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  1. 26 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Great job!


    To show off your minis better, use a neutral background when taking pics.

    It won't distract from the minis, a piece of paper or cloth will work.


    I'd taken some quick pictures for my friend to show him, then tried to take some high quality pictures with a proper camera, but I utterly failed in this.

    Friend needed the mini, didn't get another chance to take pics :)

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  2. This one would have been my player character, my first attempts at drybrushing are seen in this one aswell in the beard.

    I'm still DM atm, haven't played xD so he's just sitting nicely on my shelf for *some day*.


    (I only have 1 pic of this guy, if you want more I'll have to take some photos when I'm home).


    Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Nunae said:

    I asked once, I can try to do so again. Unless I get sleepy. They never said they would share a tracking code though, on the contrary, they specifically said they wouldn't share such information. An employee did this in the past and was punished for it.


    Is today a holiday in the UK or is this just a German thing?


    Edit: they have the may figure already in stock in the UK hub, which gives me hope though. Can't really imagine that one catching a boat even earlier than our KS rewards.


    Hm maybe i'm mistaken. I thought Ed said this a few weeks ago, saying they could put it in the friday kickstarter update. 

    Good info on the may figure in stock at the UK hub, I'm indeed guessing it shared a boatride!

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  4. No news yet on the EU container it seems :) When will the next Reaper Live be, hoping there'll be updates there?

    They mentioned in one of the updates they had a tracking code for the ship container which they would send out in a Bones update, but it wasn't sent out (giving me the idea it was useless to send out as the container has landed).


    One can't help but wonder :) and wait, that is.

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  5. 57 minutes ago, Nimphona27 said:

    Part of me doesn't think we will see anything this week, or maybe even next week... part of me thinks that they will give an update saying similar timeframes to AU.... I don't want that....but I just got this nasty feeling :)

    Nah, I don't believe it'll be extended by such a long time. It makes no sense. At least Australia is a damn long boatride to wait for. The ship should have already docked.

    It's a customs thing, and this usually takes a few days in delay if it's targeted for a check-up.

    I'm guessing it'll be a few days till we see the first notices.

    End of this week at the latest.


    But that's my guesses, you might be right, but I sure hope you're not xD

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  6. 30 minutes ago, Jason Zavoda said:

    5  bottles of locktite down and Im just about finished with assembly. The Frost Giant Raiders come almost fully assembled shipped. Very strange since the Fire Giant Huntsman is in a lot of pieces. The little guys are the hardest work for me to put together. I dropped one guys leg and still havent found it. I will start some painting today. I hope everyone gets their Bones soon. Im not frequent on these forums so I probably won't be back till Bones 5 begins. Take care and have fun with your Bones.


    Good luck on the painting, and drop a leg! ehr, wait, better not. Find it instead ;) gl!


    5 minutes ago, Thes Hunter said:


    Am I reading this right? Is that 22 core sets and 3 dreadmere expansions?

    Holy damn, didn't even notice that. They did say in one of their Reaper Live's that the bulk orders were done differently, this explains why it hasn't been shipped yet.

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  7. 37 minutes ago, Nimphona27 said:

    Same boat as you, even if it isn't mine would be nice to see some shipping to the EU, hopefully they have the container, or at least get the container.

    Quite literally, lol xD 
    If I'm to guess with the information we have so far. THe due date was past wednesday for the container to be at the facility. They haven't received updates, but my guess is abit longer customs and Kit being arrived past weekend to unload the box and such, I'm having my hopes up for today or tomorrow for shipping to start.

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  8. I regret not getting the barge, but then at the same time I don't regret it.
    It looks -so- awesome. Seriously awesome. But it'd take up so much space at the same time, for something you might or might not use more then once :p

    The Lost Valley expansion is the only expansion I didn't pick, purely because I don't see myself using dinosaurs in my games, but there's some very awesome stuff in there. The hut, the giants, and even the dino's have a great amount of details to them that'd warrant just throwing them in or sucking the party in some portal to a different world xD
    In the end my wife and I picked a nice decent selection and I'm SO eager to get them, just waiting on the EU shipping notice :D 

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