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    wazaaaaaaaaap Great progress! I love these drakes so far, really a missing link in the miniature market!
  2. Venun

    02630 Frogmen

    Looks good! I love seeing things in different colors then usual :D At first I thought they were spotted frogs who used red shirts / cloaks as some sort of tribal thing! The change to the red is abrupt. That's cool! If you're open to a smaaaaall point of criticism? I feel there's a small change in the colours from the real frog that your mini's don't have. This could well be intentional! The area where the dots turn to red, the black dots at the edge continue into the red to make the transition smoother. See picture. I feel it might take away the 'red shirt' idea if the black dots are completed at the border areas. Take this as it's meant though, I love your paintjob! The abrupt ending has a thing to it aswell, good job!
  3. So it seems I mistook some supports for eye stalk creature stuff! I just freed his eyes and he loves it!
  4. Awesome! You sure no journal? Would you mind if I put one in as 1st stop? :D i love those journals
  5. Venun


    Great updates! If these get picked up by someone I'm definitely getting a set!
  6. I love how the body both looks like a pinecone and the colours match a pinecone. That said, the miniature is the same size as a pinecone aswell! Good paintjob!
  7. I had €20 on shipping last time, box was heavy (partially my fault) going to Italy. I'd prefer to send it to NL instead but in the end I can ship it to Italy aswell. See how it's convenient :) Edit: and I'm ok with your suggestion!
  8. I can't wait to get this started :D Will we do a combined miniature paint on this one?? :)
  9. Thanks! Well appreciated :)
  10. Thanks Glitter! By the end of the paintjob, especially after applying the slimy green effects on his skin, I hestitated to pick him up anymore :p that's usually a good sign xD
  11. I finally got inspiration to do the Bones4 Flail Snail (trasher snail sku 44116). 1st pic is my inspiration on the body. The shell I had no solid plan for, I just went with it. Turned to a wetblend of many different bright colors. I love it, so excited about it! Inspiration pic: I'd love to hear your thoughts on it :)
  12. I was re-reading it 3 times to verify the same thing! I'm guessing in #3 it's meant to say "don't post what you put in"
  13. I'm in! Am I allowed to invite friends over to make a small swap aswell, or is that not prefered?
  14. Have you sent them back the print-fixed file as a thank-you for getting the STL from them and help them get started? :) The sculpt and the paintjob are beautiful, great personality and loads of character coming off it. Good job!
  15. So far I'm the only European. If if stays like that I might be out on this one aswell. It would make it so much easier for the others not to include the far away European participant. But I'll wait for the close and the comments on that :)
  16. @Glitterwolf I thought i saw interest from you aswell in the past weeks, yet no sign-up yet. Are you gonna enter as a 2nd dutchie?
  17. Venun

    Bones4 Ettin

    Thanks! I got a big Bobby Jackson vibe off it but wasn't sure, thanks for the link aswell :)
  18. Venun

    Bones4 Ettin

    Haha, yeah the faces are great sculpts! Very characteristic. The background is actually a piece for my aquarium which we didn't have a place for anymore. Win win :)
  19. Venun

    Bones4 Ettin

    Thanks Glitter =) Does anyone know who sculpted it btw? I couldn't find the info as it's not released yet. But my compliments to the sculpt, these details are great. An anvil tied to a trunk as a hammer. A helmet taken from an unfortunate warrior who ran into these lubberbrains. The pig on the back! The insignia on the chest! So much goodness to paint, really well done. So much character. Hat off for the sculpter.
  20. Edit: I was the only European. I'll switch my interest to the EU swap set up by Glitterwolf, makes it easier for all :)
  21. Venun

    Bones4 Ettin

    Used a slow sunday to to pop out this guy (these guys?). Finished the base today, here's the outcome. For myself, I'm happy :)
  22. As long as they don't jump up when I'm sleeping and start rubbing themselves all over me, I am indifferent to vintage lead. That said: I was merely joking of course, if you have so much goodness it should go in a box like this to more people ;)
  23. Venun

    Ashana -Djinni

    Thanks! Thank you :) I loved the idea of gemstone flowers, and it worked out :) Thanks ^__^ Thanks, I added some tags :)
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