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  1. This guy may need a pedicure more then any of us..!
  2. Had to paint this when I saw the sculpt. My first time trying Marble effect to. It was tough to make out a broken marble pillar, but I'm happy on the result
  3. I loved everything about this guy from bones 4 pictures to delivery to painting to result!
  4. My gryphon suffers heavily from a top heavy wing. After 3 hot and cold baths I took a less pretty option of making a 3rd point of contact. It shows, but it works!
  5. I saw the colorpattern of the dragons before, but it inspired me for my color scheme finally. Dragonlance anybody?
  6. This is great to see from start to (near) finish, well done!
  7. For a minute I thought he was swimming upside down, all due to the lack of a big fin on top. Interesting creature!
  8. You've inspired me to do mine! I've been contemplating how to do them, with the running paint if I put a wash on. I'm gonna follow your 'guide' in here and see where I end up. Ty!
  9. Those look great! I can't unsee the behind of the mamlord though, jesus :p
  10. It was mentioned by Jon on other social's they're stocking EU this week. Expect to see them in stock from there end of this week (friday-ish). They're not being printed in EU, and it's not like they saw this coming from miles away.. This is also why they made a 5k donation ahead of time so the funds can already do their good work in the right hands.
  11. A-ha! So this is where I made the promise. I couldn't find it, I found a facebook post asking the same thing but couldn't find my reply. I guess it was you there aswell, but I'll post the image here aswell for searchers :)
  12. I can measure when I'm home in a few hours if there's no reply by then :)
  13. I recognize many things I put in there. Especially the castle! It was a bit of a gamble if it was a fit for this box concept, but it looks like it was :) enjoy!
  14. Thanks for the helpfull comments all :) I've poured abit in with tape on the sides earlier. Despite it flowing out all over and being a fiasco, it did leave some water effects. Sure it's not the deep water I've been aiming for at the start, but it does give the idea of a mucky swamp. I might keep it as it is. But lessons learned for a next time, and experiments with 3:1 Epoxy will start aswell when they arrive, this might be better fit for this kind of effect :)
  15. This is great! You managed to get sexy / flirty with big tusks, amazing. Good job on the whole character so far, makes me sad I'm not picking this expansion, but maybe when they get to retail I'll nitpick a few interesting characters out. This might be one of those :)
  16. You should do a highlight and promote this post on other socials! It's quite hidden away but such an interesting read and process share =)
  17. This was my idea too, but I think he's getting some free, my assumption would be he's getting a few to give away to others..? I mean, we know Reaper and their service, I can't imagine it otherwise really.
  18. I'd really love to see a real proper Nothic someday. For some of the more popular 5e campaigns they are used, but no models exist out there that are in any way easily obtained. Those who can build them through other means (Gargoyles or Ghouls with green stuff), but not everyone has that luxury who would love to present a mini. So, my pick would be a Nothic :)
  19. I'll add one when I'm at home =) Basically it's an oval base with a troll stuck in the middle on an elevated part (the original base that came with Reaper). The sides I'd like to add water to, if possible. but I'm starting to realise this might become hard :p haha
  20. It's the version of water effects to dab on, like they're waves. Mine is still water. it pours, it's liquid. The problem is, if I pour it at the side it just goes right off. Tape wasn't strong enough to hold it in position (Or i didn't apply it right). In the video you linked I don't see him using any liquid water effects that need to be contained, although I do appreciate your reply! edit: ah there! Found what you mean, thanks! :) Unfortunately my base is an oval, can't use this solution :(
  21. I'm new to the whole water effect in the bases. Now I've used it in the past, but my problem right now is I need to close the border of the base with water. it's going to be a swamp, with mud, plants and stuff near the middle, and some water on the sides, indicating they're in the middle of all of it. I guess the main question is: what do I use to create the outer edge for the still water to cure in..? I've tried ductape, this was a horrific no-no, it leaked through, went to the sides, didn't keep form. Any tips..?
  22. By request of tosattearp I've just opened a ticket with PostNL, as there seems to be a shipping problem. The address is right, but the T&T says it's not. Surely it will be resolved, hopefully in less then a week he can view the box contents :) #positive2020
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