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  1. Did you get some information today? I'm currently waiting for both my packages being evaulated / processed by the customs department. If I receive a payment notice I'm hoping it will be for both packages q.q
  2. Not to be an arse, but shouldn't this thread be for bones 5? is it time for an enthusiasm bones 6 one so we can keep the bones 5 info seperated? EU is still in the delivery part 😉 Yes that doesn't seem right.. hopefully you can sort it easily
  3. I believe customs can't hold anything over 30 days btw, if they don't reach a verdict then they are obliged to send it your way.
  4. Keep us updated please, hope it resolves soon for you.
  5. My order has just received shipping! Wave 4, quite a large order, EU. Quite happy on this, now to see how much the fees are going to be. For the communication, I think they were trying to bring positive news so went on the higher numbers to report (nearing 50%! could have been 39% for example, now they're "over 50%" many weeks later which seems weird). edit: it's 2 boxes! no ships ordered. Being dlivered through parcelforce
  6. Wave 4 is not completed, I'm not sure where you got that info. But they're into wave 4 at this moment. On discord a few wave4 backers have gotten their shipping info yesterday.
  7. EU update was asked in the latest ReaperLive. Have not had the chance to see it, but this was posted at the discord.
  8. The way I see it, the less it has to cross the (tiny bit of) ocean to get to UK and back, the better. At the borders it's unpredictable, and can result in hefty payments required if they deem it neccessary. A box is currently in the UK. It could go from there through the UK participants, then on to the mainland, not returning to the UK in the end. I see a future where it'll calm down more and be more easily shipped there, but currently the border patrol is covered in work and being watched by the entire world, so they want to do it right. At least that's how I see it
  9. "luckily" we're still waiting on Bones5 delivery so we can participate in this, but getting that box to the mainland would be such a good thing so we can start it off properly after. That would mean it should not end in UK at this point in time, and most likely would have a very hard time passing through UK. If there's more UK folks looking to join this round, I'd suggest they go at the start before the box leaves to the main lands. But now, how do we get the box this way? who can tell us more about this, can someone at the borders be called or anything like it?
  10. I help myself with chatting in the discord and getting my own information from ReaperHQ ZombieCo (Reaper UK), but I would very very much appreciate an official update from here. We know they're a smaller group, and we know they might have their struggles, like getting enough shippers to accept their packages. But if we are not updated, we're trying to fill in the blanks ourselves with guesses. I'd much prefer to know the actual state. Would it be possible to get like a weekly update from the UK guys stating how many they shipped last week, possibly some issue they're tackling or ha
  11. The chicken swarm is the big winner here, I love how they're multi colored, makes them stand out awesomely! The others are also great paintjobs though, but I love that chickenswarm on here!
  12. I'm still waiting in wave 4. Lack of information is anoying, but not worrying. I'd like a newer update then 2 weeks ago. I've asked the UK Reaper guys straight up for an update on their facebook page, and Ron said on Discord since friday he's been pestering Ron for an update and he said he would write one. However, still waiting 🙂
  13. On the discord I hear things about the Dance of Death, Dragon Turtle, Skeletaon Dragon and more special big mini's that are going to be added to the 5.5 pledge manager. More details are in the most recent Reaper Live, I haven't had time to see it myself, but there should be some more info on there.
  14. that's what I was going to say ye. At least Gmail has made a policy where you can add a dot to your E-mailaddress, or +something at the end, before the @. I use my E-mailadres [email protected] (not my real one) in multiple ways, like [email protected], [email protected], etc. Should work with [email protected] aswell 🙂 Edit: and if all else fails you can always create an alias for your E-mail, most hosting providers provide that option.
  15. What wave are you Glitter? I'm wave 4, it seems to be getting faster now.
  16. Congrats on all the shipping notices guys! It's good to see they finally got the long waiters in the front of the line
  17. You might want to edit out your E-mail address @TaleSpinner
  18. This is the first time I don't think of an ELder Brain when I see this but a true monster. Fantastic!
  19. Let's see what happens first 🙂 and unpainted would be preferred for most, but partially painted or primed is welcome aswell.
  20. Let's first get the Bones 5 in house and see if more people show up! but if not, who would be a good box starter? I don't think I could make a big enough box yet for that. And definitely would be consisting of bones, bones and bones. quite boring I think 😛
  21. Slightly more delays for Aetherworks / Australian distribution due to lockdowns: From Aetherworks Facebook Page: Hi everyone, As some of you may already be aware, Sydney (Where we are located) has had increasing levels of COVID-19 Restrictions over the past few weeks, including this past weekend. Restrictions put in place over the last few days means that several of our staff are unable to travel to work. While this does mean that all departments have reduced numbers at this time, we are still able to operate. Please be aware that at this point in time we are still operating, howev
  22. lookie lookie what I found 😉 not my pics but I had just sent these from the FB groups to my gaming group as I was pretty impressed
  23. EU shipping expected to start tomorrow! 😃
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