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  1. We got fire! Also made a start on the lightning sword. Wetblended black, purple and blue
  2. Went with Ebony black for the horns and spikes, no regrets so far! Plus a base coat on whip & sword
  3. I just learned there's Zombie Beholders coming up for $5 (€5 for me) in a few weeks! So me and 2 friends each ordered 1, can't wait! This time I learned it in time thankfully, before they ran out of stock and print like the regular beholder.
  4. Awesome =) I'll make sure to tag you once I have time to pull the lightbox out. I'm hoping tomorrow will have a moment for that. It's 1 werewolf btw :-)
  5. Ok. I've still got spare parts of Agramon, of which 1 includes a hand with a sword in it. It's a right hand, where at Narglauth it's a left. I'll probably cut off the sword and swap them. That will be a first, I'm hoping it's thick enough to pin them :)
  6. So, a friend has asked me if I had a Balor for a oneshot he's preparing. Well.. I do! But it's still unpainted, so this is a nice way to set a deadline for myself and get started on my Bones 4 Demons. There's 1 tricky part however. An official 5e D&D Balor has a Lightning sword, and a Fire whip. The sword comes with premade fire built on, which will have to either be converted or replaced. I'm creating this thread to gather ideas from others and 'force' myself to finish this one on time. Will start later this week, expect updates! update: I have no idea yet if I'll want OSL out of this. I've tried it a few times, some worked, some were horrible failures. Still looking for the big trick to capture that properly. !
  7. I don't suppose anyone knows the answer to this question? Maybe someone made a copy of the book or recognizes it? Someone put in several TT miniatures with notes attached, really well prepared and such. I'd love to tag him/her in the showoff post, as the werewolf is finished
  8. Venun

    Pokemon Go

    I play! Holland incase anyone needs eggs from this place (distance).
  9. With the Kid Heroes on the Bones V kickstarter I know where my bet is going =)
  10. The previous box is still pretty filled and currently sitting in Italy. Do you sometimes make a box skip a round to keep the interest high amongst the same participants..? Else it might be easier to continue the Italy-box and send it out again =)
  11. I blame myself for not copying these things from the notebook that came with it, but who put in the werewolves?? TT brand. I'm nearly done painting them and would love to tag this person in the show off post :)
  12. Why thank you! After work I think there's a surprise D&D game coming up. so I'm eager to see what's gonna happen there! Haha dankjewel :) This explains why I sometimes get the feeling the world revolves around me... Thank you =)
  13. I believe it was also mentioned they would try to make the dwarf statue an add-on for the kickstarter, for those who want more then 1 of the statue, or who only want 1 or 2 statues without the rest of that set.
  14. Very cool to make it personal like this, there's no mini alike, this is your character =) Looks good, good job!
  15. This is so much win right here. Great job @Sirithiliel! I'll be following to see where this is heading!
  16. Venun

    Wizkids Remorhaz

    Thanks all!
  17. Looking good! Great basing again (y)
  18. It might be Bones 5 coming, but I'm inspired to get as much Bones 4 painted atm xD
  19. Venun

    Bones4 Beetle

    I decided to try an experiment on the shell, to give it the shimmering multi colour shell you see on real beetles. I can say I like the results :) The shell is silver with 3 gemstone paints blended on top, green red and blue. V_20200216_132605_vHDR_Auto.mp4
  20. Venun

    Wizkids Remorhaz

    Painted this guy close to the Monster Manual, but all blue was a bit boring. So added a few details. Especially happy on the gemstone eyes.
  21. The blonde brother of the gingerbeard. Quite happy on the result.
  22. Dirtied him up a bit, makes a big difference although the picture doesn't really show it well
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