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  1. On 5/9/2020 at 10:23 AM, Rigel said:

    I've heard people grumble that it's small, but judging from Sir Forscale, Tusky here looks to be about 10 foot at the shoulders and 14 foot to the topknot, which is pretty respectable for a proboscidean. 


    The main reason you hear that is because in the Bones 4 KS for size they said he would be HUGE. with capital letters.

    Seeing this turned HUGE into "he's allright", which wasn't quite the same as the expectation set out.


    He's a fun figure to paint though!

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  2. 6 hours ago, lowlylowlycook said:

    Yeah, I'd check to see if he accidentally bought "Nuln Oil Gloss".  BTW, if you really want to see some shine after you shade a mini use Army Painter's QuickShade or the hardware store equivalent Polyshades.


    I was about to post this. All my friends who I hooked up with the hobby have bought the "wrong" nuln oil from the shop.

    You don't want the one with GLOSS written on it. Unless you want gloss of course, but usually you wouldn't.

  3. Allright!!


    2 things happened. First, my box from Reaper arrived with random cool mini's, which for me contained many duplicates, so I made another small swap. Photo will follow!


    Next to that, friend #4 came over. His tradeins were very different and interesting imo, this should be fun to see the box move onward :)


     here are his pickings!



    Here's the pictures for the extra swap!


    This means... I'll be packing everything and attempt to send it out tomorrow to @Lihmeth!




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  4. 12 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:


    I'm glad this makes someone happy!


    Now to see what your friends will swap.

    This way we have a larger group that participates, I welcome it.


    After that you need to confirm adress with @Lihmeth.


    Have fun all!


    :D already have the address.


    There is 1 piece in here I still doubt about... alot! It's not in the photos. If my friends don't take it I might add it to the pile still :p 

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  5. We won't take pics of stuff not taken out, no worries Glitter =)

    But you made this pug lover real happy :P I was eyeing that mini for abit for birthdays and such, but nowhere to get it without a ton of shipping.


    edit: just to ensure, this was just found in the sneak peak. Tomorrow we'll get a real view of it all! And will make a pile to take, a pile to put back in and update the journal ;) 

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  6. Looks good! I love seeing things in different colors then usual :D

    At first I thought they were spotted frogs who used red shirts / cloaks as some sort of tribal thing!

    The change to the red is abrupt. That's cool!


    If you're open to a smaaaaall point of criticism?

    I feel there's a small change in the colours from the real frog that your mini's don't have. This could well be intentional!

    The area where the dots turn to red, the black dots at the edge continue into the red to make the transition smoother.

    See picture.


    I feel it might take away the 'red shirt' idea if the black dots are completed at the border areas.



    Take this as it's meant though, I love your paintjob! The abrupt ending has a thing to it aswell, good job! ^_^

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