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  1. Helluva good job! You always give me good ideas with your creative approach.
  2. Excellent work. I really like how your greens turned out.
  3. Good stuff! Great job on the ground work, she looks like she is growing up from it.
  4. Wow those are great apes! Love the Barlgura - great idea.
  5. Very nice. Love the colour palette and the tattoos and of course the overall execution.
  6. I finally finished the 3rd figure included from the "La Brise Sanguine" hero box which is for the Rum and Bones game by Cool Mini or Not. I really tried to go out of my comfort zone in terms of colour and free-hand design and contrast.
  7. Awesome. I looked at the pics before reading the text and said to myself - "Wow that reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry Night". Beautiful work.
  8. Unholy moley! These are absolutely beautiful. There is so much to praise!
  9. Here is Sophie from the Small Worlds Heroes subset of the Bones 4 core set. I started this awhile ago and recently decided to finish it. These chibi-style figures are a fun break from the usual "serious" characters.
  10. Wow you've been busy! Great work. Nice an neat with creative use of your palette.
  11. I like the Fiona-esqueness. She looks like she's off to slay her own dragon. The figure itself printed out great too.
  12. Never smile at a crocodile. Especially when he is smiling at you! Fantastic, natural tones and your metal approach is perfect.
  13. Nice look - the right tool for the right job. I have read mixed reviews about that contrast paint but it worked perfect in this situation.
  14. Verrry cool. I know what you mean, I don't have interest in the game but after seeing some of figs painted up, I'm starting to go hmmm...bye bye $$$
  15. You'd never know it by the results - stunning. The green one is awesome too!
  16. This will be the last of the "townsfolk" from the Bone 4 Core set for me for now. That only leaves the farmer's wife with the torch and rolling pin but I want to move on to other pieces and pallets. I'm pretty sure these were sculpted by Bobby Jackson and I don't think there are metal versions. At least I couldn't find them in the Reaper store.
  17. Wow, these are really great - colours, highlights, contrast - beautiful!
  18. I like the subdued pallet. It reminds me of the muted tones in Band of Brothers or Saving Pvt Ryan.
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