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  1. This is what I use and it takes off all the primer and paint and does not hurt the mini. The problem is it usually wrecks any green stuff work and will soften any glued joints, so you may have to pop off parts and re-glue. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/superclean-tough-task-car-cleaner-and-degreaser-spray-946-ml-0392965p.0392965.html WARNING! If you do get this stuff, it is EXTREMELY corrosive on skin. I won't even pick up the container I keep the minis in without a cloth or gloves as once there was a small drip on the edge I touched and the burn from it was quite severe.
  2. Yes, two different colours. It was no issue on any other minis, just the Bones. I have a Bones river troll I only used one type of spray primer on and it has been varnished 3 times now and still the stickiness keeps coming through. I even have Bones minis with no primer on them that I find get sticky over time. They all have been thoroughly washed beforehand. It is a shame the Bones material seems to react so badly over time. I will try some of your suggestions, thanks. I think what will likely happen is I strip the minis down, pray I don't lose the green stuff work, and start again.
  3. Ok, this is probably my fault because I have heard before not to spray prime Bones, but I thought the new plastic was better and I had done a hand painted base primer in black with no issue. Then I did a white and grey highlight prime (so I can use speed paint/slap chop method on them) with a spray can (Vallejo grey and Army Painter white) and the minis are all now very sticky. It has been a month and they are still sticky. I guess the spray primer causes some chemical in the Bones plastic to release? I tried a varnish layer but that seems to only reduce the stickiness coming through for a bit. Likely going to have to strip about 30 minis, which is fine, but afraid I am going to lose a bunch of green stuff work on some of them, which is not fine. Any advice is appreciated if you have a better solution. Love Reaper, but really disappointed because the plastic and metal minis from all other lines I did in the same batch had absolutely zero issues.
  4. Last one for today, apologies for the mini painting posting spam. (Unless you are into that kind of thing.) Nemean lion from my daughter, suitably golden.
  5. This was a bit intimidating to start painting. I was expecting absolute hell with all the eyes and teeth, not to mention the shading. I pulled out the new Army Painter speed paints and slapped down the base colour in seconds. Instant win. Other than having to spray varnish it to avoid the paint reactivating, it was a very quick win. The eyes were, ...surprisingly fast and relaxing. It was almost therapeutic to paint eye after eye. The teeth were similar, but took longer than the eyes, which was not my original expectation. In the end, I think it turned out suitably horrific.
  6. Some super quick and fun spell effect minis from the Bones V KS.
  7. As with most winged creatures, especially dragons and horse-like beasties, these ones got scooped up and painted by my daughter. The hippogriff was a surprising take when I first saw it with the spotted coat and wings. I think it is a really fun take. The harpie also turned out great.
  8. Some creepy cave dwellers. Old GW bats I found in a bits box and a cool cloaker sculpt my daughter painted.
  9. This is an original sculpt by daughter a few years ago I forgot to photograph. I had no idea what this was and had to ask, apparently it is an Andalite from the Animorphs series. She sculpted this from scratch, and considering it was one of the first things she made I think it turned out amazing.
  10. My daughter painted this one a while ago, just got around to photographing it. This one was a challenge for me to put together, one of the old school warped bones.
  11. Another one I painted the base layers and then got stuck over-worrying about the scale pattern. I finally just went for it and did it fast. The results work I think, it makes it look more like scales not being perfect lines. Still learning to let go and paint faster and enjoy the flow. This one was a success for that.
  12. It's big, it's a boar (bore?). A quick paint job. (Any resemblance to the Arkansas Razorbacks mascot is purely coincidental.)
  13. This was fun to paint. Happy with the high-contrast between the skin and fur, not something I usually do, but should try more of.
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