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  1. Thanks 🙏🏽 surgery went well and the metal plate is holding the pieces together while it heals so at least I don’t have a cast, just a removable splint. Regaining all my hand/arm strength is going to be the big challenge.
  2. These were super fun to paint. Two twig blights and a needle blight/dryad. Really great minis, the twig blights are especially expressive.
  3. Another from my daughter. If it is a horse or dragon she usually grabs it first. 😁
  4. I have had a strange obsession with this creature since I saw it in the first monster manual. That drawing was so odd and fun it stuck with me. Had to make this one of my first Bones V paint jobs.
  5. Wasn’t sure how much time I would spend painting in the summer when my Bones V showed up, then I broke my arm. So painting it is since most physical activity is out for now. a bunch of quick and easy Stone based minis I knocked out. - Stone golem Bones V - great mini - clay golem Bones V - ok mini, weird in between size. Wish it was a bit bigger. - Stone wall spell Bones V - crypt Bones IV - statue Bones IV
  6. My daughter’s take on a white dragon with one of the old bones models. I really love the blue and pink tones.
  7. Have you checked your spam folder? My tracking email went to spam. I guess a company mass-mailing UPS links looks a bit suspicious.
  8. Got my shipping notice at 10:02 EST today. I am early Wave 1 (with dragon folk from the late container). Things are happening.
  9. Any idea what the delayed items are? I am not in a big hurry, but am a wave 1 backer in Canada with no notification yet.
  10. Another one by my daughter who is doing a lot more painting than me lately. Nice sculpt, but didn't have the motivation to deal with the Wizkids mold lines and over-priming.
  11. All credit to my daughter who painted this up and did a fantastic job on the water effect of this very nice sculpt by Julie Guthrie.
  12. I don't know what the late backer costs were, and this may be out of date, but I made it back during the Kickstarter. Hope it helps.
  13. Thanks! I will pass on the praise for her painting.
  14. Thanks for all the great feedback. I checked the left over primer in my wet palette and it looks like it separated (the second coat I put on did not separate), so I am going to assume I didn't mix it enough after not having used it for quite some time.
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