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  1. I love your story telling. I like your take on the Djinns - very exotic and other-worldly.
  2. Very nice. I like the battle-worn look.
  3. Wow those are great. That's a lot of detail for such tiny pieces!
  4. Though technically not part of the town themed figures, I tapped him for the captain of the guard. I did him relatively quickly.
  5. I'm trying to complete all the town related figures from the Bones 4 core set with the same colour palette. I took my inspiration from the Whiterun guards in Skyrim. This pair of guards is also available in metal.
  6. What is best in life? A beautiful band of barbarians, that’s what. Nice work!
  7. Great job. The tartan is great.
  8. Great job. I like how you carried over some of the green onto the fish to tie everything together.
  9. I like the simple but effective colour scheme. Nice job!
  10. Beautiful work. Love your colour choices. I agree that you should add the wings - it will frame her perfectly.
  11. Here is my most recent Townsfolk figure from the Bones 4 core set. He is also available in metal (SKU 03859). Two things I tried differently on this one were 1. no under-painting and 2. letting go. I usually apply an coat of German Camouflage Black-Brown over the whole figure to start when working with Bones. I know it has been shown many times that Bones are designed to go from blister to paint but I wanted to check it out for myself. I just went straight to the base colours, shading and highlighting with no issues. The second was more difficult. This was me telling myself to trust myself and the figure and not overwork the paint. I had to remind myself to pull back when I started thinking, "maybe I should add another blend or work that edge some more..." At first it was a little uncomfortable but after awhile everything sort of fell into place and I am happy with the results.
  12. Very nice. The choice of grey hair gives a lot of character. He does not look like he suffers fools lightly.
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