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  1. That is an impressive figure with an impressive paint job. I like the stripes on the body and the contrast with the yellow.
  2. Here is another wizard from the Greybeards subset of the Bones 4 Core set. This one does have a metal version (SKU 03953) and was sculpted by Bobby Jackson. I had fun with this figure. I love the character in these wizard figures. This one is strongly reminiscent of Gandalf. Though I resisted the temptation to go grey I did sneak Gandalf's rune onto the medallion on the back of his hat.
  3. Here is one of the wizards from the Greybeards subset of the Bones 4 core set. I could have sworn there was a metal version of this but I couldn't find it in the web store. I like this figure because even though the design is relatively simple, you get a real sense of character.
  4. That is a huge improvement. Your version is gorgeous.
  5. Thank you. @Iridil - I started with a white base followed by a wash of Casandora Yellow. Then I highlighted with layers of Sand Yellow, Ivory and white. Finally a targeted wash of yellow closer to the bottle and recesses.
  6. Great job, she looks very down to business. I find that for the most part Reaper’s moulds are built so the mould lines are in logical places but every now and then there are those buggers to get. Unlike the metals the mould lines on bones are not quite as easy to remove but the bones black are a definite improvement. Btw, I like the pairing. I imagine a long suffering faithful servant and his unrequited love for his beautiful but distant master.
  7. I agree - sumptuous!
  8. Great idea and well executed.
  9. Lol these are great!
  10. Looks great, I really like the osl effect on her hair and armor. I really love that first pic.
  11. I started working on the wizards from the Bone 4 core set. I was originally running through the usual themes - brown, grey, red etc. but this colour scheme on a different figure really caught my eye and I thought it would work on this figure. I didn't realize he was supposed to be an evil wizard until I looked it up on line (sku 03847 by Bobby Jackson btw). But hey evil wizards can like bright colours too, right?
  12. Lostraven

    Captain Razig

    Nice palette. The rust is a nice accent to the subdued tones.
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