
  16. Medusa, originating from Bones 5 https://imgur.com/a/q5hIm1z for nudity
  17. Mamlord! Last picture is Taurath the goliath barbarian for perspective 😛
  18. This specific miniature awed and amazed me ever since I saw it. I started painting since bones 3 was just on the market (missed it myself, didn't find Reaper yet back then). The size, the pose, the vigor, it was just amazing. But sold out. Everywhere. Always. Untill it wasn't! And at a later time at a fair, I even scored another so I can add the Frost wyrm variety at a later moment! This beast of a mini is done and ready to terrorize my D&D players! Apologies for the MANY photo's but I'm just so excited 😄
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