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  1. Congrats to those with shipping info or even a B O X already! Awesome to see the pictures aswell 😃 I can't help but wonder when we'll hear more of EU, they had 'promised' (predicted) an update yesterday.
  2. Ye the mini's look awesome. I'm waiting for the Pledge Manager to open up so we can order with a friend. I've offered to paint the whole collection for someone in exchange for my own versions, quite sure I got him in on that 🙂
  3. My Reaper package (NOT the kickstarter) just arrived. Declared value of 186,- but no import fees were demanded, and no VAT was asked for. it was just delivered. I'm hoping the system will be just as kind for me when it's the kickstarter, but this was already a nice surprise 😄
  4. for the EU-ans, I ordered the Reaper Vex past friday, it seems to have past the customs department yesterday. That would make it 5 days including a weekend in there for shipping to The Netherlands. It's been at the customs since monday 14:00 and been released tuesday 19:00-ish. That's a decent time I think with the whole Brexit border stuff, I hope the kickstarter shipment itself will get the same time 😃
  5. Once Bones 5 is out I'm sure there will be a new wave to participate in. I'll be eager to participate at least. I hope we can get the old box from the UK out to the mainland by then, but that Brexit stuff is indeed troubling for this.
  6. What model is this by the way?? you mentioned a print, where is it from?
  7. Awesome! Epic model, and looks like a clean paintjob, well done!
  8. Yep. And paying taxes is normal, the import fee is the thing different about this one, and that'll depend per country on their rules and such :) I'm eagerly awaiting here, with an estimate of what it'll cost, but no certainty in anything. We'll see when we'll see, I hope it'll be within a month getting to my front door :)
  9. USA Hub: We're still waiting on our last two containers to arrive at our warehouse. The good news is that one of them is in the DFW area and is awaiting CBP and CPSC inspection. As soon as that's done, we could have the container here at any time. Please note that we have had inspections take one day, and we've had inspections take 3 weeks. We are hoping that it will be days rather than weeks. Our second container is still in Long Beach and has not been sent by rail to DFW yet. We will continue to monitor and keep everyone informed of the status. UK Hub: Both containers are in t
  10. My friend took your full Merchant license @MedusaMiniatures =)
  11. They said if any place had their last container it would become an own seperate update. I'm not sure if they'll first register all from the container though, or notify Texas quarters.
  12. Shared it with a 3d printing merchant friend, and a 3d printing hoarder friend :p
  13. Well. after seeing this post, I ordered the model myself. I'm sure that says something about the results doesn't it? ;) Great job, well done! (y)
  14. I might get the legendary add-on solo. I've also suggest to one of my painting clients if they'd buy the kickstarter for themselves, I'd paint all their mini's in return for a copy of my own. That might be a way for me to give in after all :)
  15. I'm itching today for updates, haha. #Exciting "UK Warehouse: our UK warehouse is expecting its final container on June 8th. Once it is processed, they will get the warehouse set up and start fulfillment. We do not have an expected or "soft date" for our UK warehouse at this time. We will post an update once we know more or if anything changes"
  16. Yep. To late, it's on the verge of shipping out at this point. A few months ago you could still do a late pledge, but that's closed now aswell. When it's done however, I expect a Bones 6 to come after it. Prepare to wait 1,5 years +- for delivery though.
  17. These mini's look amazing! A friend is getting them. I'm tempted, just for the mini's, but at the same time... I know I shouldn't.
  18. might be the prize winners from the stream 🙂
  19. weeks of it being lost sounds tough indeed! Let's hope we get spared this fate! Last kickstarter was my first, it went from UK to NL (pre-Brexit) in 2 days. Hadn't expected it going so smooth. I dread the Brexit shipping, hope it'll be allright and not stalled unnecessary :)
  20. This phase is a horrible one btw! Waiting 1,5 years you can just be like, sure, it'll come, don't worry and just go on with other things for now. But now it's so close! Checking this topic multiple times a day, trying to squeeze the Youtube video's they release for a hint of information, and even then it's hoping it's EU information aswell. #excited
  21. For those without Facebook, an easier YT version : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSOa-QNDp6E It's short though, but it shows them off rightfully still :)
  22. Part of me is yelling "Hey I didn't pick that ship because of storage, but our new attic is done and I know just where to place it!" The other part is "do you know what that attic cost? you should not be spending more!"
  23. Speaking for myself I'd like to wait till Bones 5 is here at least, surely some of those can / will be swapped and belong better in other houses.
  24. Ye the whole UK scenario is kind of bullocks right now. With the kickstarter aswell, but that's managable. but on this box, woof. Is the last box in the UK at this moment?
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