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  1. Not sure if it changes if the PM was unread, but I still have PM's from 2003.
  2. At the time some folks felt the the law allowed for electronic archival without compensation. A State Supreme Court agreed with the notion. Two US Supreme Court Justices even agreed, Heck the text of the ruling seemed to indicate a PDF distribution might actually have BEEN close enough to §201© since that IS in the original context. But that would have taken ANOTHER court case setting to the Supreme Court. Bolding mine.
  3. One closed for $40 recently. $200 is way high.
  4. Screamin' Red Dragon of Krynn. Good work
  5. What happened was the New York Times company vs. Tasini case, where it was decided "in licensing back issues of the newspaper for inclusion in electronic databases such as LexisNexis, could not license the works of free-lance journalists contained in the newspapers." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_Times_Co._v._Tasini This was also why many Scholarly article datbases lost huge swaths of content as the ones running the databases would rather just remove the articles rather than track down and pay the original authors. This case was WHY WotC and Kenzer had an 'Amicable Agreement' that let Kenzer publish Hackmaster 4E as a humourous reprint of AD&D along with Preferential treatment for the Kingdoms of Kalamor line. Here's an old bit of intel... From what I saw, Wotc announced and released the original dragon cd-rom AFTER the original state cases OKed the use of electronic reproductions without compensation and before the overturnings of that decision. http://www.darkwood.org/sj/misc/sjml...v1999.n009.txt some discusion
  6. I hear cat whiskers make convincing strings, but some vocal animal lovers make a stink about the suggestion.
  7. Yeah, Kaladrax is so enormous due to somebody misreading or mislabeling the dimensions the model was supposed to be. By the time the mistake was noticed, the mold was made.
  8. Well, it will be interesting to see how well this fares. I do wonder if this being closer in size to current gaming minis can help it avoid being Clearance bait like Arcane Legions.
  9. Niiiice. What is that stamp's name? (just the name please, don't link to it.)
  10. Well, I'd say the campaign did pretty well, especially considering this campaign was pretty much saying "Give us your Gencon Monies" with it's timing. $120-150 is our estimates. The more are pre-ordered via KS the cheaper we can get the unit cost and we can make it at retail. THANKS for that insight! That actually ties in nicely with the Minimum Order issues when dealing with Chinese manufacturing. Make one from popsicle sticks and micro pumpkins from fall decor that will be in stores soon.
  11. Probably not, but Bones minis generally assemble FAR batter than metal and resin miniatures. Fits are almost always L-tab to L-slot, T-tab to T-slot. that should easy hold with just a drop of super glue.
  12. Better to know where the money is going than have it burning a hole in your pocket. Maybe they are going Best Foot Forward. This way the last hours of the campaign don't have to be ultra frantic with many folks having already spent their paychecks..
  13. IIRC the person who was selling a painted one of these on ebay last year customed the heads.
  14. I know Reaper is a smart company, but I really hope they 'release' the the five headed dragon with more time to spare so there is enough time for word to spread around the web. And so the KS servers don't crash, as there are a LOT of people waiting on that model.
  15. I kinda hope not, I have too many halloween bats in large size as it is. Yeah, the delay to retail for the benefit of Distributors has put a new angle on things.
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