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  1. Venun

    Ashana -Djinni

    Thanks :) I've used it on many miniatures so far, hasn't given me issues so far. No sinking when I put the giant Baba Yaga's hut on it (pinned it just in case).
  2. Venun

    Ashana -Djinni

    Thanks! I intended to just do a cobblestone, but she deserved more :) made the base with wood filler mostly, pre flocking
  3. Venun

    Ashana -Djinni

    It is, sculpted by Bobby Jackson!
  4. Venun

    Ashana -Djinni

    Aimed to do this one quick, but it begged me for more details and a nice base. Quite happy on the outcome, she deserves it
  5. Thanks Glitter :) Thank you!
  6. Hey all! I have been working on the Narglauth for the last few months. My target was a 5e representative Balor, so a fire whip with a lightning sword. WiP thread: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/90572-narglauth-challenge-set-for-fire-whip-lightning-sword/ The Narglauth comes with a fire sword however, so I swapped it with the Agramon sword. I'm pretty happy with the results!
  7. Ok. It dried allright, but loads of places had white instead of yellow/orange/red. So I went in with yellow and orange, then applied the black. Here is the result. I think he's done. Proper pictures will follow in the Showoff thread
  8. I get to have an hour lunch with my family on a daily basis instead of being far off remote entertaining myself with random stuff on the web :) Also no traveltime to work which also means more time for family! =) Pulled a massage chair from the attic to my new home-office which wasn't being used (from my 'previous life' when I was a single gamer), works perfect and it really refreshes!
  9. I like it alot! The colours picked for the armor, hair, all of it are great! My nitpick would be the eyes however, it throws off all the good work you did on the mini. Well done!
  10. @Reaper_Jon If you haven't shown this one on the shows yet, you really should! @Restless: A-Ma-Zing! Truly amazing, such fine detail work, I'm in awe. Great job!
  11. Heading a new way with the base. Agrellan Earth, let's see how this dries. Got to try something new sometimes right?
  12. Very proud of your results :3 @others: that's my wife! The Koi Gulper I posted a long time ago was her doing aswell =)
  13. Made a start on the base paintjob. Not sure where it's headed yet!
  14. Almost time to start basing. It was time for a wash today. Besides a drybrush on the horns I think it's time to start basing. Update: basing started. Going for a lava base.
  15. I hadn't felt like painting since quarantine started, but picked up again today. Made some nice progress, got inspired on the metal colors
  16. ty! I tagged you wrong, apologies :)
  17. Lmfao, that's a chewed off deer leg!
  18. I got this werewolf from @Lihmeth out of a Box of Goodwill EU round. Due to this I made the most of it as I could. Biggest cork base made so far.
  19. And a remake on the fire wip, happier on the outcome this time :)
  20. We got lightning! First time for it, happy on the outcome :)
  21. I think I'll try this on the whip: I haven't found any examples on a whip, which might make it abit more challenging, but I"m up to try it. The current effect just doesn't match without flames present on the whip.
  22. I'm not happy with the fire whip. :/ Contemplating on proper options. Maybe some lava-ish? There are no flames coming off the whip so the classic fire layout does not make sense to me. I think a hot glue treatment will be to big on there. I'd be happy with any input on this part! :) Likely tomorrow I'll continue on the lightning part, that will be a first aswell but I'm looking forward to start it off!
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