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  1. Lostraven

    Herbalist from Bones 4

    You’re off to a nice start. I love the rich blue. The concept art for this figure shows the cylindrical container as maybe wicker. Some other herbalist figures and images show them with some sort of wicker pack to carry their harvest. So maybe that is what it is meant to be. e
  2. Lostraven

    77344 - Ice Troll - Different paint scheme.

    That is awesome!
  3. Lostraven

    Veteran Spigot

    Really nice shading and blending.
  4. Lostraven

    Reaper 4 wraiths

    They look good or should I say evil? Really like the basing too.
  5. Lostraven

    Black warg

    I like how you added the browns for a more natural feel.
  6. Lostraven

    BONES IV: "Dance of Death"

    Epic job on and epic piece.
  7. Lostraven

    Bones IV Miniatures

    Nicely done.
  8. Lostraven

    Nocturnal Fairy

    Lovely. Love your palette and lighting— very moody.
  9. Lostraven

    Dreadmere fruella and mercenaries

    Well done they look like they could be part of the Dúnedain.
  10. Lostraven

    Roc - Bones 4 - American Kestrel variant

    What a great idea for the colour scheme (I just googled the bird). This is going to be awesome.
  11. Lostraven

    Dance of Death

    Looking good!
  12. Lostraven

    Wife's WIP: Sabretooth Pug

    Those eyes! So cute!
  13. Lostraven

    Maledrakh's 77501 Minotaur

    Wow very nice. I really like the bronze.