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    Desert of the Dead, fantasy wargaming miniatures!

    That dread sphinx does look pretty good. I wasn't planning on getting it, but maybe I'll have to reconsider.. Hopefully there will be some elves next week :)
  2. Hm, I wasn't counting on Europe getting in on the wave business. Trying to get a wave 1 spot, but the lag is horrible
  3. So many dutchies! Really looking forward to this :) but yeah, more for the fun and the surprise than for cheap minis. And I'll need to check if there's not too much metal in the stuff I planned on adding. Is resin okay?
  4. Great! I'm from the Netherlands by the way, not sure if it matters for the shipping order or Brexit
  5. I'm interested as well :) I'm new to this, but the concept seems fun!
  6. Lihmeth

    Desert of the Dead, fantasy wargaming miniatures!

    I've dropped a few from table height onto a stone floor, they were fine. The resin bends a little so it doesn't break immediately. My cat also took one in her mouth, there were no teeth marks (though maybe she didn't chew, dunno). For anyone wondering: the units with 20 archers/swordsmen/etc all had 3 command and 4-5 distinctly different sculpts. Lots of difference in the faces too, some look young and stupid, some look old and bored or amused. I'm very satisfied so I'm backing again.
  7. Lihmeth

    Halflings and fantasy friends. By TTCombat

    Has anyone received theirs yet? They're fulfilling but no one on the KS page has commented about getting them. I'm getting a bit antsy, or perhaps eager is a better word. These will be my first resin minis, everything I've read and seen indicates that resin is great for details so I have pretty high hopes for these guys
  8. Package arrived without a hitch in the Netherlands ^^ 2,5 kg of plastic crack Did a dry fitting, everything is in order and nothing broken, but I'll need to boil the Frost Giantess' wolf and possibly Dance of Death. The wolf doesn't fit on his base and the two dragons look to the side instead of at each other. Love the townsfolk set, but I'd really like to see some female minis without huge breasts, same with the giants. The dragon turtle, roc and Blacksting are great! Dragon turtle had his flight stand too. I'm considering using Blacksting as a Fell Beast. I have a spare Nazgul from GW, I'll have to see if I can sculpt him a suitable saddle and bridle.
  9. Shipping notice received for the Netherlands! Due this thursday, DPD is fast, it usually takes about a week to get a package from the UK :) Really looking forward to the Dance of Death and the Dragon Turtle! Edit: I pledged in wave 14 and locked in ery late, seems EU shipping is random.