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  1. As I'm (sort of) getting close to painting the rest of my Bones 4 and 5 and reviewing my Bones 6 order, few gaps in my collection I'd love to see filled in Bones 7. Phoenix miniature, honestly would be content whether it's small/friendly like in Harry Potter or huge/menacing like in Fantasia 2. Male equivalents of Daffodil, Lily, and Daisy from the upcoming Briarwood Vale set. Faeries are PC options in at least the two most popular fantasy RPG games, and finding male miniatures is hard, even on Etsy. A male Earth "Elemental Scion" (Djinn) and female Water Elemental Scion to round out the six that have come out. A few more Chaos Toads from the Bones 4 Fan Favorite set to make a few more not-Slaad. Not-Gith in a similar vein to Wildfolk and Bathalians. Human/Humanoid Samurai and Ninjas to round off the Daimyo set since it hit Dinomen, undead, Half-Orcs, Goblins, and elementals, but not humans. More Yokai, those were a blast to paint. Different kinds of giants beyond the core six. For example, the Sea Giant looks great and unique. Different-looking dragons like maybe a fat one, one like the old half-skeletal one, two-headed, other things that are different than the classic look since that's pretty well covered. A few more vampire hunters/inquisitors like the two in the Dreadmere set. Hastur, the King in Yellow.
  2. Thinking a bit on the sets representing different world cultures (ie. Greek Odyssey, Daimyo, Lost Tombs of Hakir, etc.), a few on the top for me: Southeast Asia/Philippines Tagalog is the 4th most spoken language in the U.S. behind English, Spanish, and Mandarin There's been recent success in entertainment such as Raya and the Last Dragon, Trese, and one of the best 5e supplement books is the Islands of Sina Una There's lots of unique creatures and monsters you just don't see minis for like duwende, aswang, etc., each with several variations and room for creativity Also some different options for beasts/familiars. Heck, even in Critical Role one of the cast members chose the Philippines Eagle for his Aarocokra. Sub-Saharan Africa Even bigger gap here as far as available minis compared to Asian mythologies Admittedly know a lot less here (which is why I'm curious to know more), but know at least Pathfinder has the Mwangi Expanse to for fantasy RPG examples Even more animals to add to Reaper's line like a hippo, rhino, elephant, giraffe, cheetah, ostrich, etc. Norse Cause I know that's been heavily requested, and may as well join the bandwagon
  3. Been slowly but surely adding a dozen paints or so at a time. Looking at my Wishlist, there's a number of paints and Fast Palette sets that are "Out of Stock" and also have a number "2" at the start of the SKU, which seems to be consistent between what's available (which all start with "0") and what's not. Just double checking if some of these are seasonal and will come back, if they were limited time so will have to check Ebay if I want them, etc. Specifically... Single Colors 21922: Green Titanium 21925: Hot Blue 29107: Gutter Grime 29147: Hellborn Flesh Red 29151: Black Pearl Fast Palettes 09911: Darkreach Colors 09912: Gloom and Grave Colors 09913: Dungeon Dwellers Adventure Colors And, just for future reference interested in knowing if there's a way to tell which recently released colors and set might not last as long, and thus should buy them fast if I want them? Thanks in advance!
  4. With Bones 6 Kickstarter just ended, figured I'd go ahead and put my wish list for Bones 7 out early. Phoenix - Classic fantasy/mythological creature I don't have, and think Reaper can make a great Bones version. Male fey/faeries - First off, many thanks for the Briarwood expansion. My interest in male fey/faeries is growing up with things like Peter Pan and Link from Ocarina of Time, and think it might hit on the nostalgia button for others too. Noble intrigue/romance - Not a lot of dashing noble figures in the market from what I can see, and feel there's a place for people who want to play heroic noble PCs, or have NPCs who are regal monarchs, mysterious masquerade figures, or can serve as love interests/rivals/both. Continue the great work on different mythologies - Think Reaper can't go wrong trying to hit on different world mythologies a couple at a time, including heroes and creatures that are unique to their respective origin. Anyways, my compliments to Reaper for what was in Bones 6, looking forward to the ones to come!
