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  1. Spent more time basing then painting on these guys! Happy on the results!
  2. Well now. After spending several hours of a quiet day reading through these posts and enjoying the pictures and random tidbits, I think I'll have to see if I can get myself on that list next time it goes about =) I have some interesting things that are being wasted, but can definitely find a good home elsewhere..!
  3. Venun

    Photo box

    I bought the same thing, but with a LED underplate to create shadowless light. The underplate arrived yesterday and it is amazing. The box itself is still on the way however, can't wait to test it out!
  4. I'm loving the added colours, it improved it immensely in my view. Great eyes too!
  5. I love what you did with the weapons, the green on that bow especially :)
  6. Nice tip to take the photo's with that light. It's paid off, the highlights look great :)
  7. A better photo option is ordered :) thanks!
  8. Amehoela, haha xD fun one :p (and good paintjob!)
  9. Tried some cork on the base aswell, happy enough on the results, following bases were better though.
  10. This was resting as a WiP for many months, till inspiration hit. Chose gold accents to accompany my Yuan'ti colorations :)
  11. Amazing! What a good fit for that 2nd head, can't wait to see it painted!
  12. Thanks! Am quite pleased with the results :)
  13. Tackled my first big guy, Mossbeard Treeman! Since you guys love photos I'll add some progress shots in the comments :) First take on the beard, but liking the new version much better. Also a basecoat shot :)
  14. I might know one to buy at a Dutch vendor :)
  15. Lovely model, finished in 30 minutes ex. priming and basing :)
  16. Thanks all! :) Oh, and those few drops of paint on the empty bases were blacked after the picture ;)
  17. Finished my Yuan'ti in one 3 hour session (ex. priming). Not that happy about the OSL on the firewall, but alas. It gets the idea across, for this figure it'll work.
  18. It'll do for a small mammoth indeed, quite pleased on how the base turned out aswell, thanks for your kind words :)
  19. I tried a new (cheap) primer on this guy, and it seems to work well. Wasn't that enthused when I saw his size, but happy now that he's painted up with a nice result (if I say so myself)
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