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  1. Not much to add to this discussion, except for me personally, I don't think about the colours untill it's primed and standing on my workshelf.

    I love the method where the colours come to me based on the moment, the mini, my feelings, the weather, whatever else influences me at that point.

    Sometimes I'll have seen a cool paintjob and draw inspiration, other times i"ll look up a creature or animal for reference, other times I"ll just be like..

    Well, bite me, but this piglet is Blue, not purplish. Just because he can.


    Usually works out, and I surprise myself on the outcome :D 

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  2. On 10/30/2020 at 3:24 PM, floodllama said:

    Ron showed off the final version of Kaiju Chaos in ReaperLive last night.  It was hard to get a non-blurry picture of it because he was moving it around so much and never held it up close to the camera, but here is a screen capture.


    <image snipped>


    That Khaji looks amazing, but somehow I keep getting torn to Ron's dangerous make-up on that pic! He creeps the hell out of me there, haha

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  3. On 10/31/2020 at 5:15 AM, ksbsnowowl said:

    Here is Sword & Steele’s review of Vallejo’s Shifters color shift paints. At around the 9 minute mark she shows a green set on the end where she did one with an airbrush, and the other with a paint brush. 



    Great video, you can really see the brush vs airbrush difference, and as she says, both look great for different things.

    In my arsenal there's usually no tanks (pun intended), just creatures, so vallejo's brush on paints should work for me.

    I'll look into getting a set soon, thanks!

  4. 334797319_Wizard-BackwithOSL.thumb.jpg.4ec4d279d88fe3ce695e5d345e6fc4a6.jpg


    This was my first OSL attempt ever, some time ago now.

    Looking back I realize I didn't paint the light source properly. It should be far lighter.

    I simply attempted to do some dry brushing of the blue colour on the places I figured would be hit.

    The aproach needs to change, I guess I'm forgetting some steps :) but wanted to share my attempt aswell.

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  5. Great tips so far! I'm definitely going to watch that David Diamondstone class.

    Does the VOD on Twitch require a twitch sub?

    Update: found the YouTube link too, added in main post.


    @Cyradis I'm quite sure you're right, if you can see where the light will hit, and where the shadows will be, it's a path to succes.

    For me personally I'm always having issues seeing where the light will hit, and where shadows should be.

    It's a skill to train I suppose.


    I've added the hints gathered so far in the main post, hidden under a spoiler tag (so it won't get to large when scrolling past).

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  6. Hi all,


    With OSL being such a difficult thing to start on, yet can bring such amazing results when performed properly, I thought I'd create a general topic for all questions and tips OSL related.

    For me, I've tried it a few times but haven't been happy yet on the results.

    I'm looking to try it again soon. I picked up a few commissions, where some (minor) OSL is also requested if possible.


    What has been your experience with OSL? Which guides helped you the best? What method is the key to your victory on this subject?

    All hints and videolinks are welcome!


    Some obtained tips and hints are under the Spoiler tag to not make this post to large.


    OSL tutorial by Bird with a Brush : https://birdwithabrush.com/2019/12/06/can-i-see-the-light-to-paint/


    David Diamondstone did an online class at Reapercon Live and it is available on Reaper's twitch channel. I believe it is beginner friendly. I am including a link to the VOD here.




     1) To sell the effect, there must be some contrast regarding the surface the light is on. A figure painted to look like it is already in sunlight, like you typically paint, won't do well with much OSL because there isn't much to light up. Think of shining a flashlight on someone in the sun - not much point to it.

    2) Plan for OSL from the beginning. Let the "source" guide where you put highlights and shadows. Always keep that in mind as you go.

    3) The "source" should be the brightest part of the figure.

    4) The intensity of light diminishes further away from the source. If you just have a blast of the lighting color in a sphere around it, it is going to look sloppy and weird.

    5) The path of light can be blocked by other surfaces. Imagine a straight line from the source to the place you are painting. Did the line get there uninterrupted? If yes, then it gets illuminated, according to distance from the source. If not, it is in shadow. You can sortof break this sometimes for "rule of cool" but not in any major way. More like "that one wrinkle could use just a tiny highlight" can be okay.