  5. Since others are listing their buys, currently I'm in for: Core Set - Like others, lot of miniatures I don't need, but a lot of the later add-ons they showed will fill in some pretty big gaps to my collection and I finally caved. Although the extras were all miniatures I was interested in, I prefer a limited number of each monster as opposed to whole squads, so core made more sense for my personal interests. Briarwood Vale Expansion - Half of my very few posts I've done on this forum were about my interest in fey and my excitement when it happened. This was a given. Denizens of the Dungeon Expansion - Too many really niche monsters I wanted to be able to pass up. Egg of the Phoenix - Unique monsters, couple of well-done Arabian-nights-esque heroes... easy choice for me. Talons of Winterfell - Have one owlbear already, and like the idea of a whole family. Bloodclub Bugbears - Don't have any bugbears, so this filled a gap. Charondar the Cruel - Mostly into 5e myself, and since their dragon-themed expansion came out I need more models to hit on all the different types. 30th Anniversary Dragon - Too good of a value to pass up, not sure how I want to paint it, but leaning Shadow... Storm Giant Queen - Not aware of any other miniature that hits this niche, loved the Storm Giant King from B5 too. Shadows of Sullenhall Expansion - Not personally a terrain person (though understand and respect others' enthusiasm for it), and have lots of skeletons already, but parts 4 and 5 hooked me in. Lost Tombs of Hakir Expansion - As above, not as much into terrain, but I do love miniatures reflecting different cultures/mythologies to bring in some variety to my collection. The Goblins of Rotstump Bog - Lot of character, and figured last minute would rather pledge for it than not. The stirges are the biggest draw for me on this one. Orcs of the Ragged Wound - I have over 400 painted miniatures (and lots of unpainted ones) and of those only one Orc. Don't know how that happened, but this helps with that. The ones in bold I'm 100% in for. The ones italicized may get switched out depending on what other things end up getting added to the Pledge Manager, or may end up keeping these AND add on any new options I like too.
  6. First off, since fey was my biggest hope, and they delivered in grand style on it, I'm satisfied. As I tally up some final things, and make some hard choices on my top picks... any murmurings about the storm giant and last four legendary encounters named? No heartburn if they don't show up, just trying to plan accordingly if they're last minute inclusions, will be reserved for later in the pledge manager, or just have to wait for Bones 7 and be patient. And if no news on them yet, no worries.
  7. As someone who did Bones 4 and 5 (adding the context, since this of course affects my opinions), will definitely get at least some things, only a question of what dollar limit I negotiate with the Mrs. Only two things I have I feel worth weighing on other than the general excitement and thanks that Reaper keeps doing these Kickstarters are: 1) Breaking up the Core Set: Selfishly I'd prefer if Reaper provides options to take only some themed portions of the Core Set as I'm in a place of collecting minis that I'm trying to fill in gaps more than get started into the hobby with a large sampling. However, definitely understand if the economics doesn't work for it whether it's a logistical headache, if it potentially pulls too many away from getting the Core Set as a whole, and/or if there's been any changes from Bones 5 that makes it harder to do this for any number of valid reasons. So, one more vote to break up the core set, but won't be salty if they don't. 2) Puck/Peter Pan-esque Option/Fan Favorite item: As one of many who asked for Fey, I'm very, very happy with the Briarwood Vale Expansion. Only thing I (once again selfishly) will plug in if there's a chance in an Option or if they're doing Fan Favorites again at the end is some sort of male fey figure(s) that has sort of a Puck or Peter Pan type flair, pretty much male counterparts to Daffodil, Lily, and Daisy. More than satisfied if that doesn't happen though. Anyways, since I know Reaper always has to deal with some level of angst/entitlement during these Kickstarters, want to be one of the ones who says thanks and that I think Reaper keeps getting better and better.
  8. On the top of my personal wish list: -Fairytale-themed set for games that have more of a lighter genre. Can dig into some nursery-rhyme-inspired figures, and other light-hearted, whimsical creatures and heroes. -Nobility/Courtly intrigue miniatures/set. Dashing nobles, princes and princesses, masquerade, musicians, etc. Something to really lean into a game of high intrigue, romance, or just simply have some good upper class character options. -Beasts/polymorph miniatures to fill in some of the more common animals PCs polymorph into, and maybe some other random fun beasts not yet in the Reaper catalog. Giant eagle/owl, rhino, whale (maybe orca instead of blue whale for scale), etc. -Keep up on sets that hit different mythologies around the world. Loved the Daimyo and Greek Odyssey sets, and looking forward to bringing in more diversity into my collection.
