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  1. Thank you both for the insight. The minis are for a standing bi-weekly game so they’ll get a fair amount of use. I’ll probably pick pick up some gloss varnish to start, maybe try the gloss-matte combo down the line.
  2. Hi pals, I’m working through prep and paint on my first-ever minis, bones 4 Kickstarter, and hoping some of you kind and knowledgeable folks could educate me on preferred brush-on varnishes. Also, after some poking around it seems that matte is the more-common finish, but some folks suggest hitting it with a gloss then follow up with matte. Thoughts behind gloss vs matte, or gloss then matte appreciated as well. Thanks!
  3. ChumBucket

    6 Figures

    I’d buy a drink from that dwarf
  4. ChumBucket

    03716 - Bones 4 Ghouls

    I’ve got some discretionary funds and a core set (less some ghouls and goblins), darkreach, and fan favorites to paint so I think I’ll pick up all 3. thanks for linking the blog, looks like a lot of well-painted minis and process walk through to glean inspiration from.
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    77504 Death Star Lilies

    I dig it! Getting a very day of the triffids and/or little shop of horrors vibe.
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    03716 - Bones 4 Ghouls

    Thanks for the advice! We hit them with a wash of pretty heavily diluted carbon grey and/or ebony flesh paints depending on the figure and section, but my technique (and my ability to place trust in the wash process) needs some work. I'm also considering ordering a few citadel washes as nuln oil, agrax, and fleshshade keep popping up as heavily recommended.
  7. ChumBucket

    03716 - Bones 4 Ghouls

    I kickstarted bones 4 to jump start mini collection after receiving the dubious honor of "Default DM" for my friends. After watching a few tutorials, my gf and I spent Saturday afternoon prepping and painting our first-ever minis. Any tips/feedback would be much appreciated. Ghouls were painted using various colors from the bones 4 paint sets A and B.