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  1. Bones4 Roper. This guy screamed to be painted, chewing the head off the Bones4 painting progress for me :)
  2. Speedpaint on this guy, will retouch a few small bits when I'm home. Very interesting model, couldn't restrain myself once I put it together xD
  3. I had seen the cork and superglue warning before, I'm aiming to use PVA glue to stick it. Thanks for that heads up :) Pinning is something I haven't done before, so I guess if my surface isn't flat enough to glue a mini to (?), then I'll see to attach something on the top that is flat enough. Pinning, especially on feet of 28mm mini's, kind of scares me xD I'll try to get some friendly drinkers to hand me their winecorks, and just ordered 2 A4 sheets of 0,95mm height cork from China, let's see if this can work to start it off with :) Can't find those stamps yo
  4. Hi guys :) I've been painting for about 1,5 years atm, but basing is something I haven't properly done so far yet. I've usually smeared some texture paint on the base, covered it in a drybrush and called it done. I'm experimenting with new options atm, recently done a Magma base according to a youtube vid, which turned out good. However, I'm seeing many vids and many bases here with add on material. I'm guessing it's cork? Something to create the rocks you see them standing on, or the carpet under their feet, or the pitfall trap they're leaning on, any of this.
  5. Awesome colour pick, looks very good on them. Seems like you left the molding lines though.
  6. Awesome! I love the basing you did, especially on the rogue guy with the bow on the right. Really great work
  7. Looking good! might I advice to put a big black pupil in the turtle eyes though? it's the only thing on this guy that's throwing me off. I did a quick google search for ye, and these mighty beasts have quite huge pupils. Could also opt for another cool one found in the wilds, which is abit more difficult however:
  8. For the kickstarter they had just a slight change in colour which is sometimes hard to notice. For the process after it they tinted it darker with pigment, but the sturdyness / details etc. of the material remains the same as you're now experiencing in the kickstarter, just easier to spot it's bones black :)
  9. Great to hear you're getting your package Gadgetman! Awesome xD I JUST finished counting and inventizing.. inventorizing.. inventing... damnit. Making the inventory! I'm happy to report I got 0 missing, 0 faults of mixed up parts, 0 breaks... it was awesome! I broke the leg of the giant spider in the Darkreach expansion myself though, but it's already glued back on as we speak :) The Beetle Riding Bloodgnome has a difficult face to paint, hard to see the shapes of it, but I don't think it's a misprint but just 1 tiny detail not that clear in a huge bundle of insane
  10. Now to choose, Bones first, or Game of Thrones finale... Trolls add-on.
  11. 2 right hands and 2 left hands for me, contemplating what to do with this guy, keep the hands interchangable or just pick the rock or the pig and glue it solid.
  12. https://www.datatilsynet.no/rettigheter-og-plikter/personopplysninger/fodselsnummer/ This here tells me the number isn't considered private information and thus isn't protected by the data protection laws. It also says Norwegian Taxes use it to easily identify the person, I'm guessing it's for the import taxes.
  13. It seems this is only asked of Norwegians, which to me states that the border guys at Norway are asking this of the couriers going in the country. No other places have we seen this question, only in Norway. The DPD package to me (NL) went without any such questions, along with many other europeans. I wonder why Norwegian customs is asking for this number..
  14. Called it! Before the week was over, you got your mail xD Mine arrived flawless, right on time, got the mail on a thursday, got the package the next monday, box was in good shape, no mails asking me for more info's. Hoping yours will go as flawless aswell :)
  15. Greenest Day? :p Always fun to see such different projects, awesome :) (and well executed!)
  16. Mine stands on itself aswell, a few toes were still in the air though, so I did the boiling water trick to put it flat and more stable just in case :)
  17. Insane. Truly insane. It looks so damn good, very very nice job.
  18. I unpacked mine yesterday, the boiling water trick gave me enough options to bend the feet to exactly the right pose. The weight of the house ensures it stays in that pose, just leave it to stand for 10m after the boiling water treatment, it should be fine from there :)
  19. You'll get yours soon man, I'm calling it right now. Before this week is over, you'll have your notification. Edit: Looks good Skallabjorn, how does it look dryfitted? And are you gonna sand it abit more aswell or do you think the paint will cover what's left?
  20. We got the notification for the box as a delivery today. Turned out to be at a time where my wife's dropping the kid at school. So just in case we put a note on the door to drop it at the neighbour. DPD (Europese delivery guys) sent me a tracker however, which showed me how many stops he still had to make, and even where those stops were. It turned into a race, haha. My wife missed the courier by 1 minute, but thankfully he read the note and dropped it at the neighbour. She just send me this pic... and now I wanna go home instantly.
  21. Whole EU was EU wave 1, as there were no waves for EU :) DPD just sent me a mail saying my packet wel be here on monday :) funnily, it is said to come from RHQ ZOMBIECO LTD, which I guess is their transporter or EU hub
  22. Several people on these boards have posed the same challenge. I believe most of them (if not all?) have solved this with a dip in hot boiling water, then letting the house rest on it's legs. With the weight of the house on top it will push the legs in the right position to support it. Then just let it cool off :) If anyone who's actually done this can confirm this, or provide more hints that would be awesome.
  23. I use something like the bottom model for miniatures at home. Mine is abit broader and less high, but I'm not at home to take a pic atm. I bought it secondhand for €7,50, alot more affordable then the big spenders you're linking in this thread (which I have contemplated aswell!). in the corner I have one of those Ikea big shelves for the big pieces once my bones gets ready to be painted :)
  24. Nice plan! Good to hear you didn't have to scrape it off :) Looks good, nice & simple, good for a regular barge.
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