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  1. I'd mail them about a replacement for that one, their customer service is quite good. You could put a pantyhose on a vacuum cleaner and vacuum around the area, maybe you can find it that way
  2. Me too, I'm in for the normal cover though. The exclusive one is cool, but not 40€ extra cool
  3. Pathfinder mostly :) I'm very happy with the wide range of PCs Reaper has. And in this KS I got Brinewind and Dark Depths, the pirate ship, sirens... I guess I'm running a pirate campaign when Mummy's Mask is done Also got Dungeon Dwellers because I have some holes in my collection of basic monsters. The dragons I got for painting fun, I'm not sure if I'll make my players face them yet :P
  4. Naga minis :) just started this month Edit: And CobraMode has a giant wombat this moth :D
  5. I'm sure they'll set you up :) hopefully that's the only thing missing
  6. I checked mine, make sure you check the horse's heads. Some heads have reins attached, some don't, in that case the reins are on the body. Some of the reins have a left hand a some have a right hand and some have no hand. The leader is the only one with a shield, all the others use one hand to hold the reins and have a spear in their other hand. There are two or three horses without a hand holding the reins, those are for the commander, banner bearer and musician (off the top of mt head). Took me a bit of puzzling but my group is complete, and then I put them in separate baggies so I don't have to work it all out again. I got the ultimate pledge, and I'm very impressed. The castings have a lot of flash, but also a lot of detail and character. Most troops have 5 poses + 3 command. I have a few broken spear tips, and possibly 3 missing velocigators from my elven chariots (those are supposed to have 2 each I think), no other issues and about 20 extra models including a set of adventurers that wasn't included in the pledge :D
  7. I've been working on it, its going to take a few days to go through it all I thought I was missing two lower jaws for my hydra, but it turned out that two of the heads have closed mouths :) so far all I've checked is complete
  8. Same here, I much prefer the villagers from Bones IV, and the Dunkeldorf ones I got recently. I do like that there are children though, I may have to pick those up once they hit retail
  9. The Box has arrived, and holy broccoli is it huge! I had quite the struggle trying to get it up the stairs
  10. Nice! I've been telling myself mine is still stuck waiting for the ferry now that the Eurotunnel is closed, but perhaps....
  11. I decided to tally up the money I spent vs the amount of minis I'm getting. Including the pirate ship as 1 mini, I'm spending a grand total of $1.81 per mini, including shipping I'll probably get hit with VAT and such before actually getting my stuff, but its still a pretty good deal :)
  12. Missed opportunity to call it a 'Bull shark'
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