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  1. Looks cool Venun! I dropped the box off at the post office today, hopefully it will arrive safely in Italy :)
  2. @Glitterwolf I have the cobblestones one, and I just ordered a bunch more :D they work great with green stuff @Venun He's pretty cool, I hope I can do him justice :) I have no idea what you're talking about, the package says they're fire elementalists :P (yeah, they are quite recognisable as Anna and Elsa, that's probably how I'll paint them)
  3. It was! Holy cow, that is one big box I found lots of great stuff in there, including a GSW rolling pin that I was planning on ordering <3 Also the Gnomes from Darkreach which I though were really great, but not enough to get the whole expansion for. And now that I got a closer look at the dark elves, I started to really like those too... maybe I should have gotten the expansion after all. The dire boar, which is a huge beast, and dire penguins. I really look forward to throwing those at players :D The bases came in quite handy too, as well as the bark. All is neatly archived, new stuff added in, and all packed up. I'll be able to send it as soon as I have @tosattearp's adress
  4. Really looking forward to it :D seeing the pictures just adds to the excitement
  5. This is the model I hoped for from the start
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/medieval-village-npc/dungeon-tile-sorcerer/description Basically, a program to plan your dungeon. Pretty useful for 3D printing, and comes with it's own set of Egyptian tiles. You'll be able to upload other tiles as well, if you have the STL files. Super Early Bird (50% off, 25$) still available for now ;) They have some videos on the page that show how it works.
  7. @Glitterwolf @Venun Since Venun picked up the bill last time, I don't mind doing so this time :) I still have @tosattearp s address from last time
  8. Me too, really looking forward to this one
  9. Journeyman seems to have most of the functionality, but go for master if you want more precise controls
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