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  1. It's not on the Lost Minis wiki http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Hundred_Kingdoms But the images for the Donella warband are missing, and those are labeled as sculpted by Sandra Garrity
  2. Thanks guys :) He has a few more brother Venun, though I still need to paint them
  3. An anycubic photon, these were printed with their skin-coloured resin :)
  4. My first time posting here, but I don't have anyone at home to share my joy over my new shinies. Well, I have my boyfriend, but he can only take so much 'look at this!' My Lady Godiva model by Golem Miniatures arrived today This is my first large scale model, and it's gorgeous Now that the Box of Goodwill has been sent on, I felt safe to place another reaper order. I got a few more metals as well, but I forgot them in the picture. I really should have just bought the Dreadmere box when I had the chance, but at least now I have most of the models I wanted from there.
  5. One of the werewolves from the TTCombat Halflings and Fantasy Friends Kickstarter. He's a fantasy friend, he just wants to hug you! It's a resin model, single piece, and I did a bad job cleaning up the mold lines :P I tried to use some of GSWs bushes, but it didn't really come out the way I wanted. I'll have to tinker some more with that.
  6. I printed, and then even painted some minis :) Lasryl The Cleric by CastNPlay, the base is a cast resin piece, but I don't remember where I got it from The raven on the stone from the Asgard Rising patreon Welcome Pack Rosco Goodsong by RN Estudio (totally not Bilbo Baggins). He'll be used as a PC for one of my friends :) The wash on his base is still a bit wet here
  7. I recently bought this one, yours is a great inspiration! I love that you painted the metal still glowing :) her skin looks really good too (and the rest, but that just jumped out at me)
  8. My Lady Godiva model arrived today! She is absolutely gorgeous. This is my first model in a larger scale so it's a bit intimidating The packaging was great and the model is in perfect condition. Not too bad on the mold lines either, and they're in good places from what I could see.
  9. I've always been a horse girl, so my brother used these to introduce me to Warhammer when I was 10 or so
  10. Glad to see the Lord Arcanum on his Gryph charger survived the trip :D It's a great model but I was never going to get around to painting it, glad to see it has a new home. There are so many intriguing minis in the box, it was a lot of fun just to look through it :)
  11. I got an innkeeper pledge. Not that I need more minis, i already have 20 They have so much character I just couldn't resist
  12. I did, and it's insured up to 500€ Edit: it's marked as delivered today! :D
  13. Looks cool Venun! I dropped the box off at the post office today, hopefully it will arrive safely in Italy :)
  14. @Glitterwolf I have the cobblestones one, and I just ordered a bunch more :D they work great with green stuff @Venun He's pretty cool, I hope I can do him justice :) I have no idea what you're talking about, the package says they're fire elementalists :P (yeah, they are quite recognisable as Anna and Elsa, that's probably how I'll paint them)
  15. It was! Holy cow, that is one big box I found lots of great stuff in there, including a GSW rolling pin that I was planning on ordering <3 Also the Gnomes from Darkreach which I though were really great, but not enough to get the whole expansion for. And now that I got a closer look at the dark elves, I started to really like those too... maybe I should have gotten the expansion after all. The dire boar, which is a huge beast, and dire penguins. I really look forward to throwing those at players :D The bases came in quite handy too, as well as the bark. All is neatly
  16. Really looking forward to it :D seeing the pictures just adds to the excitement
  17. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/medieval-village-npc/dungeon-tile-sorcerer/description Basically, a program to plan your dungeon. Pretty useful for 3D printing, and comes with it's own set of Egyptian tiles. You'll be able to upload other tiles as well, if you have the STL files. Super Early Bird (50% off, 25$) still available for now ;) They have some videos on the page that show how it works.
  18. @Glitterwolf @Venun Since Venun picked up the bill last time, I don't mind doing so this time :) I still have @tosattearp s address from last time
  19. Me too, really looking forward to this one
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