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  1. Didn't see a topic for this yet. 2 Limited edition miniatures in 80mm scale. 'Lady Godiva' and 'The Mirror', both based on classical paintings. Older miniatures in the series can be bought as an add-on. Comments on previous kickstarters are pretty positive, apparently the casts are good, they're well packaged and sent out on time. More pictures and videos on the KS page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1615588135/les-muses-lady-godiva-and-the-mirror
  2. I'm very glad I'm getting all three of those models. I don't play rumbleslam, but the models look so good <3
  3. Hey, I didn't see your post before, sorry I put them in and I'd love to see them painted! I've started painting one of mine, I should finish it but I have a few giants to get through first ^^'
  4. I thought the same, but apparently it is a sort of combination. Can't see if there are feathers on the wings in the render, it's too small
  5. In for this one as well :) @MarvinFrom the bottom of the page: "For convenience we are making our existing products available to add on to your pledge in the BackerKit phase once the Kickstarter has ended. Our books are also available from your FLGS or favourite online retailer. Optional purchases will not increase shipping costs which we are setting based on your selected pledge level (excluding digital) So you will not pay any extra shipping if you add on more books!" Which is pretty neat, I might take advantage of this
  6. Mine showed up today in the Netherlands :) they're adorable, with lovely clear details. Also another pretty, but ridiculously large box.
  7. They mentioned this in the previous update: Lockdown will be 10PM UK time on Friday 31st. I'm hoping to see a few dinos before locking in, but that's going to be tricky
  8. Here's what I picked :) there was a lot of lovely and fun stuff in the box. Glad to hear it already arrived at Venun's, PostNL is quite efficient.
  9. The box arrived! I'm sorting through it now, hopefully I'll be able to post it tomorrow. If not, I should still be able to get it to the post office on saturday :)
  10. These look pretty neat. Still sad we didn't get any dino renders though, I really want to see the differences between the different types of elvish cavalry before I decide what to get.
  11. Thank you :) I do plan on doing so, yes. Just haven't decided how yet. For the pirate I was thinking just a simple wooden floor, perhaps with a coiled rope. The sorceress though... no clue. For now I'm just going to leave them as is, paint a few more of these guys (monk, warlock and rogue are next) and then probably base them all at once.
  12. Hello :) First time posting some of my painted stuff here, but I'd like some feedback. These two are the halfling sorceress and pirate adventurers from TTCombat's Halflings and Fantasy Friends kickstarter. They're my first resin models, and while fragile, they do have amazing detail. They're painted with vallejo paints, I recently got the vallejo nocturna red and skintone sets. They come with very nice guides as well. The sorceress is meant to be holding some sort of floating light source in her hand, so I tried to shade her with that in mind. The pirate has a t
  13. The maps are back, looks like brinewind 3 and the last dragon after yog-sothoth
  14. Maybe behind me instead? On the second iteration of the list I'm after Arkady, and already gave him/her my address. Since I'm also in the Netherlands, I should be able to get it to you pretty quick Venun ;) Glad we don't have to worry about Brexit interfering for this round ^^
  15. That dread sphinx does look pretty good. I wasn't planning on getting it, but maybe I'll have to reconsider.. Hopefully there will be some elves next week :)
  16. Hm, I wasn't counting on Europe getting in on the wave business. Trying to get a wave 1 spot, but the lag is horrible
  17. So many dutchies! Really looking forward to this :) but yeah, more for the fun and the surprise than for cheap minis. And I'll need to check if there's not too much metal in the stuff I planned on adding. Is resin okay?
  18. Great! I'm from the Netherlands by the way, not sure if it matters for the shipping order or Brexit
  19. I'm interested as well :) I'm new to this, but the concept seems fun!
  20. I've dropped a few from table height onto a stone floor, they were fine. The resin bends a little so it doesn't break immediately. My cat also took one in her mouth, there were no teeth marks (though maybe she didn't chew, dunno). For anyone wondering: the units with 20 archers/swordsmen/etc all had 3 command and 4-5 distinctly different sculpts. Lots of difference in the faces too, some look young and stupid, some look old and bored or amused. I'm very satisfied so I'm backing again.
  21. Has anyone received theirs yet? They're fulfilling but no one on the KS page has commented about getting them. I'm getting a bit antsy, or perhaps eager is a better word. These will be my first resin minis, everything I've read and seen indicates that resin is great for details so I have pretty high hopes for these guys
  22. Package arrived without a hitch in the Netherlands ^^ 2,5 kg of plastic crack Did a dry fitting, everything is in order and nothing broken, but I'll need to boil the Frost Giantess' wolf and possibly Dance of Death. The wolf doesn't fit on his base and the two dragons look to the side instead of at each other. Love the townsfolk set, but I'd really like to see some female minis without huge breasts, same with the giants. The dragon turtle, roc and Blacksting are great! Dragon turtle had his flight stand too. I'm considering using Blacksting as a Fell Beast. I have a spare Nazgul
  23. Shipping notice received for the Netherlands! Due this thursday, DPD is fast, it usually takes about a week to get a package from the UK :) Really looking forward to the Dance of Death and the Dragon Turtle! Edit: I pledged in wave 14 and locked in ery late, seems EU shipping is random.
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