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  1. Lostraven

    Darksword Elmore Dragon

    I love the way the colours move. Excellent work!
  2. Lostraven

    Damien, Hellborn Wizard SKU: 03321

    Beautiful job!
  3. Lostraven

    Bone 4 Enora, Iconic Arcanist

    This is the Bone 4 version of Enora, Iconic Arcanist (60178) . A common issue with Bones figures is being "soft" on detail compared to their metal counter parts but I was impressed with this casting. I found it to be very well defined, even the fine chains and other small details. I really tried to focus on lighting and contrast. I imagined the light to be coming from the left front of the figure. I took a few photos of the base coated miniature with that lighting and used them as a guide. This really helped focus where my lights and darks should be.
  4. Lostraven

    Ral Partha Female Barbarian

    I like your nice, clean style.
  5. Lostraven

    Cultists 77517 & 77518

    These are great. I'd welcome them on my tabletop any time.
  6. Lostraven

    Ogres of the East

    Very cool. I like the bright colours.
  7. Lostraven

    Ral Partha female rogue adventurer

    Very nice. I love your soft blending.
  8. This is the Bones version of Merrowyn Lightstar, Female Elf Paladin (03764) from the Bone 4 Core Set. NMM is de rigueur these days but I still like metallics for, well, metal. I used Vellejo Brass, Old Gold, Gold and Silver along with Seraphim Sepia ink and a variety of browns to build up the shadows and highlights. I sometimes go back and forth deciding a colour scheme but when I saw this figure I knew her armor had to be gold. The red and black was inspired by Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night (I saw a chibi toy version on Pinterest and thought "That's the look I want!").
  9. Lostraven

    Willow GreenIvy from Bones KS

    Yet another figure from my wish list that came as part of the Reaper Bones 4 Kickstarter. This is the Bones version of Willow Greenivy, Witch (03682). I recently discovered the Bird with a Brush blog by the most excellent Rhonda Bender and the thought process and approaches discussed were a real eye opener for me. I actually took a variety of pictures under different light sources and picking my favourite, used it as a map for my lights and darks. I feel it made a huge difference for me. If you are interested in improving, do yourself a favour and bookmark that blog!
  10. Lostraven

    HF Boudica, Destroyer of Romans

    Very nice. I like the muted palette with the splash of red hair and tartan.
  11. This is the Bones 4 version of Hakon, Iconic Skald (60182) that comes as part of the Pathfinder Iconics II stretch goal. This figure was on my wish list so I was really happy to see it in the Kickstarter. He reminds me of Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit (film).
  12. Lostraven

    Muse Erato by Darksword Miniatures

    Thank you for the kind feedback. @Baldur8762: Yes initially I blended Cedolia Green and Druchii Violet inks wet on wet over a white basecoat. Later I punched the purple up with thin thin layers of pink mixed with Lahmian Medium.
  13. Lostraven

    14212 Kristianna, Crusaders Warlord

    I love the bold colours. Very nice!
  14. Lostraven

    I Dream of Djinni (Bones 4 Fan Favorites)

    Great job. The sword switch is perfect. Your logic is sound plus it is more aesthetically pleasing, I think.
  15. Lostraven

    Flower Power

    Great concept. I love the orc cringing away from the deluge of flowers.