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  1. To me even at $50 add-on for a really cool ship would be worth it. I would get a few
  2. You can only reply from the actual website. The apps don't have that feature
  3. Core and expansions are Bones Black. They plan on doing as much as possible on Bones Black so only very large or complex items will be in bonesium
  4. They will try to pace things to 3 or so unlocks per day is my guess. If they need a boost they have many planned expansions so they can just drop one of those as a surprise stretch goal to get people excited and pledging in a lull
  5. Not that I have seem. About $11k more and it should be revealed
  6. Yeah, I have 2 Argents. I'm definitely a bit disappointed. Not so much in the size but definitely missing a lot of detail. Haven't painted them. The other dragons in bones 4 were great
  7. I'm working on it. Hope to have it up this evening. I will back fill the older data using kicktraq, then have a script that runs every hour to update the spreadsheet with data
  8. I think they might be purposely avoiding size references in some things after what happened in Bones 4
  9. It hasnt made it to main page yet, but it is in the update 7
  10. Even though we have started really strong, I still think around $3.5 million is going to be the final number. Maybe close to 4
  11. I would say we are a pretty decent amount ahead of Bones 2. 24 hours in we are about $270k ahead of Bones 2 already
  12. NO 197 is meant to be flat. It's a stained glass golem and will be clear
  13. For sure. Remember that we are at nearly 1.2 millions already. That is nearly 11 days faster than Bones 4 took to get to the same point!!! I'm sure they were scrambling all day yesterday and exhausted
  14. It took bones 4 3.5 days to get to the level we are at now.
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