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  1. 28 minutes ago, R2ED said:

    I added another set of stretch goals for a second dragon

    The Ghost dragon is not included in the stretch goals! You get one if you are in an eligible pledge, but it it's own add-on so you can add more that way ;)

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  2. 1 hour ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

    See, now that's a good idea...

    But I don't see how to add an extra village pledge...

    Just add the extra amount to your village pledge, you can add another in the pledge manager. Their FAQ says it'll work like that so it should be safe :)

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  3. 27 minutes ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

    I broke down and increased my pledge from Village to Town, and added one each of the stretch goals from one through three... There may be more added. I'm wanting at least one dragon, maybe two that I really like (the Asian style and the Xenodragon), but I'm debating if it's worth it to just go ahead and get five more for only about 40 more Euros... I could probably sell some of them to decrease my overall financial exposure...

    You could get 2 village pledges instead, for 1€ more you get another set of stretch goals ;)

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  4. Could anyone point me to a list of common Pathfinder Buffs?

    I've found it hard to keep track of all the buffs by party uses (and their effects), so I've been trying to find a copy of the buff deck but haven't had any luck so far. I figured I'd make my own, but aside from the buffs we commonly use (Inspire courage, Prayer, Magic Fang, Good Hope), I'm a bit stumped on which ones to add. Googling hasn't helped me much, but maybe I used the wrong terms :upside:

    I'd like to be able to use these for multiple campaigns, so I want to include spells/effects from most common classes.

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  5. The brine goblins were what lured me in for Dark Depths ::): And I love  the sirens and Brinewind to go along with it... and then I had to get the ship of course, with the hippocampus figurehead.

    I'm running a campaign in the desert for the forseeable future, but I guess it's pirates after that! :lol: The Greek monsters will fit in well I think, whenever they make landfall, and the Dreadmere villagers will work well with the Brinewind ones. I'm really looking forward to painting the large jellyfish, but I'm also a bit scared of it. All the big seamonsters will be really fun to paint in bright, tropical colourschemes.

    Julie's dragons are always lovely, but the other dragons of this campaign are really cool as well, so got all of them :lol:

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  6. 10 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:

    Lots of casting issues with my 220mm Titan torso and my ice phoenix which seems 50% larger than my fire phoenix.. one air bubble in a sphinx leg.. some broken statue ears but most of my stuff is great and it's all complete


    This is the mold line/slippage I have on my giant:



    giant warrior.jpg

    I'd mail them about a replacement for that one, their customer service is quite good.

    7 hours ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

    I was working on my T-Rex this week, and decided that I might not always want the cobra head on its headdress, so I cut it off and installed a magnet system to make it removable...


    ... and then dropped the cobra onto the floor and can't find it anywhere.:down:

    You could put a pantyhose on a vacuum cleaner and vacuum around the area, maybe you can find it that way

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  7. 6 minutes ago, MoonglowMinis said:

    I know we briefly touched on what gets painted first, but that reminded me of another fun question.

    What do you use your Bones for?

    Pathfinder mostly :) I'm very happy with the wide range of PCs Reaper has. And in this KS I got Brinewind and Dark Depths, the pirate ship, sirens... I guess I'm running a pirate campaign when Mummy's Mask is done

    Also got Dungeon Dwellers because I have some holes in my collection of basic monsters.

    The dragons I got for painting fun, I'm not sure if I'll make my players face them yet :P

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  8. On 1/10/2021 at 12:24 PM, Glitterwolf said:


    My main issue the Undead Heavy Cavalry.

    I got the wrong weapons/shield mix for the wrong riders.

    The battle standard bearer is alright he comes with both arms attached, apart from him I can only make one rider with a shield and spear.

    Somehow I got 2 RIGHT drummer arms so I need a left one.

    And then I got 6 LEFT spear arms, 2 RIGHT spear arms and One RIGHT arm shield ( leaving me with a bunch of spears and no shields.

    Also some riders have arms and others not but the spears already all have arms so useless for most riders.







    I checked mine, make sure you check the horse's heads. Some heads have reins attached, some don't, in that case the reins are on the body. Some of the reins have a left hand a some have a right hand and some have no hand. The leader is the only one with a shield, all the others use one hand to hold the reins and have a spear in their other hand. There are two or three horses without a hand holding the reins, those are for the commander, banner bearer and musician (off the top of mt head). Took me a bit of puzzling but my group is complete, and then I put them in separate baggies so I don't have to work it all out again.


    I  got the ultimate pledge, and I'm very impressed. The castings have a lot of flash, but also a lot of detail and character. Most troops have 5 poses + 3 command. I have a few broken spear tips, and possibly 3 missing velocigators from my elven chariots (those are supposed to have 2 each I think), no other issues and about 20 extra models including a set of adventurers that wasn't included in the pledge :D

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  9. 6 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:



    Do check the contents!

    I've seen another backer who said he missed all right arms from a unit.

    I've been working on it, its going to take a few days to go through it all :lol: I thought I was missing two lower jaws for my hydra, but it turned out that two of the heads have closed mouths :) so far all I've checked is complete

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