    I really like painting OSL, but it takes time to do it and planning. Once you get into it, then your overall painting skill goes up. It is really about imagining new light placement. After that it can fall into place pretty well.


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  7. Good to see I'm not alone. I have the luxury my wife wanted a big display / closet wall in our living room (which has 4 blocks of display cabinets), and supports the hobby meaning 2 are dedicated to miniatures (3 shelves per cabinet).

    Still though! I can fit a few more big beasts in there, then it'll be full already :o 


    Still...... can't wait for Bones 5! :3 <3 

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  8. Every time I look at my display cabinets, with mostly Bones 4 stuff sitting proud on there (Mostly painted, even!), I get this anxiety of where in hell I'm gonna let the Bones 5 stuff sit.

    A feeling best described as a "What have I done?" state.

    When I read this thread and see all the love for the products, it reassures me that bones 5 is gonna be amazing.

    But still, my display area keeps yelping out to me!


    Anyone recognize this mixed feeling aswell? :p 

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  9. 5 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


    The thing is, when Reaper built the HUB in the UK, the UK was part of the EU.

    They won't be by the time Reaper delivers.

    This could mean, having to pay VAT one time for shipping to the UK and then paying a SECOND time VAT for shipping to the EU from the UK which is by then also Non-EU.

    It is still unclear.


    If this happens then it is no longer profitable to back a KS like this for me.


    I don't really fear a double VAT. We know they were busy with another EU hub. If double VAT would be a risk at that time, I imagine they would let it be shipped to, and from, that other EU hub they mentioned.

    I would just like to be reassured, and a bit updated, on that process. Did the other EU hub become a fact? Is there a risk involved?

    If someone would tell me it's there, it's in Germany and they are still looking into the shipping costs and VAT, and wait to see what UK has done by the time of shipping, then I'm happy. Sure there are uncertainties, but some updates would be cool.

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  10. Earlier they made the  right plans to secure a second hub in Europe. I believe Germany was mentioned, but that may as well be an estimate from someone.

    As time has passed for the plans to be thought out, a hint of these plans would be great to hear. Nothing set in stone, but just the knowledge it's being worked on would be something.

    @Reaper_Jon I don't suppose you could find something out?



    9 hours ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

    Is it going to be a bad hit even from the UK hub? Unfortunately, brexit, like most things is something no one knows what will happen. It would be nice if Reaper could give an answer, but the world is in such turmoil, I fear even getting the stuff out of China with the way things are going:(


    I'm very much still expecting VAT to be put on later, or more shipping once things finalize.

    I'd rather have it like you have it, to be known upfront what you can calculate.

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  11. We're getting closer en closer to finalization. This leaves me wondering with the shipping part with the EU site.

    My pledge manager is calculating $15,- in shipping, take or leave.

    I would be amazed if that was to be the whole shipping with my $850 order. But I would love to be amazed! :p 


    Have they mentioned somewhere what is to be expected in shipping and VAT for the EU site?

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  12. Haha, gender doesn't matter for nerdiness, but who knows, it might a football jock later on? If he'll be anything like his parents that's very unlikely though xD

    It's a boy by the way, already got a daughter age 4 atm, so will be a new experience for the household, a nice balance in here.

    (At least now I can leave the toilet seat up more often?)

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  13. Allright, cool! I've got some reading / testing to do.

    Reason I'm asking is I've still let Argent stand unpainted due to not having a proper planning for him.

    Slapping some silver on him does not seem right. I want him to be proper platinum or special, and these colorshift paints seem to be able to help on that

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  14. Hi all. I've been seeing these amazing miniature results with Color Shift paints.

    Now I'm wondering, which brands are advised in that?

    As far as I'm aware Reaper doesn't have color shift paints themselves.


    I found Valejo Color Shift, 3 types, but they all say they're meant for the airbrush.

    How well would they work if brushed on?

    Any experiences / tips / other form of comments? Please, let me know =) 

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