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  1. On the top of my personal wish list: -Fairytale-themed set for games that have more of a lighter genre. Can dig into some nursery-rhyme-inspired figures, and other light-hearted, whimsical creatures and heroes. -Nobility/Courtly intrigue miniatures/set. Dashing nobles, princes and princesses, masquerade, musicians, etc. Something to really lean into a game of high intrigue, romance, or just simply have some good upper class character options. -Beasts/polymorph miniatures to fill in some of the more common animals PCs polymorph into, and maybe some other random fun beasts
  2. For some context I was a late backer in the U.S., and ordered a few of the boxed sets (Daimyo, Greek Odyssey, Dark Depths, and Fan Favorites) and a handful of other options (Storm Giant, Elemental Scions, Dragonborn, Goroloth, Yokai, Constructs [from the Core Box], and henchwomen). Seems like they had the box all ready to go and placed the Dragonborn right on top once it came in. I know there's been a number of harsher reactions, and people certainly are free to have that. I think so long as Reaper continues to run Kickstarters that deliver everything promised, and so long as that
  3. Been looking at this thread the past few weeks for updates and such. Thought I'd give my two cents for what it's worth: Context I was a wave 12 backer. Had the Core, Dreadmere, Dark Reach, Lost Valley, Fan Favorites, plus 10 or so additions. Had the Frost Giants, but not the tree or hut therefore I got my miniatures yesterday. No problems after checking them all, and got an extra armored goblin, neanderthal (Black Bear?), Orc (Jade something?). Figure'd I'd put that out there since no doubt that'll affect my opinions compared to those who've had problems, haven't received thei
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