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  1. That's just not fair, way too good
  2. Dude that's great, the book is especially fantastic
  3. All the buzz about the bees, but I really like that Old Nan really looks disgusted by my terrible pun.
  4. Gnarly, gotta echo Moonglow's comment.
  5. Looks great, the edges of the wings look super crisp
  6. Looks great from the front, but dude, that turn around: *chef's kiss*
  7. The two on the right are my first and second, the one on the left is my GF's first mini. I feel fortunate that I got into painting minis in a time where youtube tutorials exist. Still have a long way to go though.
  8. Inspired by a DOTA 2 team and KFC/Long John Silvers combination fast food spots, I present to you the chicken fighters. Still pretty new to this, all feedback and tips welcome. Thanks!
  9. Looks incredible, well done!
  10. Thanks Glitterworlf, I've got a white photo back drop maybe I'll take this quarantine time to build a makeshift light box. And thanks Brother Jim, I appreciate the leg work on providing the sku and link. I've got to remember I'm so delayed painting my bones 4 stuff that I can find real #s instead of the numbers from the KS campaign images.
  11. Thanks! And yeah, the base needs work. I was thinking of it as a sand dune while painting it but execution wasn't great. Changing it up to more of a rocky terrain might be more forgiving.
  12. That looks great! The dark brown with white splotches to the pale on the stomach and chest and the grimy teeth give that troll a great wretched feel.
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