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  1. I can share another painted figure coming from the box. My friend just finished it and sent me these pics
  2. While I appreciate the links to the stores, you should remove them before the mods see them. Linking to other sites or places isn't allowed on here :) And my wife is aware of this mini, and father's day is coming up. I might, just might, find him on my doorstep soon. If not, the hunt continues!
  3. It's a very old mini for me, and at the time of making I loved doing it, right now it's more a historic piece to see where I started at then something I'm proud of showing off =) New stuff will find it's way to show-off soon though. I'm making good progress on the Roc these days, although that still has to go through the contest on Reaper's Facebook event. Edit: it might be cool to order the same fig again and do it all over. Then compare! :D
  4. They likely do! I'm not very sure if I used them on that mini, but I did do some research online after starting. LOADS of research online actually. Here's my 2nd mini. I did loads of work trying to layer this with purple and grey. hah. The lessons I learned =)
  5. Here's my first! 1st of Juli 2017. Means I'm painting for almost 3 years now. And this would be one of my latest:
  6. Great highlights! This model is still on my "I hope I can ever find one" list. After that, he'll get to my "I hope my wife lets me have one more huge mini" list! This is a great example, very nicely done!
  7. That makes sense! Edit: Found it!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nogrod/whisper-and-venom-rpg-adventure-boxed-set-with-28m/posts/1020569
  8. He will certainly become! I could not find this model anywhere online though, any clue where it's from?? The assembly method makes me think he's old!
  9. I realise I forgot 1 mini in my pictures of my pickings! I just finished assembling this bad boy, was sure tricky. This was the one I kept wanting to take out after finishing my selections! Very happy he's coming together
  10. Cool!! Looks great, I love his fur pattern! Is he missing his brother yet?? :p
  11. Cool! the black/white definitely achieves that! On the pics I was having difficulty seeing the seperate teeth, but it's not offsetting or anything. Cool to know where you got the inspiration from!
  12. Lovely! What a nice sculpt and a great paintjob!! She's looking fierce, wouldn't want to meet her on the battlefield! That said, I don't even wanna be on a battlefield! Her teeth are insanely white though, that might be lighting possibly? Can you hook me up with the nr of her dentist? :D
  13. I got mine for €10 secondhand! :) Thanks! And you're welcome I guess? :D
  14. Haha, you might! First I need to let them obtain an elven boat somehow :D haha. And physical sessions need to continue!
  15. Thanks! :D One of the more fun parts of this was that my friends saw the original and were doubtful it would work. Afterwards their jaw hit the floor :p
  16. I've modified a Playmobil Fairy Ship into an Elven Vessel for D&D purposes. WiP pictures added in the bottom (spoiler tag there). Here's the start and the results! As you can see below, it only required to drill one extra hole to flip that leaf cover over and make it less crowded / touching other parts on the right side. WiP pictures below
  17. Happy birthday you Mushroom Maniac! Hope you have a great day =)
  18. I'd recommend to buy 1 wash, just 1. See how it's meant to behave. You'll find it covers your miniature alot better then was currently the case. If you're still bound to make your own washes, go right ahead! But you'll at least know what you're aiming for ;-)
  19. Cool! Both that cyclops and the Grub Carrion Work were SO intriguing! (good choices Glitter!) It was awesome to see them and let them go. Cool to see they found their home at your place :D For your pics: having the bags still on them, and some of them being tipped over where you can only see the base, makes it hard to see. If you'd set them up straight and in line without bags I'm sure most can be seen, even with crappy pic. Thanks for getting back so quickly on my questions, it's awesome to see what mini's are landing where =)
  20. Great! It's hard to ID a few figures from your photos, what was in the bag bottom right in the 2nd photo? and the top left and middle bottom in first photo? Good selection!
  21. I share Glitter's opinion! I was looking at the sculpts and was wondering how that giant would (with style) put his sword away. I imagined him standing there, just having won a nice fight being applauded by a crowd, then fumbling at all ends trying to sheathe his sword, popping a sweat realising the show he's putting on, with the applause turning to a slow clap. I can say I chuckled imaging it. But that's not the point here, it does seem abit tough to put the weapon away in this pose. Edit: I guess my view comes from the length of his arms and the position of the scabba
  22. Awesome! I love the green stuff work!
  23. We can see them. Good place to start, welcome to the hobby :D Can I give you a small bit of advice to use on your next paint jobs? :) The fault you mention where there's no paint on some parts of the left kobold leader seems to be from handling it during the painting. It's the edges, the places that usually see alot of paint but when held there the paint chips off. I would adivise using something to hold it with. This could be the Citadel product where you attach it to a handle and can turn it up side down with it, but could be a simple item with some tacky (like a pill
  24. TIght paintjob! good job, looks great :D
  25. I hope shipping to Italy goes smoother then last time :P I'm eagerly checking for updates on this thread, even if it wasn't me that sent that parcel your way this time!
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