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  1. Oh my. I just realised I could have tried to paint a reflective surface of his giant body underwater. I may still attempt this.... Citizens of fantasy towns should know better then trying to feed the ducks! It's where backstories are born!
  2. Near finish sneakpeak before it goes to showoff! Valejo water is drying! @Glitterwolf
  3. Looking good! Might I ask what the Jakob Janssen thing is? Why is everyone painting the same miniature for him? I gathered from comments that Reaper made the mini for him but I can't find any info anywhere about the how and the why :)
  4. Looking good! That looks to be an amazing Sphinx. Always been a very fascinating creature! What do you have to do to clean btw? A friend prints resin figures for me, but there's always such heavy dots on them from the support. I have to scratch each one off with a sharp knife, which is quite an anoying process. Are there easier methods? Like supports that can be washed off or something? I think I heard of that once
  5. The demon was indeed 3d printed resin. It's been cleaned and covered in a thin layer of primer! Good luck on the paint! :D
  6. Edited out. I'm not getting the Daymo (not my thing), the dungeon delvers (I have most those monsters) or the Brinewind, but I'm getting the other expansions including the core. I love those updated images on the pm, so amazing to go through it drooling over what's coming!
  7. I can imagine. How big is that box now? I believe the last one was 4kg, this one was like, 2-3kg? so combined that's a 7-8kg box. Holy bejeebus. Intimidating to go through :D haha. Good luck!!
  8. Thanks for the check! If his eyes are 45mm height, he'd stare a 28mm figure straight in the eyes at this pose. In my mind he was larger, hah. Thanks for clarification!
  9. This is becoming even more awesome! Great to see the seperate models shaping up! If you'd allow me a question? His gaze seems to be to the floor right beneath him. From your examples with the big cats, they usually look abit further ahead. Is this an intentional change..? In my mind it might be more intimidating if he's looking forward instead of straight downward, especially if you put him up against some gut-in-shoes players :)
  10. Did you find time to go through it??? :D I'm so excited to see what gets picked, especially now that the box is merged with the previous box!
  11. It seems that there's a special box you can get there with UPS where you pay a flat fee. Normal boxes are still based on weight for shipping, but with that flat fee box it's a discount of some sorts.
  12. This is quite a difficult task. If I'm getting it correct you're looking for a: - Human character (?) - Male or Female doesn't matter - Some kind of spirit beast used as armor - Contains horrific faces on the armor Am I understanding it correct? My google search for a Synergistic Summoner was unconclusive aswell. How about this one: Hellknight, Order of the Nail https://www.reapermini.com/search/pathfinder/latest/60123 Anti Paladin https://www.reapermini.com/search/pathfinder/latest/60103 Or maybe t
  13. Awesome to see he's been given a new life and not a semi-completed shelf of shame life :D Good job! The model name is “Domur”, Reaper’s 25th anniversary btw
  14. Very nice, the patterns and the edges are smoothe! Well done, especially for a first mini
  15. I can share another painted figure coming from the box. My friend just finished it and sent me these pics
  16. While I appreciate the links to the stores, you should remove them before the mods see them. Linking to other sites or places isn't allowed on here :) And my wife is aware of this mini, and father's day is coming up. I might, just might, find him on my doorstep soon. If not, the hunt continues!
  17. It's a very old mini for me, and at the time of making I loved doing it, right now it's more a historic piece to see where I started at then something I'm proud of showing off =) New stuff will find it's way to show-off soon though. I'm making good progress on the Roc these days, although that still has to go through the contest on Reaper's Facebook event. Edit: it might be cool to order the same fig again and do it all over. Then compare! :D
  18. They likely do! I'm not very sure if I used them on that mini, but I did do some research online after starting. LOADS of research online actually. Here's my 2nd mini. I did loads of work trying to layer this with purple and grey. hah. The lessons I learned =)
  19. Here's my first! 1st of Juli 2017. Means I'm painting for almost 3 years now. And this would be one of my latest:
  20. Great highlights! This model is still on my "I hope I can ever find one" list. After that, he'll get to my "I hope my wife lets me have one more huge mini" list! This is a great example, very nicely done!
  21. That makes sense! Edit: Found it!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nogrod/whisper-and-venom-rpg-adventure-boxed-set-with-28m/posts/1020569
  22. He will certainly become! I could not find this model anywhere online though, any clue where it's from?? The assembly method makes me think he's old!
  23. I realise I forgot 1 mini in my pictures of my pickings! I just finished assembling this bad boy, was sure tricky. This was the one I kept wanting to take out after finishing my selections! Very happy he's coming together
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