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  1. Have you checked your spam folder? My tracking email went to spam. I guess a company mass-mailing UPS links looks a bit suspicious.
  2. Got my shipping notice at 10:02 EST today. I am early Wave 1 (with dragon folk from the late container). Things are happening.
  3. Any idea what the delayed items are? I am not in a big hurry, but am a wave 1 backer in Canada with no notification yet.
  4. Another one by my daughter who is doing a lot more painting than me lately. Nice sculpt, but didn't have the motivation to deal with the Wizkids mold lines and over-priming.
  5. All credit to my daughter who painted this up and did a fantastic job on the water effect of this very nice sculpt by Julie Guthrie.
  6. I don't know what the late backer costs were, and this may be out of date, but I made it back during the Kickstarter. Hope it helps.
  7. Thanks! I will pass on the praise for her painting.
  8. Thanks for all the kind feedback.
  9. Thanks for all the great feedback. I checked the left over primer in my wet palette and it looks like it separated (the second coat I put on did not separate), so I am going to assume I didn't mix it enough after not having used it for quite some time.
  10. Thanks! Trying to mod and paint metal again is reminding me how nice and easy it is to work with Bones.
  11. Howdy folks, Been a while since I painted a metal mini. I cleaned it with soap and water, let it dry, and then primed it with Vallejo brush on black primer. If I touch the mini even lightly after it has dried the paint comes off. Anywhere there is a high point I touch the metal shows through. What have I done wrong? Thanks
  12. I've had the bits and the idea for this one for a while. Finally got around to putting it together. The metal goblin is an old GW mini, with a newer head I got in a box of bits. The elephant is from a 15mm Seleucid or Indian army I did ages ago. The hands are from some arm sprues with spears and bows. Had to do some fiddling to make him left handed with the spear. Thought the overall concept would look interesting and different. Feedback welcome...
  13. My oldest daughter painted this one. I am not sure if she is done the base yet, but I am really liking the giant Venus fly traps that mimic the hydra.
  14. Had a lot of fun painting this guy. It was a nice diversion from trying to finish my customized frost giant princess that is taking far too long. I was thinking about trying to add some tattoos, but the musculature is so crazy over-the-top (in a good way) it seemed like it wouldn't look very good. Feedback welcome. Thanks
  15. I mentioned in my earth elemental post I started painting again after a break. My eldest daughter picked up the brush and started again, which is what helped lure me back. Here is a tiefling she painted up.
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