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  1. The other package had the complete order value, but half the order value is about the declared value of the second package. Something went wrong there, but I'm sure it'll get fixed :)
  2. Whoa, lucky! On advice from a PostNL lady, I picked up the package and intended to contest the charges. Turned out it wasn't a mistake on the side of PostNL though. For some reason, the package which contains only a pirate ship has a declared value of 418,50$+19,98GBP shipping Guess I'll be emailing [email protected] next. Also, this ship is **heavy**, I thought it would fit in my backpack, with the top sticking out .... It did not fit in the backpack. My arms are now very tired
  3. It's available for collection now ... with another bill of 110€ I'll be on the phone with PostNL on monday I guess
  4. That's really good to know, thanks! I'll keep you updated
  5. 2021-08-20 11:33DEN HAAG INBOUND, Awaiting Customs clearance
  6. One of my boxes was delivered (in the Netherlands) on the 2nd of September, after arriving at customs on the 20th of August. The other package (the ship) is still at customs according to the tracking :( PostNL shows nothing when I enter the tracking code, their customer service can't help me either. I'm a bit worried that this is because the complete cost was declared on one box, meaning the other box has no associated cost. I paid VAT on the whole amount of my order when I received the main box.
  7. A set of non-human townsfolk/artisans with props would be great, ex: Catfolk baker (couple?) Dwarven potter Gnomish jewelry maker/goldsmith Halfling merchant etc. stablehands, farmers, porters, basket weavers, stonemasons, woodcutters/carpenters, beekeepers, clothiers/tailors, lacemakers, tanner, bookbinder, glassworker, maids, butlers, apothecary, alchemist, miller, shepherd with sheep, surgeon, street performers And non-human children, perhaps with toys, or teenagers with mock weapons or work gear. A coach-and-four with driver A chariot in the E
  8. I'd like to participate again as well, it was a lot of fun the last times I joined :)
  9. CobraMode teaser for July: And bonus models for June: Naga Minis July teaser:
  10. The Ghost dragon is not included in the stretch goals! You get one if you are in an eligible pledge, but it it's own add-on so you can add more that way ;)
  11. Just add the extra amount to your village pledge, you can add another in the pledge manager. Their FAQ says it'll work like that so it should be safe :)
  12. You could get 2 village pledges instead, for 1€ more you get another set of stretch goals ;)
  13. These will go well with the Bones V sea-themed minis :)
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