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  1. Be that as it may, they're wonderful! Also that little leprechaun is amazing!
  2. Got these last year, decided to put them in a magnetized base, removable if I would want it. Happy on the result. Tree is from a dollar store Christmas ornament (came white in a ball), lantern aswell.
  3. Ok! It's now on the way to Italy! Box went up in size and weight, almost 4kg atm ^^' But this was great fun! 2 friends jumped in with a small exchange as well, lots of fun was had and lots of fun and interesting items went back in! We picked: - Tiny dice (my wife fell in love at first sight with them!) - Swarm of rats / spiders / beetles - giant tick - harpy - dragon slayer heroine - something I dubbed My Little Pegasus, very cool (and again, wife loved it) - 2 painted Fauns or something, not sure what they are but they look great
  4. It has arrived! My wife and I went through the box, and it was incredibly fun! Such pretty stuff in here, even if not all were our style, they were all amazing to see. Will see if I can post the box on Monday, but will need an address first for that. I will post pics and even a video of the stuff we took out, but later this weekend:)
  5. @tosattearp can you pm me your address? I heard the box is on the way here :)
  6. So with the election results in the UK, it seems Brexit is very likely to happen soon. The other EU hub will be the one to be used for the kickstarter I'm assuming. It's good this is known up in front so everything can be smoothed out in time. It was in Germany as I recall. Wonder what we'll hear about this in the upcoming weeks =)
  7. THat name was just for the name the product will have. They spoke of multiple options as add-ons for ship names. 2 names they offer plus a blank plaque is what I recall. I haven't seen the latest Reaper Live episodes, but the last I saw was Sophie's Revenge was the most voted pick by a big difference. This seems plausible to be one of the plaque options then.
  8. I believe earlier they spoke of this as add-ons for the ship. Like it would come normally as shown on the pictures, but they would have seperate options for a cool shipname plaque and other such add-ons to the ship. Not things that are vital for the ship to work, but things that would make for nice enhancements.
  9. The bug has indeed been resolved. Order #440 wave 4 =) edit: Also, since I didn't participate in the listing of things I bought, here's my list =) Bones 5 Core Set x1 Dragons x1 Gem Dragon x1 Loot Golem x1 Dragon-Lion x1 Valfuryx x1 Dragon Folk x1 Dragon Bust x1 Fire Giant Hellbringer x1 Aganzarax x1 Mouslings x1 Mammoth x1 Yokai x1 Goroloth x1 Shavynra the Slayer x2 (1 for friend) Krateryx, Shadow Dragon x2 (1 for friend) Elemental Scions x1 The Dwarf King's Crypt x1 Ildraedis the Devourer x2 (1 for friend) Yog-Sotho
  10. Yes and no :) Last year there were no EU waves, but this year the wave system was for the EU (besides UK) aswell. I assume this is the order it gets shipped out of the EU hub for us. Might be a week or 2 apart from the first and the last wave there.
  11. I'll continue to wait for the official announcement. Someone surely knows about the bug by now. My wave is ensured, my position in the wave is not, but that's like a day difference usually. That won't matter.
  12. To each their own really, some prefer high fantasy (even if in the normal world it would make zero sense), others prefer as realistic as possible. And there's nothing wrong with either take on them, that's the good part! Your version looks great! Very realistic looking old stone. He looks very heavy, haha =)
  13. Nice =) And yes, if you place more orders now they will be combined to be sent in the same big package with the wave you got in.
  14. I was messing with this aswell. My KS E-mail is capitalized, when my Pledge Manager address is in small letters. But even if I edit the first letter to be caps, or log in with a caps letter, it displays as small and shows no pledge. I'll just wait, we got over a year for the thing to end and then some for shipping to start, it's not even officially live yet :p no need to rush right now.
  15. This is indeed what the system seems to think. My E-mail address is the same however. Just double-checked by logging in again. Would you recommend me to make a ticket yet or wait abit first?
  16. Edited out alot due to figuring out what's going on. My prices are changed, my pledge is not found. So the system thinks I'm a late backer, hence the price change. Should I contact someone about this yet, or first wait for the official release of the PM?
  17. I remember that brute in the WIP section! Painted up he looks great, really well done :) As do the others on the pics btw!
  18. Awesome!! I hope you find your dreamhouse with plenty of hobby space =)
  19. Looks great! Last time I entered a FLGS paint contest we ended up with 5 contestants :p easier to get a stage spot there xD
  20. Looks great! :D I really wonder what your display area looks like with all your different diorama's xD
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