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  1. Blink Berenwicket, Female Gnome by Bobby Jackson is also available in metal sku# 03732. The armor is painted with some ancient GW green metallic. I experimented with blue metallic on the sword but I'm not overly thrilled with the result but it is good enough to call done :)
  2. This is one of my favourite minis and I have been working on it for awile. I hmmd and hawd about how to base it but finalluy decided to do a simple raised cork base.
  3. I spent a couple of hours on this yesterday but lost the light for photos. This is one of the gorillas from the Ape Attack! add on to the Bones 4 Core set.
  4. The family that plays together stays together right? Lol D&D has come a long way from the days of accusations of devil worship and other nonsense.
  5. This colour scheme was also inspired by artwork found on Pinterest. I finished this in a day working on it along side my griffon.
  6. I was all set the tackle this with a standard eagle-lion look with shades of brown when I found a great drawing of a griffon in blue which inspired the colour scheme. I did this relatively quickly - it was started and finished today.
  7. Very nice, I like the pearlescent colour.
  8. Here are my Mar/Apr completes: Small Worlds Sophie Captain l’Olonnais Templar Knight Bust Bones 4 Griffon Bones 4 Owlbear Bones 4 Gorilla 84 Arathanel, Elf Ranger Bones 4 Blink Berenwicket Bones 4: Half-Ogre Fighter Bones 4: Cyclops Bones 4: Ankoa the Barbarian Bones 4: Zadim Bones 4: Ava Justina 13/9
  9. Neat little figure. I love the bright colours and those eyes - lots of character.
  10. Good stuff! My 2nd mini wasn’t near as good.
  11. Very cute and a great way to spend time together.
  12. Nice job! That actually looks like you glued pebbles together.
  13. I hope this is ok as it is outside the fantasy/sci-fi realm but this is what I've been working on while taking a break from the Bones 4 core set. This is a 1/10 bust from Young Miniatures sculpted by Young B. Song, Templar Knight YH1837.
  14. Nice! These came out great. Beautiful work.
  15. That is truly terrifying. Any adventurer seeing that come crashing out of the woods is going to soil his armour.
  16. Great stuff! I’ve been following your progress and have been impressed by the quality and creativity of your work. You’ve motivated me to concentrate on my core set.
  17. Dwarves are so much fun. He looks like he knows when to hold 'em. Very cool.
  18. Wow! Beautiful. Also, kudos on your completion count. Impressive. Most impressive.
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