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  1. Slightly more delays for Aetherworks / Australian distribution due to lockdowns:


    From Aetherworks Facebook Page: Hi everyone, As some of you may already be aware, Sydney (Where we are located) has had increasing levels of COVID-19 Restrictions over the past few weeks, including this past weekend. Restrictions put in place over the last few days means that several of our staff are unable to travel to work. While this does mean that all departments have reduced numbers at this time, we are still able to operate. Please be aware that at this point in time we are still operating, however this may cause operations to slow down. We ask for your patience during this time, and we will try to get all requests addressed and orders sent in as timely a manner as possible. Best Regards, The Aetherworks Team

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  2. 10 hours ago, haldir said:

    Anyone got a shot of the Goroloth on a square grid with a human sized figure? I mainly want to see how they look together. I'm debating on getting the older Bones figure (the sturgeon-like one).




    No email yet, but eh it'll come.

    (wave 1, missing pretty much everything from the new container but the busts & Chronoscope if any) & I also have a regular ship.


    lookie lookie what I found 😉 not my pics but I had just sent these from the FB groups to my gaming group as I was pretty impressed




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  3. 1 hour ago, Nunae said:

    Happy hopefully-UK-container-arrival-day! I'm really hoping they'll be able to ship from that hub next week and it'll be interesting to see how quickly they'll be able to pull orders compared to the more experienced US hub. And if they use waves at all. 


    Same! I got my airbrush some weeks ago after 5 days after ordering from the UK warehouse. I hope it's about the same for this delivery.

    I'm gonna be on holidays from the 27th or so, I hope it'll arrive either before or after. I can't stand the thought of it waiting in a depot while I'm away.

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  4. 8 hours ago, turbocooler said:

    Is there a sub-forum on this board to swap/trade figures?  There is a bunch from the core set I would like to swap for something else I rather paint.


    There is one more tip I can give. There is a thing on this forum called the Box of Goodwill. It's basically a bigass box filled with miniatures that gets sent out to members. When it's your turn and you accept the package, the idea is to go through, take out mini's of your liking, and fill it with other miniatures that are collecting dust at your own shelves and could use a better home. Trying to keep the value of what you take out and put in about the same, then send it to the next person.


    So it's not a direct trade, but more like a swap-box,  you won't know upfront what's inside. Could be ancient miniatures or new bones black stuff, could be non-reaper aswell.

    It's quite fun to participate in!

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  5. On 7/6/2021 at 2:09 AM, lbannist said:

    HI Venun, 


    Its not the shipping that is the shell shock...probably because I have backed all 5 Bones so far...and will probably keep backing them.   Its the extra special fees since they are toys in bags and not simply labelled as gifts (ha ha, Reaper or any above-board business would never do that).  Its the $30 brokerage fees that should be avoidable by more than those that live in major cities, online Customs?


    Not sure if there is a better option to avoid some of these fees, maybe it all to local business/hobby shops that do a lot of x-border work.   I did the math for my situation and to drive 2 hours round trip to the maze called the Calgary Airport to save $30 is not high enough.   its hurts and if anyone knows of a better Canadian solution, I'd be interested.


    Hi Ibannist,


    Yes, I am aware. They mentioned in their information in the past the option they had chosen was to bulk ship everything for Canada in 1 big batch, clearing the customs this way, and then send it out from Canada with regular shipping. It is my understanding there would be no more brokerage fees as these are charged to clear the package through customs.

    if this option would be used again in the future, seeing it was not the cheapest option for Reaper, they could in the future let the Canadian backers pay for the customs part in the kickstarter or the pledge manager, so they can use this option again next time. My idea would be that the price would be cheaper for Canadian backers that way, as they avoid the "UPS scam" as some here have been calling it.



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  6. On 7/1/2021 at 10:06 AM, Venun said:

    I'm trying to share info with friends here, does anyone recall in which video they demonstrated removing the deck and such?

    And in some video's they remove the masts with magnets, I assume they don't come pre-delivered with magnets right? just a great idea to do? 🙂 


    Someone on the FB group posted the answer to my question on the decks, I'll paste the photo's here.

    They put the Stygian Barge next to it to compare size.


    Edit: and they confirmed it came with the magnets in the masts ❤️ 





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  7. Good update, thank you.

    Jon has been saying there's no communication manager from the start of the kickstarter. In that sight this is something heard for a longer time already. I'm quite happy he has been given time to engage the socials and the forums, it's a big upgrade from the past, but I feel his schedule is still to full to really be on top of things in communications. My vote would be to push Jon in this position, if he wants it that is 😉 he's quite suited for the job.


    For the Canada situation, for future kickstarters, is it an idea to charge their shipping in the pledge manager / kickstarter at the front, so the more expensive option can be chosen and they don't get a headache in the end, or have to deal with money squeezing situations?


    For the UK situation, where I appreciate the updates given and the will of the Reaperites to share any information they have, in the past weeks I have seen many "We expect more information tomorrow" or "Next week we'll have an update for this situation". But then that chosen day no update arrives.

    No news is also news in this regard. If you say you'll update on tuesday, but you have no update to share, please share this informatoin.

    If you promise to update at a specific time, please do update. This prevents alot of stress and brings trust to the backers, as they know you still have your attention on this problem, and keep your promises so they don't need to worry as much, and are being taken seriously.


    Thanks again for taking the time to write that reply Ed, and hopefully thanks aswell for reading this feedback.



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  8. 5 hours ago, Inarah said:


    UK last container might be delivered tomorrow. It has been sitting in the UK, and Reaper has been trying to get ahold of it, but there was some confusion, the holding warehouse first told them they did not have it, then said it had been sitting for a month and Reaper now owes rent on it.... They plan to have that resolved asap. 


    https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures   episode #129







    Well I guess the good news is they found it and are now aware, but this reads as if they could have had it a month already. Ahwell, now we know. Will have to check this ep

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  9. 55 minutes ago, DunnoD said:

    The uk hub (according to a reaper support email i received when i emailed them) does not have their second container. 


    Really? o.o

    They mentioned last time we got updates there were a total of 2 containers, 1 was in, 1 was on the way and had passed the border checks and such.

    I'm pretty sure it was said the container had arrived at the facility aswell, but not entirely sure on that anymore.


    @Reaper_Jon can you share what info you have, or persue some information from the UK hub to supply us with more information?

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  10. Same Nunae. I'd love to know more. I can't imagine why nobody in the UK hub is updating Jon.

    They have the containers in, you would assume they can share updates on their progress or predictions of what they're doing.

    Heck, even a photo of an empty warehouse where they're setting up would be something I'd be very happy with.


    Containers missing is information you can't get, but a general planning for something you have in-house in another department / hub, would be something I would expect to get.


    That said: I'm loving all these photo's of people receiving their stuff! 

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  11. I'm trying to share info with friends here, does anyone recall in which video they demonstrated removing the deck and such?

    And in some video's they remove the masts with magnets, I assume they don't come pre-delivered with magnets right? just a great idea to do? 🙂 

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  12. Ye the mini's look awesome. I'm waiting for the Pledge Manager to open up so we can order with a friend.

    I've offered to paint the whole collection for someone in exchange for my own versions, quite sure I got him in on that 🙂

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