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  1. Dumb question. Anyone know when the deadline is for picking your sets and such? I have not been keeping up on this at all. Thanks.
  2. My daughter painted this one up. Her first time doing lava and glow effects. Think it turned out really well.
  3. Of course. Base coat is black primer. Then it is all dry brushing and dabbing with the dry brush. I try to avoid using a wash on rough stone as it mutes the texture. Dry brush layers, starting with a liberal amount and being more selective in where I do it as I go: dark stone (army painter), mountain stone (reaper), uniform grey (AP), foggy grey (R), and finally white, used sparingly to pick out edges and highlights. hope you get good results with that. Thanks for asking.
  4. I think it’s Monday, but honestly, losing track of the days stuck at home. Here’s some creepy pieces from the Bones 4 core set. A foreboding monolith and a tomb of souls.
  5. It happens a lot. Open them, wipe off the overflow, then it happens again the next time I use it.
  6. Howdy folks, I have a question I hope you can answer. Often when I open my paint bottles they overflow, like a big bubble of air is pushing the paint out the top. This is causing me to waste a lot of paint. it happens with all my bottles, reaper, army painter and Vallejo. I have mixing beads in them and store them upright. It happens when I shake them and open them right away or even if I let them sit. It seems certain paint ado it more, Metallica are a particularly bad for it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Got some chores out of the way and finished this owlbear from the bones 4 core set. I was instructed to use the 5e colours by my daughter, that d&d target audience marketing works.Enjoy, but please don’t try and pet it.
  8. Definitely getting more painting done with not much else to do. An ogre smasher sculpted by Bobby Jackson (hence the initials on the shield). Lots of character in this mini. Tried a darker skin tone with this mini and happy with how it turned out. Will definitely be using more variance in skin for future minis.
  9. Thanks for the kind words all. I only started with Bones 4 unfortunately, but looking back through previous ones it looks like they are in the Bones 2 core set. I ordered mine after, the sku numbers are listed in the thread title.
  10. Received this fun trap door mimic in a box of minis as a gift. I was informed it was from a KS by Galladoria Games.
  11. Howdy folks. Been busy with other life things lately and have not painted much in a while. Finally got round to finishing up these bugbears that have been in progress for far longer than I care to admit. Happy with how they turned out in the end and it was fun to paint again after a break. Enjoy. The whole gang. Definitely seems the leader type. Acting tough and pointing out stuff for others to kill. Really like the maul sculpt on this mini. I almost swapped out the axe on this one because I thought it might be undersized. Glad I didn’t in the end. Shiny gems on the belt. Still trying to improve on painting gemstones. great shield sculpt on this one. This guy had a slightly deformed mace and I didn’t think it was as imposing as the others so he got a weapon swap.
  12. Happy New Year! Here's some goblins to help you kick it off in style. They're a day late, but that is early for goblins. Individual selfies in the thread. Enjoy! I swear this guy is half-orc, half-goblin. He is huge and rather imposing. Lots of great little details on this mini. I'm assuming this gut saw a monk once and decided he was a samurai. Pleased how the armour turned out. Looks (to me) even better in person. Tried my hand at NMM on the sword. It is actually MNMM, don't tell anyone. The casting on this lad's eye was weird, or maybe it was meant to be like that. Either way, I decided he needed a cool scar more than his eye. His catchphrase: I shall spear ye no mercy. I like the gladiator look of this one. The only issue I had with all these minis was the chainmail on his face though. I just couldn't get it to where I was happy with it. And the last one. I think the swords turned out well on this one.
  13. Howdy! I decided to paint all 15 unique goblins in the Bones 4 core set. These are the first nine that I have finished. Still working on the armoured goblins. They were a lot of fun to paint and I was pleasantly surprised about the amount of detail and character they have once painted. They are some great sculpts and poses, but it was hard to tell from the unpainted mini. Group shot... Here's the the pudgy commander, or at least he thinks he is. The shaman and his pet spider. Fun to paint the spider and the robe. This goblin feels adventurous. Or he is just running away from home. An archer hiding in the (am)bushes. Had fun with the quiver detail. For the other archers in the same pose I think I will try and make some notched arrows. Goblins with shields, adds 5 minutes to their life expectancy. AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH! And finally, I call this one Rob Halford. Sweet, sweet studded leather for breaking the law.
  14. Howdy, My nieces and nephew have been asking to come over and learn to paint one weekend instead of playing D&D. This weekend we had our first painting lesson. I am by no means a pro, but I was able to help get them started with some basic techniques and everyone had a lot of fun, even Niece 2 who wasn't that interested in painting had a blast. I decided to use some old Blood Bowl orcs as I find the old GW minis have some nice simple surface areas for learning to paint. I did a weapon swap from some other bits I acquired to make them more fantasy and less football. There wasn't much on the mini to practice dry brushing, and their spiked underwear looks goofy, so I added some quick furs. We did the skin first, working on base coats, building up some highlights with glaze medium, and then washes for the shadows. For the furs, some dry brushing over a base coat and wash. And for the gloves, I had them experiment with the GW contrast paint just to see how it works. Considering 3 of them had never painted before, and Kid 1 has only done a few minis, I think they did an amazing job. In an effort to show them not to use too small a brush for each task, I painted my example mini entirely with a no.8 brush and no magnifying glass I normally use. Definitely out of my comfort zone, but surprised myself with the results. Kid 2 was having none of it of course. She still thinks minis are too small and annoying to paint. So she painted a pepper... I'll post an update after the next class. Not sure yet what to work on. I think I may get them to paint the shoulder pads in a colour, then do edge highlighting and scratches/expose areas with metal highlights and black shadow edges.
  15. One of my daughters, Kid 1, decided her next mini to paint was one of the yuan-ti from Bones 4. I think it turned out great. In related news, I like having all our minis on round bases with the black border for consistency. Was torn with this on, because it had the round 25mm (actually 26ish mm) base already, but was not very deep. I suggested she add another base, but I think it is too high now. Personal plea to Reaper, please, with any models that have incorporated bases; - make them in standard increments (25mm, 50mm, etc.), - make them the same height as your standard base, and - make them round, not oval. Thanks
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