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  1. 1 hour ago, Iridil said:

    Looks both scary and a bit comic - wonderful skin and texture contrast! I also like the way the base completes it.


    This is exactly what I aimed for. I thought about giving the fish X.X eyes, but that was to comical :p


    6 hours ago, Peithetairos said:

    The skin tone is spot on and I love the expression of the fish. 



    13 hours ago, Rigel said:

    Splendid stippling/pointillism/ drybrush work! Love the color scheme and that fish.


    The texture on the skin made it very nice to work with. I'm personally most proud of the disgusting lumps on his back :p 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:

    That looks great!

    I might steal that idea!

    Ty! And feel free to, I had seen it done by someone else first aswell.


    1 minute ago, Peithetairos said:

    Great stuff, somehow reminds me of Dragon Ball Z, too. 

    Now that you mention it.. I can see it =) 

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  3. 10 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Those toenails are awesome!

    Well done, overall

    For the skin, he might need a little extra wash/shadows to create more depth if you want to level up.


    You are very right. I had given him a base coat in darker red with 2 thin coats of skin, ánd a wash (albeit under the 2nd coat) but it turned out quite flat.

    I haven't had much experience yet working on skintones. I'm currently working on a 2nd hill giant where I'm gonna try to work abit more on the skintones.

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  4. It was mentioned by Jon on other social's they're stocking EU this week. Expect to see them in stock from there end of this week (friday-ish).

    57 minutes ago, Cicciopiu said:

    I was looking to buy that minis too and, what a surprise, 0 in stock  for EU customers...


    They're not being printed in EU, and it's not like they saw this coming from miles away.. This is also why they made a 5k donation ahead of time so the funds can already do their good work in the right hands.

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  5. Thanks for the helpfull comments all :)
    I've poured abit in with tape on the sides earlier. Despite it flowing out all over and being a fiasco, it did leave some water effects.

    Sure it's not the deep water I've been aiming for at the start, but it does give the idea of a mucky swamp.

    I might keep it as it is. But lessons learned for a next time, and experiments with 3:1 Epoxy will start aswell when they arrive, this might be better fit for this kind of effect :) 

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  6. On 12/27/2019 at 6:55 PM, Reaper_Jon said:

    Wow @TaleSpinner I just found this, I'm new to the forums! and im slowly combing through all the stuff on here to try adn get caught up. stumbled upon this! this was awesome to read! maybe we can do something more in the future with this type of stuff! I have alot of ideas. 

    Just wanted to say that this was awesome to see!


    You should do a highlight and promote this post on other socials! It's quite hidden away but such an interesting read and process share =) 

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