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  1. I was enthused to see more pages of kickstarter feed to read through, only to find discussions on the history of GW and Dremel's. Could we do some more kickstarter fun in here? :p


    What's the thing that you're looking most forward to for this KS?


    I'm so glad to see Zombie Dwarfs, and the Elemental Scions will play a nice part in my ongoing campaign I think.

    But those dragons.. these will be my first adult sized dragons, not counting Bones 4 Argent (plan to use him as a god).

    Next up would be almost everything in the Fan Favorites expansion :p 


    For my wife it will likely be the Yokai and the mouselings xD

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  2. 1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Very cool! I like the addition of the mushrooms, it gives off a fairytale vibe.

    The different kinds of wood and the windows look great!


    Ty! I can't wait to give this thing a proper photoshoot :D


    The mushrooms reminded me of the witch in the Zelda SNES game, figured it would make a nice addition.

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