  9. For some context I was a late backer in the U.S., and ordered a few of the boxed sets (Daimyo, Greek Odyssey, Dark Depths, and Fan Favorites) and a handful of other options (Storm Giant, Elemental Scions, Dragonborn, Goroloth, Yokai, Constructs [from the Core Box], and henchwomen). Seems like they had the box all ready to go and placed the Dragonborn right on top once it came in. I know there's been a number of harsher reactions, and people certainly are free to have that. I think so long as Reaper continues to run Kickstarters that deliver everything promised, and so long as that promise is really good miniatures at a big discount, they're going to keep being successful regardless of whatever imperfections their processes have. Strong voices can in frustration or in earnestness try to tell Reaper what they have to do to be successful at their business, but I think they're doing their work well. Bones 6 will be proof either way. On initial look, my favorite miniatures is probably the chicken swarm. It's just so unique and fun, and so many interesting ways it could be thrown into a gaming situation. Least favorite (though still good) for me are the Greek pillars, but only because I wouldn't have minded a couple more Greek monsters or heroes instead. My own wish list (which is just a personal wish list, not what may make sense for Reaper) to do in future Kickstarters would be the following: -Fairytale-themed set for games than lean on some old fashioned Disney movies and/or nursery rhymes -Nobility/Courtly intrigue miniatures/set. Dashing nobles, princes and princesses, masquerade, musicians, etc. -Beasts/polymorph to fill in some of the more common animals PCs polymorph into, and maybe some other random fun beasts not yet in the Reaper catalog. -More sets themed on different places in the world. Like the Greek Odyssey and Daimyo for this, and hope to see other mythologies tackled. Regardless, overall very happy I joined in on Bones 5.
  10. Been looking at this thread the past few weeks for updates and such. Thought I'd give my two cents for what it's worth: Context I was a wave 12 backer. Had the Core, Dreadmere, Dark Reach, Lost Valley, Fan Favorites, plus 10 or so additions. Had the Frost Giants, but not the tree or hut therefore I got my miniatures yesterday. No problems after checking them all, and got an extra armored goblin, neanderthal (Black Bear?), Orc (Jade something?). Figure'd I'd put that out there since no doubt that'll affect my opinions compared to those who've had problems, haven't received their minis yet, etc. This is also my first Bones kickstarter. On a Few Topics Brought Up Beware the Echo Chamber: There were over 16,000 backers, plus those who signed up after the original Kickstarter end date. Although the opinions on this forum may reflect the backers as a whole, I don't think there's enough of us on here to come to any solid conclusions. Just a general friendly warning that just because 5 people here all 'love' or 'are extremely disappointed by' something, doesn't mean that the next Kickstarter will be a rousing success or failure. Just be careful of the "echo chamber", where we talk to those who agree with us then assume we're the majority. On Argent's size: As someone who's largest miniatures before the Kickstarter were Blightfang and Cinder from the Reaper range, Argent is very impressive and more than fills what I was hoping for in a giant, ancient dragon. However, I can definitely see the disappointment for those who have larger miniatures and were hoping Argent would match up. On Frost Giant Raiders: Overall I'm okay with them. Getting my fiancee into the hobby I admit it's annoying when so many otherwise great female miniatures have exaggerated breasts or clothing/armor that highlights the chest as if we can't figure what gender they're supposed to be otherwise. That being said, I think the trend is heading in a better direction, and constant reinforcement requesting for more thoughtful miniatures will help. After all, supply and demand and all that. On communication: Communication is really tricky for a business. You can never please everyone and sometimes less is indeed better. Can't really say whether Reaper's great, terrible, or likely somewhere in between, but there's a reason people go to school just for marketing/communication. It's about keeping the customers engaged and happy, without getting their expectations impossibly high. All I can say to this is best of luck to Reaper as it makes subtle changes here and there moving forward. Backing the next Kickstarter?: As someone who used this Kickstarter to give me 2-3 years worth of painting (at my current pace at least), hard to say if/how much I'll back the next Kickstarter. Probably depends on if they offer things that really are different than what I have. If I had to make some requests, probably more fey, more aquatic stuff, and more non-European heroes/soldiers/mythological monsters. On Expectations: Seen a lot of people express expectations. "I was in Wave 1, therefore...", "I'm in the EU Zone, so...", "A business should...". We do have at least some control over our own expectations. I think I was fortunate that as Wave 12 with the Frost Giants I had very low expectations of when to receive my box and was pleasantly surprised it was yesterday. Still, for anyone who's been frustrated I would suggest to reframe expectations, and you may find that you'll get less annoyed by delays or other complications. Favorite Mini: Dragon Turtle. That's going to be a fun one to paint, play games with, and just have on display. Least Favorite: Probably the three crystals in Dark Reach. Not bad, just that they're... small crystals. Perhaps that should be a challenge to paint them in a way to make them more interesting? Add runic symbols? Anyways, hope this is helpful to some people. Overall very happy with the purchase.
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