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  1. 1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:


    Don't you get a free one for the ones you sculpted yourself?

    I would think that would be one of the benefits of sculpting.

    Another dream shattered.


    This was my idea too, but I think he's getting some free, my assumption would be he's getting a few to give away to others..?

    I mean, we know Reaper and their service, I can't imagine it otherwise really.

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  2. I'd really love to see a real proper Nothic someday. For some of the more popular 5e campaigns they are used, but no models exist out there that are in any way easily obtained.

    Those who can build them through other means (Gargoyles or Ghouls with green stuff), but not everyone has that luxury who would love to present a mini.


    So, my pick would be a Nothic :) 

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  3. It's the version of water effects to dab on, like they're waves. Mine is still water. it pours, it's liquid.

    The problem is, if I pour it at the side it just goes right off. Tape wasn't strong enough to hold it in position (Or i didn't apply it right).


    In the video you linked I don't see him using any liquid water effects that need to be contained, although I do appreciate your reply!


    edit: ah there! Found what you mean, thanks! :) Unfortunately my base is an oval, can't use this solution :(

  4. I'm new to the whole water effect in the bases. Now I've used it in the past, but my problem right now is I need to close the border of the base with water.

    it's going to be a swamp, with mud, plants and stuff near the middle, and some water on the sides, indicating they're in the middle of all of it.


    I guess the main question is: what do I use to create the outer edge for the still water to cure in..?

    I've tried ductape, this was a horrific no-no, it leaked through, went to the sides, didn't keep form.

    Any tips..?

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  5. 20 hours ago, Arkady said:

    Sorry I had to drop off the face of the virtual Earth for a bit. Happy to see the box made it to the Netherlands safely and timely!


    @Venun, they're technically mostly fairies. The same line of random wee folk packaged in with Foundry's large elves did have a bunch of proper pixies (less wings, more hats and/or booze), too, but regrettably, I barely ever got any of those, myself. 




    Be that as it may, they're wonderful! Also that little leprechaun is amazing! 

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  6. Ok! It's now on the way to Italy!

    Box went up in size and weight, almost 4kg atm ^^' But this was great fun!

    2 friends jumped in with a small exchange as well, lots of fun was had  and lots of fun and interesting items went back in!


    We picked:

    - Tiny dice (my wife fell in love at first sight with them!)

    - Swarm of rats / spiders / beetles

    - giant tick

    - harpy

    - dragon slayer heroine

    - something I dubbed My Little Pegasus, very cool (and again, wife loved it)

    - 2 painted Fauns or something, not sure what they are but they look great

    - tiefling paladin hero

    - An android bunny girl with a gun. No idea how it will find use  but just so cool!

    - Ice Golem, great thing!

    - A metal Demon / satyr / minotaur thing, amazing!

    - the tiniest pixies you can imagine


    - 2 werewolves, awoooo

    - a rat, zombie and small ape familiar

    - female knight

    - female barbarian

    - rollers! 


    - a cowboy we dubbed Wild Bill

    - warforged

    - 2x intergalactic spider

    - a half painted Lich Knight


    Even with a high shipping price this was well worth it, great fun! :)




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  7. 3 minutes ago, Crissair said:

    Did they ever decide on the ship name everyone voted on?


    THat name was just for the name the product will have. They spoke of multiple options as add-ons for ship names. 2 names they offer plus a blank plaque is what I recall.

    I haven't seen the latest Reaper Live episodes, but the last I saw was Sophie's Revenge was the most voted pick by a big difference. This seems plausible to be one of the plaque options then.

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  8. 2 hours ago, ksbsnowowl said:

    They will have different options for the ship (still planned opaque, clear, and translucent green), but those options have not been put into the pledge manager yet.  I know some have already locked in and paid for a pirate ship; I'm wondering how they are going to handle figuring out which of those eventual options those early orders are for...


    I believe earlier they spoke of this as add-ons for the ship. Like it would come normally as shown on the pictures, but they would have seperate options for a cool shipname plaque and other such add-ons to the ship.

    Not things that are vital for the ship to work, but things that would make for nice enhancements.

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  9. The bug has indeed been resolved. Order #440 wave 4 =)


    edit: Also, since I didn't participate in the listing of things I bought, here's my list =)

    Bones 5 Core Set x1
    Dragons x1
    Gem Dragon x1
    Loot Golem x1
    Dragon-Lion x1
    Valfuryx x1
    Dragon Folk x1
    Dragon Bust x1
    Fire Giant Hellbringer x1
    Aganzarax x1
    Mouslings x1
    Mammoth x1
    Yokai x1
    Goroloth x1
    Shavynra the Slayer x2 (1 for friend)
    Krateryx, Shadow Dragon x2 (1 for friend)
    Elemental Scions x1
    The Dwarf King's Crypt x1
    Ildraedis the Devourer x2 (1 for friend)
    Yog-Sothoth x1
    Kalanzar the Wicked x1
    Kaiju Choas x1
    Greek Odyssey Expansion x1
    Dark Depths Expansion x1
    New MSP Paint Colors x1
    MSP: Foerster's Favorites x1
    Fan Favorites x1
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  10. To each their own really, some prefer high fantasy (even if in the normal world it would make zero sense), others prefer as realistic as possible.

    And there's nothing wrong with either take on them, that's the good part!


    Your version looks great! Very realistic looking old stone. He looks very heavy, haha =)

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  11. 2 minutes ago, HODOR said:

    It looks like they are having problems identifying capitalization in emails.  Mine was showing up as a non backer.  I went into edit account and it was showing as [email protected]  I changed it to [email protected], put my password in, and hit update account.  It then recognized me and and I showed up as a backer.  Going back to the main page seemed to reset this however.


    I was messing with this aswell. My KS E-mail is capitalized, when my Pledge Manager address is in small letters. But even if I edit the first letter to be caps, or log in with a caps letter, it displays as small and shows no pledge.


    I'll just wait, we got over a year for the thing to end and then some for shipping to start, it's not even officially live yet :p no need to rush right now.

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  12. 1 minute ago, ladystorm said:

    If prices are different, you are not logged in with the same email address you used on Kickstarter to place your pledge.  The email address is how the site knows you have a pledge.  


    Or you are a late backer who will pay late backer prices because you didn't pledge while the project was live on Kickstarter.


    This is indeed what the system seems to think.

    My E-mail address is the same however. Just double-checked by logging in again.

    Would you recommend me to make a ticket yet or wait abit first?

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