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  1. Their previous KS was Wightwood Abbey, 3d printable terrain of very good quality. This one will be 3d printable as well I believe
  2. I've only pledged for the apprentices set in their recent KS, and haven't received it yet. But they do have a good track record and children are rare and these are cute... I backed
  3. Otterfolk! I love this entire release <3
  4. I have two min folders: Buildings, Terrain and Scenery and Miniatures, Monsters, Animals and People. In there it's sorted by artist, then monthly releases with the name of the release if possible So 3D Files - Miniatures, Monsters, Animals and People - Archvillain Games -Archvillain Games - 2020-06 - The Empire Of Sands And I put picture in each folder so I know what it is without unzipping. I tend to keep everything as a .7z to save space
  5. Standard Anycubic for me, I prefer the solid colours over the transparent green. The plant based stuff is quite good too, and doesn't smell too bad. It's hard to get right now though. I have an Anycubic Photon
  6. LabradoriteWolf's most recent model, backlog available to patrons Lost Kingdom October release
  7. I'm sorry for posting this so late, I got caught up in a depressive episode but I finally managed to sit down and get painting. To be on the safe side, I painted it all in one go. Here's the finished model: I'll drop it off at the post office this week, likely tomorrow :) Skiesclear, thank so much for the amazing models! They have a place of honour on my LOTR shelf Sadly, his swordhand did break off, but I'm sure I can glue that back on
  8. Same here, I'll be waiting a while ^^' Still, I too have 20 minis a printer :)
  9. Decided to go for the early bird for the whole group. Not sure if I'll keep it, some of them are too modern for the games I run/play. They look good though, realistic proportions and poses :)
  10. Locked in most of the stuff I want: Bones 5 Core Set x1 Greek Odyssey Expansion x1 Brinewind Expansion x1 Fan Favorites x1 Dungeon Dwellers x1 The Dwarf King's Crypt x1 Troll Bridge Encounter x1 Dragon Bust x1 Ildraedis the Devourer x1 Valfuryx x1 Aganzarax x1 Shavynra the Slayer x1 Krateryx, Shadow Dragon x1 Storm Giant x1 Elemental Scions x1 Sirens x1 Demonic Temptation x1 Henchmen and Hirelings Option x1 Power Up: Henchwomen Option x1 Power Up: Rocky Brush Holder Option x1 Still considering Dark Depths, Gallowgard, Ravenhome, the Hippocampus figurehead and some more odds and ends. I decided against the villagers because they are too static :/
  11. This was my first time buying mantic products, and I'm quite happy with what I got. I bought the Bleakwood Hall crate, everything looks fine :)
  12. Pledge switch was approved, so I need to postpone adding more bones Hopefully I'll be able to sell some stuff to recuperate some of the money, but there was so much I wanted that this seemed the way to go. Hopefully their next KS is less interesting, but that's what I thought about this one too
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