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  1. Just put the cards into dark sleeves, and they will work fine for a draw deck. Andy
  2. I went to your web site, but just got blank white screens when trying to open the two scenarios. Are the links functiuoning properly? Thanks Andy
  3. Dont know why I couldnt find them before, but I can be pretty dense sometimes. Thatnks for the link, thats exactly what I needed! Thanks Andy
  4. I see the figures, and their pictures, in the store section of the reaper site, but I dont see wether or not they have cards. I have looked at several figures that I know come with cards, but dont see anywhere where it shows it ont he store sight, am I not looking int he right place? Thanks Andy
  5. Hello, My friend and I just got into this game. Actually we havent evev read the rules, though we bought them, we just liked the figures. My question is, is there anyone in the greater Washington DC area playing? We normally play at my house in Southern Maryland, and would like to have more join us, and we would do some travelling to play with others as well. Is there a place on the site where I can search for other players? I didnt see one, but I could have missed it. Thanks Andy
  6. Hello, I see int he reaper catalougue that you can send in points fromt he blisters to get the stat cards for the warlord game. I have a few figures that dont come with cards. Is this because cards dont exist, or because they are older packaging? Can I send in my points to get cards for figures that didnt come to me with cards in the first place, or just to replace lost or damaged cards? Thanks Andy
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